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Jim DeMint on Obamacare and it’s real goal which is the federal government’s grab for power over the American people.

Posted on: May 16, 2013

From the beginning it was clear to me that controlling our health care was the federal government final grab for complete control of Americans.  Yes!  Control!   Everything about Obamacare is about taking our rights away and learning everything about us and our lives so that the government can control our lives in all areas not just health care.   Jim DeMint lays it out very well in the following article.  Sincerely, BB


Obamacare Is About Power


By Jim DeMint

Members of the House of Representatives are scheduled to vote Thursday to repeal all of Obamacare. Given that the House voted to repeal the law last year, some commentators and observers have questioned the need for another repeal vote. (actually there have been 37 votes in the Republican control House of Representatives repealing all or parts of Obmacare.  BB)

However, the scandals coming to light over the last week perfectly make the case for why Congress must eradicate the law from the statute books.

On Friday, the Internal Revenue Service finally disclosed that it had spent years targeting tea party and other conservative groups, delaying their applications for non-profit status and giving those applications additional scrutiny — solely because of those groups’ political beliefs.

Also on Friday, The Washington Post revealed that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius personally asked health industry groups to contribute to Enroll America, a pro-Obamacare front group working to “educate” the public about the law’s supposed benefits.  

While we don’t yet know all the details about these scandals, we do know that the IRS grossly abused its power at a time when Obamacare grants it massive new authority. The Treasury Department’s Inspector General has said Obamacare represents “the largest set of tax law changes in 20 years,” with at least 42 provisions adding to or amending the tax code.  (AND, at least 18 new taxes on the American tax payer.  that is 18 that we have discovered so far.  BB)

Obamacare taxes most people with health insurance, and most people without health insurance. Likewise, the law taxes many employers who provide health insurance, and most employers who don’t provide health insurance.

Obamacare’s heavy reliance on the IRS seems somehow fitting, as the entire law relies on a scheme of government controls and regulations to work its will on the health care system. The law imposes price controls on insurance companies and extends a system of price controls for pharmaceutical companies. Obamacare also places a board of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats at the center of its plans to control health care costs.

A 2010 Congressional Research Service report found that the number of new bureaucracies “that will ultimately be created” by Obamacare “is currently unknowable.” Little wonder that Vice President Biden boasted shortly before the law was passed, “We’re going to control the insurance companies.”

That’s what Obamacare is about. It’s not about health care. It’s about government control and power. And the record of this Administration shows its willingness to use this power in arbitrary and harmful ways.  (We the People MUST accept and fully understand and accept this fact!  BB)

Secretary Sebelius’s recently disclosed fundraising campaign tried to make an end-run around Congress, forcing private companies to give money for a pro-Obamacare marketing campaign that Congress itself has refused to fund.

It isn’t the first time the secretary has skirted the law, either. HHS’s infamous waivers, the majority of which went to individuals in union health plans, weren’t mentioned in Obamacare. And in recent weeks, Democrats who support the law have criticized the secretary for taking funds from other programs to fund Obamacare implementation.

Just like the IRS, HHS has also targeted the First Amendment rights of private organizations. In 2009, the department applied an infamous “gag order” on Medicare Advantage plans, ordering them not to communicate with seniors about how Obamacare’s cuts to Medicare Advantage would affect their coverage.

If past experience is any guide, IRS and HHS could use their newfound Obamacare powers to target their political opponents. Will individuals who choose not to buy insurance under Obamacare’s mandate find themselves subjected to government audits?

Will corporations who choose not to “donate” to Sebelius’s fundraising campaign find themselves targeted by Obamacare regulators — or even the IRS itself? Given the events of the past week, few can answer these questions with an unequivocal “no.”

There’s one easy way to stop the rot, and that’s to repeal Obamacare once and for all. At a time when this week’s revelations show how the government has abused its existing powers, it’s exactly the wrong time to give the government yet more authority. Congress should instead focus on repealing Obamacare and restoring freedom.

This piece originally appeared in The Washington Examiner.

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Quick Hits:  (You may want to read some of these other Heritage reports.  BB)



  • The acting commissioner of the IRS has been ousted, but congressional committees and the FBI are still investigating potential civil rights violations in the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.  (Big deal this is when the man was due to leave the department next month anyhow.  What a farce!  And he was only appointed last November and this  breaking of the laws has been going on since at least 2010.  BB)


  • Attorney General Eric Holder went before a congressional committee yesterday on the AP phone record scandal, though the hearing yielded few answers.   (The last count I heard was that he said “I don’t know” 87 times.  He claims he knew nothing about this because it was his staff that handled the whole thing.  Yeh!  BB)


  • Google has launched a new music streaming service to compete with Pandora and Spotify.  (I like Pandora and don’t really trust Google with all the shenanegans I have read and heard about Google being involved in.  BB)



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Howdy, good site you have got going here.

Thank you Kaitlyn. I have been blogging for 7 years now and have slowed down a bit as age has gotten to me. I do try to keep my Readers up on anything I feel the media isn’t reporting or isn’t reporting fully enough. I usually use articles that have been written well by others instead of my own words because I have gotten lazy. Usually use the Heritage Foundation articles because they are most often better written in plain language that is understandable and yet fully covers the topic. I never however write about something unless I have seen it on at least three sources. BB

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