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In case you haven’t been watching the news this past week  this Heritage article will bring you up to date.    Obama got off the teleprompter last year and  we all know what happens when our amateur president fails to follow the written script:  he goofs!  but this time he goofed and will probably get our buns in the middle of a Middle East war.  Of course this is exactly what I believe he has been trying to do because  a war is the fastest way to totally bankrupt a country, raise the ire of the citizens to bring about riots in the streets so that (like the dictator’s script calls for)  he as President can for martial law and  call out the troops to put the riots down  and then he will have the country totally under his control.

Ours is a war weary country with a depleted and  exhausted  military.  If the Congress dares to go along and give Obama the power to go to war he will have the scapegoats he needs to blame the war that he gets us into.  He has already begun pointing the finger of blame in his speech in Sweden yesterday by blaming the rest of the world for “drawing the red line”.  No, it wasn’t his red line!  Then as is always the case the rest of his gang had their stories ready and both Kerry and Hagel echo Obamas words exactly during the hearings in the House.

Read the following article and bring yourself up to date then sit back and watch your country be dragged into a war in an area of the world that has been at war since the dawn of time!  BB


Obama’s Goals in Syria Remain Unclear

September 4, 2013 at 4:35 pm

Pat Benic/UPI/Newscom

Pat Benic/UPI/Newscom

Red lines work only when they are red. This is one of the foreign policy lessons President Obama has not learned.

The President has had to redefine what his “red line” on chemical weapons use constituted in Syria and has not explained a clear plan for America’s involvement in the conflict. Consulting with Congress before making such a statement would have been a better course of action. America is now faced with losing credibility if the President doesn’t follow through on his irresponsible ultimatum.    ( I BB personally do not give a damned what the rest of the world thinks of the US>  since we were stupid enough to elected this fool not once but twice we have no standing in the world anyhow.  We are laughing stocks!  Suck it up and elected  a President who will give us back our pride next time!  )

After the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted narrowly to authorize the use of force in Syria, Obama may think the red line he wavered on in recent months is vindicated. Nevertheless, neither the President nor his top officials have indicated what they intend to accomplish by attacking Syria.

While seeking congressional approval for any involvement is a step in the right direction, many strategic and security questions remain unanswered. James Carafano, Heritage’s vice president for foreign and defense policy studies, examines a number of lessons Obama has not learned leading up to this decision.

One comes from the George W. Bush Administration: “Victory has a thousand fathers, defeat is an orphan.” The decision to take military action in Iraq and Afghanistan was broadly approved by Congress, the U.N., and the public. When the U.S. began to struggle in these conflicts and casualties rose, that support meant something.

The final lesson Carafano lists is “Think before you act.” Jim Phillips, Heritage senior research fellow for Middle Eastern affairs, argues that “military force is a blunt and bloody instrument for sending signals. Those signals may not have the desired consequences. If Assad brushes them off and continues his serial mass murders, then the Administration will look ineffective and irresolute.” If Obama directs the use of force in Syria, does he have an end goal? How will he achieve the defined objectives? Without answers to these questions, he likely cannot justify military engagement.

In discussing the use of chemical weapons in Syria on Saturday, President Obama declared, “This attack is an assault on human dignity. It also presents a serious danger to our national security.” While few would argue that the use of chemical weapons is morally egregious, the President has not articulated what the attack directly means for U.S. security.  (chemical weapons have been around a long time and certainly can be used on the united States and in the future no doubt in my mind they will be as soon as a Muslim terrorist groups gets their hands on them!   But short of qan all out war with so-called boot on the ground to find and do away with these WMD’s they will still be around.  these are the same WMD’s that Saddam hussein had in Iraq and was able to get over to Syria before President Bush could get a coalition of the world to go along with his attack of Iraq.  The WMD’s were then of course not found because they had been shipped across the border.  So unless it is a sneak and swift attack and the targets are the WMD’s then count on them being used on us sooner or later. With big mouth Obama giving the enemy a written script of our intentions this surely will never happen  so the probability is that we will only  mess around and piss the Muslims off  so they will attack us with the dreaded chemicals  sooner!  BB)

In yesterday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the use of force in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry did not illustrate the specific threats to U.S. national security interests. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel did not clarify what the strategic objectives are in executing a strike. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey did not adequately answer how things had changed since his previous warnings on military force in Syria. Perhaps the President should reflect on the fact that his top defense and foreign affairs officials cannot articulate what we will be accomplishing by using military force in Syria.

