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The House Farm Bill still pays off the wealthy so-called Farmers!

Posted on: July 11, 2013

I have ranted for years about the huge amounts of our tax dollars that go to people who are not in any way shape or form farmers.  They are land owners and in some few cases a crop is raised on this land but in most cases they are being paid NOT to farm, Not to grow a crop.

The House took the bloated and pork laden Senate Farm Bill and did one thing to it:  They separated out the food stamp money from that going to the so-called farmers.  that was the extend of the House improvements and concern for your tax dollars.  This action is of course a good move because it makes each program stand on its own and makes it more difficult for the farm representatives to get the votes of the city representatives——they have to go out in the corridor and make their deals that if you vote for mine I will vote for yours.  Thieves have to trust other thieves to do what they promise!   Other than that the same big wealthy campaign fund givers still get their pay off in both bills.  Read the following article.  BB

Farm Bill: You’ll Never Believe Where the House Wants to Spend Your Tax Dollars

July 11, 2013 at 10:46


The House split up farm-related programs and food stamps, but they didn’t make a single reform to farm programs — and House leadership is hoping America doesn’t notice.

The text of the farm-only bill was released late last night, and current plans are to vote on the bill as soon as midday today. Leadership may be rushing through the process so members don’t have time to properly review the bill, but Heritage experts have the facts.

Everything that was bloated and egregious in the bill remains in the bill and it still hands out taxpayer money to surprising recipients. We’ve highlighted just some of the ridiculous places Congress wants to send your tax dollars below.



2 Responses to "The House Farm Bill still pays off the wealthy so-called Farmers!"

Nice work Brenda! Clearly makes your point. Thar’s money in them thar’ bills!

Yes, I have known how this rip off works since the 1960’s when my father-in-law who was in his 70’s and had no intentions of ever farming his lad again but was paid by Dear Old Uncle not to farm his land. Of course since my father-in-law only owned 120 acres and had spent his life farming as a tomato farmer in Ohio his pay off was really “peanuts” as compared to our past President Carter’s current pay off. And just think: his daughter and grand children and great grandchildren will continue to collect. Or maybe not, since probably after Obama does his number on the US there waon’t be any money left to steal. BB

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