And So I Go: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Jeff Dreibus

** Jeff Dreibus

If The Right One Don’t Get Ya, The Left One Will

In Jeff’s word: “Ramblings of a somewhat-populist Southern conservative who chooses to do his own thinkin’ . . . rather than allowing Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity et al to handle that chore for him.”

In BB’s words:  Jeff is a passionately honest and sincere individual.  He calls ’em as he sees ’em and  answers to n0 one.


5 Responses to "Jeff Dreibus"

Sad to say I know this guy. I haven’t seen him since 1983 and he is down right scary now. He was kind of eccentric but in a nice way. I wonder what happened to him??

Jeff is no longer blogging. I however did as you see very much enjoy his writing and his ideas. I never saw what he was writing as “scary” but just the truth of how things are now under our current government officials. Washington has gotten so far removed from the people and from the Constitution of the United States. People go to Washington and become petty tyrants among the rest of the petty tyrants whose word is law.
We the People are in the process of changing that now not through violence but thru the voting booth. Jeff saw this and was disheartened by it as I am and so many others.
Thank you for stopping by. BB

There is one thing to have Constitutional ideals, but another as being racist and gun toting individuals. I have read the Constitution and for me, I am a Native American, so I love my native land. Firearms such as glocks with magazines with 30 rounds and automatics have no place in society. These firearms are for soldiers and police not for paranoids.

I live in Maryland, so I know what Jeff meant when he left Fairfax County, VA. I am not afraid of brown people, different ways of thinking and different cultures, in fact I welcome it. I am not xenophobic.

I have a job that deals with sensitive information, so why do people want to play this game with race, politics, sexual preference, gender, class and religion?

THIS is the United States. Maybe you and others that subscribe to your blog read the Constitution, the Federalist Papers and other documents that started our country. The United States Constitution is an amalgam of the original 13 colonies needs and wants. Look it up, there were many revisions. All of the original 13 colonies wanted certain benefits.

Jeff would certainly not know me now.

So how can I find Jeff? I know he is a Mopar freak and owned Barracudas. Just tell him Betsy was looking for him.

I believe the Constitution is a living document meant to take our nation thru the centuries. There is a method thru which changes can be made as times and people change; it is called an amendment and it works very well. Amendments have been made and then later changed when the will of the people demanded they be changed.
Because of our Constitution the turn over of government is the smoothest and easiest in the world. Our constitution spells out that the states elect and send their representatives to Congress our legislative branch. All of the people elect the President. These elected officials adhere to their own beliefs and there is no need for the President after all the election to have to then form a governing body from these elected as is the case in so many other countries. This causes riffs and bargaining another word for corruption.

So yes I take the Constitution very seriously and will defend it with all my might. I am not sure what you are telling me about your own beliefs. As far as discrimination I do not believe you will find any on my site. I hate and detest Islam and those who practice and defend Islam. I give many, many reasons as proof for this attitude. I am at war with Muslims because Muslims are at war with me. I do not of course mean every last Muslim on Earth, but I do question why Muslims who are peaceful do not denounce those who are not. Other than that which I do not consider a bias or prejudice at all but a well read and studied and arrived at conclusion, I have no dislikes for any groups of people. Individuals yes, groups of people no. BB

I have no idea where you can find Jeff perhaps if you go to his blog you can figure out where he is and how to get in touch with him. Just click on his name above with the two ** before it and it will take you to his site. BB

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