In concluding his remarks, the President said, “I’m asking Congress to send a message to the world that we are ready to move forward together as one nation.” Yet congressional authorization alone does not justify the use of force in Syria or anywhere else. U.S. military force should not be used without first understanding and articulating the benefits of such actions to U.S. security interests.


(understand this: NOT ONE Country in the world is with the United States in this.  NOT ONE!  Even the arab countries which might be affected by this breach by the Syrian government do not want the United States to attack!  BB)




It is my belief that Israel is now taking out Hamas in the Gaza Strip first before they take out Iran.  Sort of a clean up operation on their borders and a warning to the rest of the Arab world to stand down while  they go after Iran.   All of the Middle Eastern countries want Iran taken out and they also want Israel to be the one to do it so they can then raise Holy Hell about it and the inhumanity of killing all the innocent Iranians so brutally.  The bombs to take out Iran’s nuclear program will of necessity have to kill many thousands of Iran’s population because the Iranian government made sure to place the nuclear facilities directly under or in population centers!!   this is very common practice among the Muslims who care nothing for human beings.

The Israelis  will of course have to make a ground advance in order to get the missile sites in Gaza without killing off a lot of civilians.  Israel is concerned for killing children whereas the terrorist use the children (schools and hospitals) as  shields from which to launch their weapons.  To use missiles to take out these missile sites would kill so many, so Israel must send in its soldiers to get the weapons.

As usual the world is against Israel and it’s right to exist.  Obama did his level best to support Hamas  with his  officious statement that “Israel has a right to defend itself” then going on to warn against a ground offensive warning that that would destroy any peace negotiations.  Like these so-called “peace negotiations” have been going on since the 1880’s !!    Yes, I know Israel was not even formed until 1948,   but the talking about a homeland for the dispersed Jews started a century before that.  The homeland that was given to them by God Himself !  If you believe the Bible you must then believe that the Jews were given the land of Canaan by God Himself.  They are the only people whom God Himself gave a homeland of their own and after 5000 years of living on that land except for short periods when they were driven out, they were finally dispersed all over the Earth.    It is long past time for the Jew to return and no man or group on Earth has the right to take away what God has given.  Oddly enough the very people who are denying the Jews claim to believe in the Bible; both the Christians and the Muslims believe in the Old Testament and claim it as the oldest portion of their holy book.  How ironic is that?

Anyhow, the following article is a good summation of what is happening and just by chance happens to back up my own thoughts on the matter  :).  BB

The Escalating Conflict Between Hamas and Israel

By James Phillips

Over the last four days, militants in Gaza have fired more than 840 rockets at Israel. Hamas rockets have reached the outskirts of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for the first time, thanks to the smuggling of Iranian rockets into Gaza. The increasing range and sophistication of Palestinian rockets has expanded the reach of terrorists, who now can threaten up to half of Israel’s population.

Israel has intercepted 302 of those rockets with its Iron Dome missile defense system, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Iron Dome, on which the U.S. has collaborated, has proven its worth and underscored the importance of missile defense in future U.S. military budgets.

Meanwhile, Iran is seeking—successfully—to keep the pot boiling at Israel’s expense to distract international attention from its nuclear program. A leaked International Atomic Energy Agency report indicates that Iran could soon double the number of centrifuges at its Fordo facility from 700 to 1,400.

President Obama spoke out on the fighting yesterday, saying Israel has the right to defend itself against Hamas’s missile attacks from Gaza. But he urged Israel not to launch a ground assault in Gaza, saying it would put Israeli soldiers, as well as Palestinian citizens, at greater risk and hamper an already vexing peace process.

“If we see a further escalation of the situation in Gaza, the likelihood of us getting back on any kind of peace track that leads to a two-state solution is going to be pushed off way into the future,” Obama said.

This public statement will only strengthen Hamas’s determination to continue its rocket terrorismand reap the propaganda benefits from Israeli retaliatory air strikes, because the President’s statement lowers the perceived risks of an Israeli ground intervention. Moreover, it is continued Palestinian terrorism that is the chief barrier to peace, not Israel’s legitimate efforts to protect its own citizens from indiscriminate Palestinian terrorist attacks.

