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I thought I was pretty well up on what is happening in our country because I really try hard to keep up and do a lot of reading, but now way was I even close to knowing what is happening to everyday people just like me and you.  This article from the Heritage Foundation is an eye opener and a blood pressure raiser. Be sure and go to all the referred sites for all the information.  The time for We the People to act is now when we have the momentum with the Tea Party and other groups up and moving.  Time for you to get involved too before it has gone too far for the United States and Americans to turn the tide towards tyranny around and defeat those who would imprison us in a country no American wants to live in.  Sincerely, Brenda Bowers  BB

The Government vs. YOU


Every day, more Americans get trapped by big government. In addition to groups targeted by the IRS, upstanding citizens going about their normal lives are suddenly targeted by law enforcement authorities and charged as criminals. Just a few examples:





These are only a few of the shocking incidents The Heritage Foundation chronicles in our new project, USA vs. YOU. Experts at Heritage’s Edwin Meese III Center for Legal and Judicial Studies reveal the stories of 22 people from all backgrounds, races, and income levels victimized by carelessly written laws.

Get the FREE e-book USA vs. YOU now >>

When criminal laws are created to “solve” every problem, punish every mistake, and compel the “right” behaviors, this troubling trend is known as overcriminalization. Ultimately, it leads to injustice for honest, hard-working Americans at every level of society.

Public interest groups from across the political spectrum recognize how this flood of criminal laws violates our basic liberties. Diverse organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, the American Center for Law and Justice, and Right on Crime, among others, have joined with Heritage to reaffirm the true purpose of America’s justice system: to ensure public safety and protect the innocent.

When was the last time you saw the ACLU work together with a faith-based group like Justice Fellowship? WithUSA vs. YOU, the problem is grave enough to bring together unlikely allies. And we’re delivering this bipartisan message just as the House of Representatives has launched a task force aimed at correcting this issue.

This morning, Heritage Senior Legal Fellow John Malcolm will testify at the first hearing of the Overcriminalization Task Force—shining a spotlight on the scope and severity of this threat to our liberties. Ending the practice of trapping our citizens with unnecessary laws will be no easy task, with an estimated 4,500 criminal law offenses and 300,000 criminal regulations on the books.

Experience the stories of Americans like you treated unjustly – download the FREE e-book now >>

Over the next six months, Members of Congress from both parties will study this issue in depth, hold hearings, and—with the right encouragement—take steps to enact real reform.

This new effort includes tools for you to raise your voice and make a difference in defending our liberties. So explore the documented stories in USA vs. YOU, follow the links, and take real action today to help turn the tide.

Read the Morning Bell and more en español every day at Heritage Libertad.

Quick Hits:

  • President Obama has changed his policy on Syria, saying that Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons and that the U.S. will provide military support to the rebels.




  • Investigative journalist James O’Keefe has produced some shocking stories of corruption. In a new book, hedetails his undercover work with Project Veritas.


  • For decades, inappropriate IRS behaviors have been revealed. Each time, the agency has assured the public that it takes these breaches “very seriously.”


Dear Readers, I have backed off on my postings because I have been so busy getting into my new home.  Unpacking boxes is actually more work than packing them! and I am  not really up to the job but just keep slowly plunging ahead.  Plan to have my home in some kind of liveable order this time next year.   So am surely watching the news and keeping up my reading but not posting as much.  This particular piece I thought you as computer nuts like me would be of  interest to you.   It’s getting really really bad people and  and we are in a deep depression because of this Obamanation policies.  The only reason there are no bread lines like in the 1930’s is because we now have Social Security, unemployment Comp up to 99 weeks,  food stamps and all kinds of social programs.  the fact that the money to pay for these things is being borrowed from China and India seems to be of no real concern to anyone.  In fact the mobs lining up for food stamps in Philadelphia the other night don’t know this fact and surely don’t care.   They will be the mobs that cause the riots that  Yuri Bezmenov   (  Yuri Bezmenov, Former KGB agent on bringing Communism to America )    talks about in his outline of how America will be defeated.  Obamanation is taking over and contr4olling us now people.BB

Grassfire Nation Update

Dear Concerned Patriot,

Late last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
took what is being called “the final step” towards implementing
their illegal Net Neutrality regulations.

