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Posted on: May 13, 2013

Here is an interesting article from American Thinker I would like to pass on to my Readers.  I lived thru all of the events the author writes about.  It is a short article and names only a very few of the “causes” I can tell you that his assessments are correct and would be correct for all those he doesn’t name.  All of the “causes” were originally proposed and  fought for with the best of intentions; then they all somehow went wrong.  They went wrong because they were taken over by those who would destroy us. And while those who were the most fervent believers in their particular “cause” were lied to and play with and conned into believing the destroyers were with soul-mates the majority of us were sleeping thru it all and going our own silly, passive, pampered ways.  Fiddling while Rome burned so to speak.

Obama is the last link in the chain that will enslave us to the rule of a soulless group of subhuman thugs, otherwise known as sociopaths.   I am suggesting this article to you simply as a history lesson for those of you too young to know, or remember, some of the beginnings  that have brought us to this point.  BB

May 13, 2013

Barack Obama and the End of an Era

By Steve McCann

The re-election of Barack Obama is the high water mark and the end of an era.  The period 1960 to 2014 will go down in American history as the era of never-ending crusades leading to the decline and potential downfall of the United States.   During this time frame America has been inundated with one cause after another.   The essential civil rights movement and the tragically successful Viet Nam protests spawned numerous causes, among them: feminism, environmentalism, global warming, and gay rights.


For each generation born after 1940 it has been a rite of passage to take up the mantle of protest concurrent with mindless dedication to oftentimes absurd and erroneous beliefs, which have, in nearly all cases, resulted in disastrous societal and economic consequences.


With the backdrop of unimaginable prosperity and lack of any national adversity since the end of the Great Depression, far too many have sought so-called meaning in their lives and for a cause to wholeheartedly and fervently embrace.  To countless Americans these movements became their religion and reason for being.  This mindset is unique among western democracies and it has been easily exploited by the American left — a major factor in their rise to power and domination of the culture and government.    


As the left stealthily hijacked these causes, they were able to convince the True Believers in all these various movements that they stood with them; but more important was their ability to ingrain the conviction that anyone who opposed any of these evolving crusades was the incarnation of evil and must be defeated at all costs.  Political Correctness and its companion, unrestrained demonization of political opposition, was born.


The Civil Rights movement begun with best of intentions, and long overdue, achieved many of its original goals in breaking down the barriers to equality; however it soon degenerated into a battering ram as the liberals, in order to create a vast national dependency class, demanded, in the name of civil rights, innumerable and ever-expanding welfare programs as well as unending affirmative action for ever-evolving “minorities” (including women, a numerical majority).  The nation now faces a tsunami of unsustainable welfare and entitlement spending emanating from programs begun in the 1960’s.


The Viet Nam war protests, while perhaps justified in light of the ham-handed manner in which the war was prosecuted, unleashed far more than just a demand for an end to the war.  Those that blamed America for all manner of alleged sins in the past and determined to transform the United States into a socialist nirvana were able to step out from behind the shadows and enter the mainstream of national legitimacy.  This swarm of locusts soon enveloped the higher levels of academia spawning countless clones to further infiltrate all levels of society — most notably the mainstream media and entertainment complex as well as primary and secondary education.   These vital segments of the culture are now instruments of indoctrination and propaganda.


The feminist movement originally initiated to ensure workplace equality was quickly taken over by the self-described “Progressives” and transformed into a vehicle to alter American society primarily through the legitimization of abortion on demand under the rubric of “women’s rights.”   Since 1973 the nation has witnessed the killing of over 54.5 million children, which has eventuated in a grotesque disregard for human life, as exemplified by Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.  This catastrophic erosion in respect for the uniqueness of each individual has resulted in American society inexorably losing its moral compass.  Thus the people have become more susceptible to accepting deviancy and abandoning all pretexts of honor and integrity in themselves and in particular their national leaders.


As with other causes, the environmental movement began with the best of intentions: to clean up the air and water polluted through years of neglect.  However, it quickly evolved into an anti-capitalist crusade with the avowed intent of promoting socialist big government as the savior of the planet and the only means of curbing the evil and greedy capitalists.  Man-made global warming, perhaps the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind, became the penultimate dogma to those dedicated to things “bigger than themselves” and who turned out to be ideal useful idiots for the left.   Today the free market is shackled by a Niagara Falls of regulations, mandates, taxes and oversight thus devastating the ability of the economy to create wealth and jobs.


While the nation slumbered, content in its prosperity, the American left, during the past fifty plus years of never-ending crusades, has succeeded in creating:


A)   a vast army of voters made up of:  1) those dependent on government largess, 2) low-information voters — the natural outgrowth of the current education system, and 3) the easily manipulated and myopic single issue zealots.  The election of Barack Obama is a testament to the success of this strategy. 


B)    national leadership devoid of character and integrity who, in their determination to seize and hold power, are guided by only one principle: the end justifies the means.


C)    an entrenched and unrestrained de facto oligarchy in Washington D.C.


D)   economic circumstances wherein, for the first time in American history, a succeeding generation will be far worse off than the one preceding it.   Meanwhile the ruling class is insistent on adding untold millions to the labor force by legitimizing, for political purposes, those in the country illegally.


E)    a deliberately ill-educated and fractured society destined for internal strife and chaos.


The prosperity that allowed this stealth war on United States to occur is no more.  This nation is subsisting on the residue of its past glory with no hope of regaining its former lofty status as long as it is governed by the most dangerous and radical regime in its history.  The American people, as their day to day lives continue to deteriorate, are becoming increasingly aware of the nation’s precarious situation.


Beginning in 2014, as Benghazi and a myriad of other scandals combined with a rapidly declining standard of living for a vast majority of Americans marginalizes the Obama cabal, the focus of the nation will no longer be on bumper sticker platitudes and movements.  Instead it will, by necessity, be on individual survival as well as desperately finding a way, before the nation descends into chaos, to recreate what made the United States the most successful nation in the history of mankind.  (The author holds out hope in this last paragraph that We the People tho hurt badly and demoralized will at last wake up and see where we have been lead and somehow drag ourselves back from the brink.   I personally wonder if it is possible.  Obama has so many entrenched allies and  blind fools who are all willing to throw themselves on the sword point in order to save him.  Will Benghazi take him and Hillary down?  Will the Clinton’s throw Obama “under the bus” as is their nature when  they are threatened?   And if Obama goes does the damage he has done go with him starting with Obamacare?   I don’t know.  BB)

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