Egypt, Turkey, and the Arab League have heavily criticized Israel and called for a halt of air strikes. Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood and hopes to pull in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood-dominated regime to tilt the balance against Israel. Egypt’s government will seek to have its cake and eat it, too, in the sense that it will use the crisis to denounce Israel, support Hamas, and play to anti-Israeli sentiments at home while trying to mediate a ceasefire behind the scenes that enhances its influence and justifies continued U.S. and Western aid.

If they genuinely wanted to stop the bloodshed, then these leaders should pressure Hamas to stop the bombardment, which triggered the crisis.

Obama, too, should aim primarily at restraining Hamas, not Israel.

Hamas, as usual, is bent on advancing its radical Islamist agenda at the expense of Palestinian national interests. It is a revolutionary movement more interested in destroying Israel than in building a Palestinian state or protecting Palestinians from another humanitarian tragedy that it has engineered.

Israel has called up 75,000 reservists and massed armor and at least 30,000 troops along the border, underscoring that it is serious about launching a ground intervention if Hamas continues its indiscriminate bombardment of Israeli civilians.

The U.S. needs to stand with Israel against terrorism and support its right to defend itself against a ruthless enemy that hides among Palestinian civilians to launch rockets indiscriminately at Israeli civilians. Hamas routinely uses children as shields. There can be no Israeli–Palestinian peace until Hamas and other Islamists are defeated and discredited.

James Phillips is the Senior Research Fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs in the Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies at The Heritage Foundation. He has written extensively on Middle Eastern issues and international terrorism since 1978.

» Egypt Reminds Us We Are Running Out Of Time – Not Oil – Big Government.

This is a great article on Egypt, the world and the United States as things stand now.  These are my thoughts exactly but the author expresses them much better than I can.   If you will recall my first comment blog on this Egypt thing was that perhaps now our government would seriously decide that we the United States should at long last use our own resources and make ourselves oil, and all sources of energy,   independent of the entire world.  We have the  enough oil to last at least two hundred years and enough coal and natural gas for that long and more before we find ourselves needing another energy source.  In two hundred years surely we will have learned enough to harness the suns energy or some other as yet unknown source so I don’t think we need to hesitate to tap our own supplies.  This has been my opinion since I became aware of our countries energy needs way back when in history—-remember I am an old broad :).

Of more importance even than the United States oil supply is the relationships  that will be the outcome of this seismic shift in the Middle East.  How far will it spread and what or whom will rise to the top of the heap.   The entire world, at least the entire Western world has “dependent” ties to the Middle East.  What will happen if the revolution spreads?  What will happen if extreme Muslims rise to the top?  What will happen to the European nations who are already having difficulty with their multi-cultural societies that shut Muslims out and have now created a Muslim nation within their nations?  So many questions and no real answers; we just have to wait for developments.

And while we are waiting we have in the White House a fool who enjoys hearing himself make unfortunately asinine statements and speeches.  BB

Egypt Reminds Us We Are Running Out Of Time – Not Oil

by Thomas Del Beccaro

What is going to happen next in Egypt?  According to Mubarak, “the result will be extremism and radical Islam.”  Others aren’t so sure.  What is certain is that the risk factor in the Middle East has risen again.  That means the world’s oil supply is at risk as well.  A wise country would do what it could to insulate its people from that risk.  It is beyond a serious question as to whether the United States will.

Revolutions are not things of certainty. For instance, once underway, the ideals and prospects for the French Revolution once were touted by the likes of our own Jefferson and Madison. Washington, the soldier among the three, was far more circumspect.  The freedom won by the likes of the Marquis Lafayette in the early days of the French Revolution was lost not long after in the ensuing chaos.  Lafayette, the same man who helped win our Revolution, would eventually be jailed for years while many thousands died in The Terror before Napoleon dashed any hope for democracy.  So much for the foresight of our 3rd and 4th Presidents – they fanned the early embers only to see those embers engulf a nation.  (Perhaps a lesson for nations today: keep your mouths shut!  No hope that Obama will  listen or leanr. BB)

Our current President encouraged those taking part in the first Act of Egypt’s current drama.  Given that it was the military of Egypt that removed an intransigent Mubarak and now run its streets, it can hardly be said that freedom has been assured.  The difficult part lies ahead.  The only certainty in front of us now is uncertainty.  (I will say here that the Egyptians Army at least at the top is heavy with people who have studied and trained in the United States with several top generals being graduates of our military academies. As a result the Army has always had a rapport with our Army if not our government.  Don’t know how this will help but it certainly can’t hurt.  BB)

Returning to the French Revolution, its effects were hardly restricted to the French.   International trade was affected and the rise of Napoleon brought serious concerns of war in the United States and actual wars to Europe.  Egypt may play a similar role today.