You may recall, that back on December 21, the FCC bypassed
government regulations and seized control of the Internet —
delivering what many believe is a knockout blow to one of
the last, great free-market frontiers our nation and the
world has ever seen.

According to the organization Less Government, regardless
of a multiple lawsuits, a move by the House of Representatives
and a D.C. Circuit Court unanimously ruling that the FCC
had no authority to take control, the fed is still
arrogantly pushing forward toward full implementation of
their Net Neutrality regulations on November 20!

The FCC’s Net Neutrality regulations would be job-killers —
likely stifling the $30 billion annually that investors
pour into Internet development and advancement and hundreds
of thousands of jobs.

And that’s not the worst of it… As we warned several months
ago, these regulations will lead to the FCC’s control Web

Should we expect anything less?

Considering government growth and control is surging while
private sector job opportunities continue shrinking! Now
Americans are in danger of losing their free speech rights
through this latest FCC Net Neutrality power-grab!

+ + A Grassroots Call to Action!

The only way to stop this runaway train is for grassroots
Americans to appeal to the Senate to move quickly to pass
a Congressional Review Act (CRA) Resolution that would
effectively kill the illegal, job-killing Net Neutrality

Patriot, with more than 100,000 petitions already in hand,
Grassfire Nation is asking members of our team to add their
name if they have not yet signed. Additionally, by forwarding

this message to your friends, networks, and family members.

To sign right now click here:

With your help, we anticipate delivering 150,000 petitions
or more in the week ahead as we work together to stop the
federal takeover of the Internet!

Again, after signing, please alert your friends and family members.

Since this has not been publicized by the liberal media, many
Internet users are likely unaware of the huge threat looming
overhead. You can help change that by sending this message
to them and encouraging them to take action with you by
clicking below.

To sign our petition to “Stop the Fed Takeover of the
Internet,” click here:

Thank you for your outstanding efforts.

Grassfire Nation and Patriot Action Network

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A Patriot’s Guide to Surviving in
Obama’s America …

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see the back cover.

Hailed as a transformational figure who swept into the White House on promises of change, Barack Hussein Obama is doing just that – recasting the nation of Washington and Jefferson into his own socialist image … An image and philosophy that is already exacting a devastating cost to our land and its people … and he’s only just begun. What change lays ahead for you, your family, your children and your country?

Grassfire’s researchers have analyzed 21 key areas Obama has targeted for change and compiled the findings in Obama Exposed — a stark, yet compelling 64-page booklet that identifies the specific ways Obama plans on re-shaping our nation in his own statist image. From his plan to redistribute your wealth, to silencing the conservative voice, to undermining faith, family and liberties through expanded government control, conservatives need to know what to expect and how to respond in the critical months ahead.

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Free Speech at Stake:
P.S. Again, if you are concerned about the loss of your Free
Speech Rights with the federal takeover of the Internet,
speak up by signing our petition today:

Click here to take fast action:

Visit Patriot Action Network at:

Internet Censorship Bill Threatens Free Speech, Rule of Law | Cato @ Liberty.

Obama and his Socialist cohorts are coming quickly for the  People’s Grapevine!  If not for the Internet there would not have been a Tea Party Movement, nor would We the People know  what the Obama Administration was doing to destroy America.  The Internet makes it possible for common people to communicate with each other   and to research  for information.  The lame duck congress is trying to push this law thru before the Republicans take over the House in January.  This is unlawful censorship!  BB

See the entire article from the  Cato Institute below:

nternet Censorship Bill Threatens Free Speech, Rule of Law

Posted by Timothy B. Lee

On Thursday the Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved the Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act . Its backers, including Hollywood and the recording industry, are hoping to rush the legislation through Congress during the current “lame duck” session. The legislation empowers the attorney general to draw up a list of Internet domain names he considers to be “dedicated to infringing activities,” and to obtain a variety of court orders designed to block access to these sites for American Internet users.

To understand the proposal, it helps to know a bit about the Domain Name System, or DNS, that is the focus of the bill. The DNS is the Internet’s directory service. Computers on the Internet are assigned (mostly) unique numbers like “,” but these numbers are not convenient for human users to remember. So instead websites use domain names like “,” and our computers use the DNS system to automatically translates these names into their corresponding IP addresses. DNS is a distributed system; thousands of Internet Service Providers operate DNS servers for the use of their own customers.

