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Hillary lied thru her capped teeth about Benghazi

Posted on: April 27, 2013

The Obama administration and it’s State Department under Dear Hillary Clinton  did everything they could to cover up what really happened at Benghazi  and how their policies and neglect and just plain incompetence got four Americans killed.  Remember how they blamed a video  even weeks after the incident?  Remember how they  sent the out of touch US United Nations Ambassador to the Sunday talk shows to tell us and the world how the  video that denigrated Muslims was the cause and even went so far as to arrest the producer of the video? ) By the way the man is still in jail on these trumped up charges  —-AND this is happening right here in the United States Dear Reader! )   Remember how Hillary stood beside THE MAN  outside the White House and told us how these terrible videos got our four Americans killed?
Remember how when questioned by the Congress Dear Hillary yelled in frustration, “What does it matter?”  Well it damned well does matter because Hillary herself sign the notice from the Ambassador to Libya who was later one of those killed  when he begged for more security. She claimed she knew nothing about these emails and official request from the Ambassador but when the special House investigators went the paper trail they found the letter from the slain ambassador with Hillary’s signature on it indicating that she had received and read the request.  The miserable BITCH lied a nd lied and lied and is responsible for the death of at least four AMERICANS!   Remember this when Hillary is running for president in 2016!  She lied and got four Americans killed!

The State Department still refuses to turn over all the emails and paperwork related to this  but the House committee has photographic proof that the signed by Hillary document exists.   Read the  summary of the report to the House of Representatives below.  BB

New House Report on the White Washing of Benghazi

April 26, 2013 at 11:00 am


AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP/GettyImages/Newscom

AFP PHOTOSTR/AFP/GettyImages/Newscom

A just-released Interim Progress Report based on an investigation across five House committees on the Benghazi terrorist attack paints a disturbing picture of diplomatic security neglected and of obfuscation on the part of the Obama Administration.

The House report is based on documents and e-mails laboriously extracted by Congress from the Obama Administration. In some cases, this happened under the threat of holding up confirmation of presidential nominees to the national security team. The report reveals a fundamental lack of understanding at the highest levels of the State Department of the dangerous situation in Benghazi and, equally problematically, concerted attempts across the Administration to insulate the State Department from blame, whitewashing the narrative of the tragic events. Among the report’s findings:

  • “Reductions of security levels prior to the attacks in Benghazi were approved at the highest levels of the State Department, up to and including [former] Secretary [of State Hillary] Clinton. This fact contradicts her testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on January 23, 2013.”
  • “In the days following the attacks, White House and senior State Department officials altered accurate talking points drafted by the Intelligence Community in order to protect the State Department.”
  • “Contrary to Administration rhetoric, the talking points were not edited to protect classified information. Concern for classified information is never mentioned in email traffic among senior Administration officials.”

In the interest of fixing the problems that led to the death of four brave Americans on September 11, 2012, we must get real answers to what happened before, during and after the attack.

Even current Secretary of State John Kerry undertook his own investigation following after taking office in January, clearly not satisfied with the accounting given by his predecessor.

Wednesday, the day after the publication, House Foreign Affairs chairman Ed Royce declared his intention to introduce legislation to increase the independence and transparency of future Accountability Review Boards (ARB), which look at such attacks, to ensure they are truly independent review bodies that have a greater ability to make disciplinary recommendations.

The report’s preliminary findings illustrate the profound need for continued oversight by the five House committees. Making sure that that appropriate officials will be held accountable is a key part of making sure that we do not expose U.S. personnel stationed overseas in such unnecessary fashion again.

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