Will Mubarak be right about the future of Egypt?

He points out that ‘We see the democracy the United States spearheaded in Iran and with Hamas, in Gaza, and that’s the fate of the Middle East.’”  If Mubarak is right then Israel will be surrounded by sworn enemies on virtually every side.  The risk to international trade in oil and beyond would be significant.  Even if he is wrong, the trajectory of Israel’s enemies threatens our economic security.

Of course, the threat to the United States is self-imposed. Never has history recorded that a super power has elevated commerce to a level of dependence on those doing it harm. We indeed are the first such power that directly funds, in staggering amounts, those countries that harbor or fund our most principal enemies – and we have done so not for a moment in time but for years on end. History will hardly forgive such an error.  (Even if the people of the Middle East generally like Americans and envy our way of life and freedoms they hate our government for what Washington has done to keep them under the yoke of dictators for decades.   we the People allowed this to happen!  While we were wallowing in our  affluence we turned either a blind eye or no eye at on on Washington.  It is just now that we are seeing how this neglect has almost lost us our liberties. Soon we will take notice of what our government has done to make America hated all over the world.  Will We the People pay the price for this neglect? BB)

By failing to tap our own plentiful resources, that one policy decision has meant:

(1) that the price of oil is therefore artificially high,

(2) that we pay an inflated price for oil with dollars that fund terrorists,

(3) that we pay excessive foreign aid to buy “stability” among the troubled nations of the region,

(4) that we have higher defense budgets and more wars,

(5) that we have less jobs here at home,

(6) that we subsidize Americans who cannot afford the artificially high oil prices we helped create, and

(7) that we generally endure a self-imposed, lower standard of living.  (This one may surprise some of you, but just give it some thought.  All the jobs we would have for Americans if we tapped  our own resources.  How much money we would have in taxes with a booming economy and thus much in taxes as well as saved by not funding the tyrants and buying friendships.  And, far fewer wars and “interests” to protect.  Better lives for all including those who protect uour country!    Our potential is to be the riches and most advanced country in the world just for changing our governments negative involvement in the world! BB)

It has been our national policy to do so much damage to ourselves as no civilizations before us has.

Now with the potential explosion of the Middle East staring us in the face, we face the potential of $5, $6 and $7 a gallon gasoline prices if not worse.

A wise country would plan ahead to avoid such danger.  We would hire American workers, to tap American resources, to lower the price of oil, to reduce government subsidies to our citizens, to reduce the amount of money going to terrorists and the states that fund them, to lessen the need for foreign aid and to lower our defense budgets if not the need for war – all in the name of security and preserving our standard of living.  So many benefits could flow from the reversal of one bad policy decision.

We would do all of that because if Jefferson and Madison could be wrong on France – I have no doubt that this Administration – which can hardly run this government – will be wrong in its estimates on how Egypt will fare.

Obama seems not to have been able to keep his mouth shut again and naturally what came out was totally devoid of any understanding of history let alone current events and relationships.  In the first place the United States should have followed the lead of the only country that has EVERYTHING to lose in this situation: Israel!  Israel is saying nothing, nothing at all.  This is what the rest of the world is doing also.  But our demented government has to speak up and make things much much worse.  With Obama’s first speech he gave Mubarak the out of staying in control  until September by telling him that he Mubarak must see that there are free and honest elections in September.   The people want the dictator out now, not in September eight months from now. There was the possibility the Army, which is trusted by the people, could have taken over and  supervised a fair election AFTER Mubarak left the country with all his corrupt cronies with him.  The military was just staying in place vowing they would not fire on their own people while trying to get the government to lift all the bans and allow the country to get back to  operating with some stability.  They wanted Mubarak to open up the Internet, phone service, water, power, banking, garbage pick up and everything else the government had shut down to  force the people back.