Under COICA (Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act), when the attorney general accused a domain name of being “dedicated” to copyright infringement, the courts would issue orders not against the owners of the domain name (who may be overseas) but against domain-name registrars and the operators of DNS (Domain Name System) servers here in the United States. This means that thousands of systems administrators would be required to maintain a large and constantly-changing list of blacklisted domains. This is a significant and unfair administrative burden on private parties who have absolutely no connection to infringing activities.

The legislation falls far short of constitutional due process requirements. Legal injunctions would be issued upon the attorney general’s mere accusation of “infringing activities.” Not only would the owner of the domain name not have an opportunity to contest the allegations, he would not even have to be notified. And the parties who would receive notice under the legislation—DNS registrars and server administrators—will typically have no knowledge of or connection to the accused domain, which means they would have neither the knowledge or the motivation to dispute unreasonable orders.

This is especially problematic because we are talking about constitutionally-protected speech here. The Supreme Court has long held that prior restraints of speech are unconstitutional. The websites on the government’s blacklist may have a large amount of constitutionally-protected speech on them, in addition to allegedly-infringing material. Not only does COICA(Combating Online Infringements and Counterfeits Act) not require the government to prove its allegations before a domain name is blocked, it doesn’t require the government to ever prove them.

Earlier this year, my colleague Jim Harper praised Secretary Clinton’s speech making Internet freedom a centerpiece of the Obama administration’s diplomatic agenda. Secretary Clinton was right to lecture foreign governments about the evils of Internet censorship; her former colleagues in the US Senate should listen to her.

The People Versus the Government.

This is a good article by Alan  Caruba stating some hard factsx and things going on in the Democratic Party and the states that are in disagreement with Obama.  But the most significant thing he wrote was:

Obama is Marxist ideologue

All this comes back to the fact that Obama is Marxist ideologue. He is also a liar, a trait no one likes, and a narcissist who gives continued evidence of regarding the presidency as a daily opportunity for self-indulgence and bottomless ego satisfaction.

A recent Investor’s Business Daily editorial said, “As Americans suffer economically, President Obama golfs, vacations, campaigns, appears on a frivolous talk show—and vacations some more. Gee, don’t we have a war and other problems to attend to?”

Obama may not be easily removed, but he can be politically neutralized if Republicans can gain control of Congress in November. There are barely 900 days left in his first and hopefully last term; still time for him and his cadre of czars to do more damage.

Another really great article: Deceit and Denial upon Our Ramparts

Pundits and talking heads keep saying that Obama and his administration just don’t get it, can’t learn from their mistakes, aren’t listening or don’t understand the average American citizen. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama is listening, he does understand us and he gets it. He just hates what we stand for. It’s the Republicans that aren’t listening, don’t get it and don’t understand that we get it, we understand and we will do something about it. We are tired of being collateral damage to a deceitful, disdaining administration run by ideologues with no practical experience at any level and by politicians who lie, cheat and steal from every living human on this planet by virtue of their supposed elitist entitlement as members of a “ruling class”.

Obama is not incompetent either. He knows precisely what he is doing. His ancient agenda is deliberate and premeditated, full of disdain for everything America stands for, full of contempt for “rich people”, “poor people”, free enterprise, white people, black people, brown people, white women in particular, Jews, Christians, Catholics, Mormons, freedom, American tradition and American law. Want proof, just read his books.  He is clever, deceitful and damaged goods with no shame and no conscience. To a nation of ordained free patriots, Obama’s appearance of total incompetency is simply the measure of his intent and his refusal to accept the reality that socialism is not an acceptable form of government to Americans and a historically failed, incompetent system. Each day, while Europe scrambles to free and save itself from another miserably failed socialist experiment, Obama drives another nail into the coffin of our Republic.

» Understanding the Cyber-Collectivist Threat to Our Media Freedoms – Big Government.

Obamanation is out to take all of our liberties from us and they have made tremendous gains in their war on human freedom and dignity.  With Obamacare they took over 16% of our economy and with the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill just passed and signed by President  Obama they took over control of the rest.  He who controls the money controls the nation!  I truly believe it is too late for the ballot box in November because by then they will have consolidated their gains by taking over the only weapon we have left: freedom of the press or free communications.