Now Obama speaks again and we see more violent fighting among those who want the government to change and those who want the government to stay.  It is my belief there are no forces who want the Mubarak dictatorship with the corruption and attendant poverty of the people  to stay in power.  There is however the Muslim Brotherhood, Iran and any number of groups hostile to the United States and Israel who want, and in fact,  thrive on chaos.  Chaos will allow the killers to come in and dominate!

The second speech was taken as a sign for more  violence and an invitation for the Muslims terrorists to come in as he seemed to be throwing Mubarak over and take the place of the people.  But what I heard was Obama calling for violence and chaos with that speech.  Listen closely to it once more and watch the body language and listen to the words that he emphasizes.  Remember  his government “never let’s a good crisis go to waste” and Obama is all for the Muslim world ruling the world.  We have all seen over and over again how Obama bows before the Muslim world.

In the meantime there seems to be a more peaceful turn over of government in Tunisia.  I hope this remains the case.

I just sw3itched on the TV and I  am seeing what I prayed I would not see.  Dear Lord this is bad.  As I am watching TV now at 3:39 pm Eastern time here and 10 pm or there abouts  in Egypt there is much violence and gun fire and the Army has had to move in.  They are firing over the heads of the people in hopes they will disperse to their homes.

Oh well, you’re watching to.  I am afraid that if Egypt goes to the Muslims then the entire Mediterranean and Middle East will be  gone to Islam.  We will be standing alone to watch Israel, Great Britain, Germany  disappear under the power and numbers of the hordes.  Unlike WWII the United States is no longer in a position to help to save the world.   The Roman Empire was swallowed by the hordes also.  Isn’t that the way we have always known our civilization would disappear?

I have been listening to Glenn Beck this week and hoping he was wrong in his prediction that the world would divide in three parts:  The Mediterranean and Middle East as a Muslim caliphate,  Asia and Japan and even perhaps Australia  under China and then the United States standing alone with Canada and the hodgepodge of poverty and corruption and dictatorships that is Central and south America.  BB


Egypt about 11pm,  4:16 pm Eastern.  The Army has been busy pushing people out of the square.  It appears the groups who were being violent, the Pro-government people have been pushed out and the Anti-government people are staying.   The Internet and television came on shortly before all the Pro-government hordes attached those in the square.  How convenient for Mubarak!   The Army has appeared to be with the Anti-government people up to this point and they still seem to be, but it is a tough call.  BB

Non-Believers Under Muslim Law.

There is sure to be a show down between Muslims and Christians in this country and I believe it will come sooner rather than later.  The President and Democrats are all for the take over of the United States by Islam  as we have been shown again and again by their actions.  Only fools would invite the  avowed murderer into their home; are we Americans fools?   For those of you who preach tolerance and understanding  perhaps this article will enlighten you as to just what your tolerating.

It is a long article but contains much information you need to know.   Below is the writer’s final conclusions.  BB

The enormous difference between ideas of equality and fairness that separate the Islamic world and the West are so colossal it defies easy explanation. In fact, we must study Islam in pieces to really understand the whole. This matters, because—before long—each big US city will undoubtedly have Muslims similar to Rauf seeking to influence policies and get involved in political life, and put the imprint of Muhammad upon all they touch.

Unless we understand the grave differences between the two world views, representing not just rules, but also principles and values, we will be at severe disadvantage in defending our ancestral freedoms against incursion of foreign belief. This matters because Islam has always been a missionary religion, propagated by force and invasion. If we don’t understand its virulence and fatalistic determination, and that there is no alternative peaceful view in traditional Islam, great and quick may be our fall.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf predicts violence.

Talk about inciting riots  among the ignorant Muslim mobs around the world!  The Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf, back from his US tax payer tour of the Muslim countries to  drum up support and money to build his edifice to Muslim Victory over the Infidel, sure knows how to stir up trouble.  He told the head of the relatives of the victims of 9/11  group the “demands” would  inflame the Muslim world.   He went on to say that if the mosque was not built on that site then American troops would be in danger.  As if American troops are not already in danger trying to protect the very Muslim butt heads who would be rioting and trying to kill American troops!  And yes, I have no doubt that the Muslims mobs will  march thru the streets of their cities and burn American flags and effigies of  those who are simply asking that the Muslims in charge of building the Mosque consider another location as this is the Muslim request to any action or request for a bit of civility.    A simple request for some consideration and sensitivity to the feelings of the relatives of the victims of September 11, 2001 and the rest of the citizens of the United States who consider  Ground Zero as sacred ground.  This is BLACKMAIL!