With a Presidential Decree Obama already has the power to take over and/or shut  down the Internet.  In fact I have read several accounts where he has already shut down over 100 sites but I can not verify this with any sources that I have full confidence in.  I do know the Obama Administration is out to get FOXNEWS, the ONLY TV news outlet that is reporting the news.

Glenn Beck feels this SNAFUS over Sherrod is a prelude to shutting down  the media.  I personally smell bad cess with this whole story.  The Obama Administration and the NAACP are both claiming that FOX NEWS caused the whole mess and firing of Sherrod by reporting her racist sounding video clip.  Not true.  Obama demanded her firing according to her own words BEFORE anything about the story was broadcast on FOXNEWS so how could they be to blame?  Another history rewrite to fit their needs perhaps.  I would like to know what Beck knows for him to say this.

Of one thing we can be sure of however and that is right before evil overtakes a country and the country’s government the last thing they do is take over  all forms of public communication.  This is when you will know it has finally come.  I hope patriots are ready to act at this point.  BB

Understanding the Cyber-Collectivist Threat to Our Media Freedoms

by Adam Thierer

There are many battle fronts in the war for human freedom, but perhaps the least-appreciated of these is the battle over America’s communications and media marketplace and whether free markets or government mandates will ultimately rule them.  This battle takes on added importance since all other public policy debates depend upon an unfettered press and robust, independent channels of communication.

What many on the far Left have long understood, and many defenders of freedom have failed to appreciate, is that the battle for control of media and communications policy is fundamentally tied up with the broader war for control of our economy and society. “Instead of waiting for the revolution to happen, we learned that unless you make significant changes in the media, it will be vastly more difficult to have a revolution,” argues the prolific Marxist media theorist Robert W. McChesney. “While the media is not the single most important issue in the world, it is one of the core issues that any successful Left project needs to integrate into its strategic program.”

Un-Free Press logo

Normally we wouldn’t need to pay attention to what unrepentant ‘60’s radicals or neo-Marxist university professors think about media and communications policy. In this case, however, it is essential we pay attention. First, McChesney is right in one sense: history reveals that almost every successful effort to impose sweeping controls over an economy / society was accompanied by government efforts to control press and communication systems. If the State is going to have any luck gaining widespread and far-reaching control of an economy, gaining more control over “the Press” — which means all of us these days — becomes an essential part of the “strategic program” for control. Second, we need to pay attention to these radicals because McChesney and the group that he and John Nichols of The Nation co-founded — the insultingly misnamed Free Press — have given this fight new immediacy with their relentless agitation for media and communications policy “reform.”  And they are not the only ones.

Worse yet, as I pointed out in my previous essay here, these reformistas now have an audience with the Obama Administration.  They are regularly invited to testify before the FCC, FTC, and in Congress or have a private audience with policymakers and regulators, and some of the central figures from this movement (and Free Press in particular) now hold key positions within the government and have the ear of key tech policymakers at the highest levels of power.

It is time, therefore, for us to better identify and understand the growing “cyber-collectivist” threat to our liberties, for this threat is real and imminent.  We see this threat manifest itself in policy battles over “Net neutrality” regulation of communications networks; efforts to “save journalism” through a massive infusion of State subsidies; proposals to impose a variety of “localism” or “diversity” requirements on local media outlets; efforts to abolish virtually any sort of copyright / IP protection; and in a renewed war on commercial advertising and marketing, which have traditionally sustained a free, independent press in America. These are just a few of the fault lines in a battle that puts our core First Amendment values and capitalistic freedoms at stake.  We have to understand the enemy before we can repeal its advances and make the case for real media freedom.

What is real media freedom?  If we were to believe radicals like Free Press, McChesney, and Nichols, “media freedom” means a media and communications world wrapped in regulatory red tape and shackled at every juncture with meddlesome mandates handed down from Beltway bureaucrats. Of course, such a contorted view of “media freedom” shouldn’t be shocking coming as it does from an organization founded by an avowed Marxist like McChesney, who has said that “the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control” and that “What we want to have in the U.S. and in every society is an Internet that is not private property, but a public utility.”  Sure, because public utilities have been soooo efficient and innovative in other contexts!