He has made  that mosque a matter of victory not only to celebrate the violence of Muslims killing Infidels as THEY ARE TOLD TO DO IN THEIR HOLY BOOK THE KORAN, it will be another victory of Muslims being able to do anything they want to do on American soil!

Do I dislike Muslims? Well just so you know where I stand:  Yes, I consider any human beings who knowing follow a religion   whose  holy book the Koran  states all thru the book ( yes I have indeed read it!) that Muslims are to kill, rape and destroy all humans who do not follow the teachings of their Koran are inhuman creatures.  I harbor no liking for creatures of any kind and Muslim are among the worse.

I have yet to hear individuals like Rauf or the CAIR crowd categorically condemn violence and loudly proclaim that it is anathema to Islamic law

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf predicts violence

By Klaus Rohrich  Thursday, September 9, 2010

I know that everyone was shocked and surprised that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf told Soledad O’Brien on CNN yesterday that if the “Cordoba Initiative” mosque adjacent to Ground Zero were to be relocated, then violence would surely follow throughout the Muslim world.  Who’d have thought it?  Violence committed by Muslims?

But then, the good Imam is playing this by The Book in threatening that Islam would be offended if it couldn’t build a victory mosque next to the former World Trade Center site.  The Book, in this case, is the playbook Muslims have learned to use against the West, ever since the Nancyboy liberal elites asked, “Why do they hate us so?” on Sept 12, 2001.

The thing that makes the Imam’s admonition so ominous is that we know Islam appears to be the only world religion currently advocating violence against its enemies and non-believers (infidels).

Surely there are “moderate” Muslims who abhor violence.  But they don’t seem to be getting the press these days, as news reports of suicide bombings, beheadings, stonings, honor killings and all sorts of other barbaric crimes committed on behalf of some form of Islam creep their way into our consciousness.

Already there are violent and rabid demonstrations against Christians throughout the Muslim world protesting the Rev. Terry Jones’s plans to burn Korans on Saturday as an act of remembrance of the 9/11 victims.  Jones may be a whack job from the far reaches of the lunatic fringe, but like Rauf who has a legal right to build a mosque next to Ground Zero, Jones has the right to burn as many Korans as he can legally acquire.

Rauf’s admonition that violence might ensue should the mosque be moved, was made with the same clear-eyed innocence as the warnings put forth by American Muslims against Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of the South Park ‘Muhammad’ issue, which was subsequently censored by Comedy Central, the cable channel carrying the show.

“We’re not advocating violence.” they say, “We’re just concerned that there might be violence.”  And of course violence will follow each and every time these wide-eyed innocents warn of its possibility.

I have yet to hear individuals like Rauf or the CAIR crowd categorically condemn violence and loudly proclaim that it is anathema to Islamic law and I don’t recommend that anyone hold their breath waiting for them to do so.  What you will hear is some politically correct drivel, such as is found on the Cordoba Initiative’s web site.

“In recent years the global public has shown an increased interest in Islam and the Muslim world. Many facets of Islamic life, religious, cultural and artistic, remain underrepresented and misunderstood. The Muslim community must provide an opportunity to educate individuals about Islam through education and organized experiences of art, culture and entertainment.”

I can readily understand why in recent years the global public has shown increased interest in Islam and the Muslim world.  Don’t quote me, but I think it has to do with bombings in Places like London, Madrid, Bali, New York, Washington and numerous other locales.  People would be quite foolish if they did not display “increased interest” in a movement, religious or secular, that could lay claim to as many deaths as can be attributed to Islam in the last decade or two.

I believe Rauf to be an agent provocateur who presents a perfectly reasonable and smiling face to those whom he despises.  I doubt that the mosque he wishes to build will ever become a reality.  But then again, maybe this whole thing isn’t so much about building a mosque as it is about inciting more hatred against America.  (A possibility!  BB)

This quote says it all but you may want to click  on the referenced articles for more information.  BB

Iran is threatening to end cooperation with international nuclear inspectors.

One day after the United Nations approved a fresh round of sanctions against Iran, Russia maintains it has the right to sell S-300 surface-to-air missiles to the Iranian regime.

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