There is another — and much more accurate — view of what “media freedom” is really all about.  In our 2008 book, A Manifesto for Media Freedom, Brian C. Anderson of the Manhattan Institute and I defined “media freedom” as follows:

For media consumers, it’s the freedom to consume whatever information or entertainment we want from whatever sources we choose, without government restricting our choices. For media creators and distributors, it’s the freedom to structure their business affairs as they wish in seeking to offer the public an expanding array of media options, for both news and entertainment. And for both consumers and creators, media freedom is being able to speak one’s mind without restraint, and without the threat of FCC or FEC bureaucrats telling us what is “fair.”

What would an agenda for real media freedom or media policy reform look like?  Again, Brian Anderson and I mapped one out in our Manifesto for Media Freedom:

  • Embrace the dazzling variety of modern media—a media cornucopia that gives people the freedom to choose among a rich and growing array of information and entertainment options. Never has it been easier to become an informed democratic citizen.
  • Reject any effort to re-impose the Fairness Doctrine, either within Congress or at the FCC—it is anti-free speech, subject to political abuse, and would substantially reduce the variety of voices (especially on the right) contesting in the modern agora.
  • Liberate media operators from archaic restrictions and mandates that limit their flexibility to respond to the radical changes taking place in the media marketplace.
  • Say no to new “localism” or “public interest” mandates that would impose yet greater regulatory burdens on broadcast television and radio operators already struggling to remain competitive in the new media universe. These mandates should also be dismissed as sly attempts to re-impose Fairness Doctrine-esque content controls on the market.
  • Allow Broadband Internet providers to manage more actively the data pulsing through their cables, fiber optics, phone lines, and wireless connections and so create a twenty-first century telecommunications infrastructure. Net Neutrality is a bad idea — a form of infrastructure socialism that will stifle innovation and threaten a big Web slowdown.
  • Don’t fear new media!
  • Reject “a la carte” mandates on cable and satellite providers that would decimate the vibrant diversity of programming on pay TV today, and hit family-friendly and religious broadcasters particularly hard.
  • Reject federal, state or local efforts to regulate video game content, or get rid of the industry’s excellent voluntary rating system and impose a government ratings system in its place. Parents have all the tools they need to monitor their children’s video-game consumption without expanding the Nanny State.
  • Encourage parental empowerment and education-based strategies to address concerns about online child safety instead of banning social networking websites or other online content.
  • Take steps to roll back the most onerous elements of modern campaign finance law and, at a minimum, protect new media outlets and forms of political expression from speech-stifling restrictions.

And there are many other priorities, but these are the big fights for now.  We must remain vigilant in our fight to protect our First Amendment freedoms and capitalistic rights from radical cyber-collectivists like Robert McChesney, Free Press, and their allies within the Obama Administration.

First Amendment 1, Censorship 0 | Cato @ Liberty.

The Obama White House has been going for control of the media  from the very beginning of their reign.  The Obama appointed  FCC czar  Mark Lloyd (The new FCC Czar. Who is Mark Lloyd? How does he plan to stop your freedom of speech?) Mark Lloyd is an admirer of Chevez and an avowed Marxist.

If you would like to follow this story from the beginning with my post just search FCC czar and all of the post I have done on this topic will come up.  You will find my blog search box right at the bottom of the “Recent Posts” column.  BB

First Amendment 1, Censorship 0

Posted by Ilya Shapiro

Today, we celebrate a free speech victory in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.  In the case of Fox Television v. Federal Communications Commission, the three-judge panel struck down the FCC’s indecency policy for being “unconstitutionally vague” and “creating a chilling effect that goes far beyond the fleeting expletives issue” (e.g., stray f-bombs) that was at the heart of this case.

The case was before the Second Circuit after it was remanded by the Supreme Court last year.  Cato adjunct scholar Robert Corn-Revere, acting in his capacity as partner at Davis Wright Tremaine, is lead counsel for co-petitioner CBS.  Bob wrote an article for last year’s Cato Supreme Court Review in which he characterized the case as the first act of many that will in the networks’ fight for free speech.  He also argued a related case before the Third Circuit in February.

It should go without saying that free speech is a bedrock principle of our nation. Unfortunately, it must indeed be said — over and over again — to the FCC and other governmental agencies who wish to quash speech for whatever purported and often arbitrary reasons.  It’s absurd to think that the foundation of the republic is so fragile that the American people must be protected from the random scatological references of Nicole Richie.

Congrats to Bob and the many lawyers on the case for their hard-fought victory today, and we wish them luck in their continuing fights for freedom of speech.

You can read the Second Circuit’s decision here.

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