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Articles: Republican Delusion is Obama’s All-Too-Secret Weapon.

Republicans are known RIGHTLY! for being adept at snatching defeat from victory.  Why this is so often baffles many of us, but this article in American Thinker has some serious answers and perhaps can serve as a warning to those of us who react in the ways outlined in the article.  It seems the most important and potentially devastating Republican characteristic in self-defeat is overly optimistic and willing to believe verbal please of innocence even against all evidence of past negative actions.  In other words: STOP BEING MR. NICE GUYS!  BB

If you have limited time for the Internet I suggest American Thinker be at the top of your list of sites to go to first.  Just run thru the titles of articles and choose those that appear to offer you the information you need and I promise you will remain or become well informed on national and international affairs.  BB

Government Stupidity – Gov’t insanity: You won’t believe whatthis former Obama economic advisor just said.

From Economic Policy Journal:

Greg Mankiw points to this Larry Summers comment on the Charlie Rose Show:

Never forget, never forget, and I think it’s very important for Democrats especially to remember this, that if Hitler had not come along, Franklin Roosevelt would have left office in 1941 with an unemployment rate in excess of 15 percent and an economic recovery strategy that had basically failed.

Economist Robert Higgs has ripped apart the notion that war is good for an economy. And in particular, he has focused on World War II. On release of Higgs’ book, Depression, War, and Cold War: Challenging the Myths of Conflict and Prosperity, the publisher wrote:

[Higgs] provides clear evidence FDR’’ New Deal actually prolonged the Great Depression and that World War II did nothing to create prosperity…

Go to the site and read the entire article.  This is an eye opener.  Sometimes I am just too upset to read an article all at once and this was one of those times.  BB


People this is the time to keep pressure on your members in the House of Representatives as they are they only ones who may be able to check Obama and the Senate some from taking more and more corrosive actions against us.


If the following bill is passed “the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to set it’s own fees and spend the revenue collected from those fees. Currently, Congress sets the fees and appropriates funds for the USPTO.”   This would then set the precedent for all departments and agencies to set their own rules and fees and collect in essence their own taxes and funding!   We would have mini federal governments within the huge federal government and absolutely NO WAY TO STOP these non-elected creatures from ruling over us.  They could do anything they want in our name.  So get on the horn and make your congressman know who you are and how you feel and then get in touch with him often.    You might also remember that now just about all government workers are members of unions!!!  The creatures in the tiny offices while watching dirty internet sites will just calmly and faithfully follow the instructions of union leaders  like Trumpka and Andy Stern.  You might recall that Andy Stern was the most frequent visitor to Obama’s White House and Trumpka proudly boasted that he talked to the White House on a  daily basis.  Keep all these interlocking facts in mind and you will understand just how infiltrated our government is and how much at risk our nation and our American way of life and freedoms are.


It is always wise to click on any referred sites or articles (BLUE)  to learn more about an issue.  BB



Action Alert: Patent Reform No Small Issue

Congress passes numerous bills every year that receive little, if any, media coverage. These “small ball” issues often contain pork spending or, in this case, a complete a transfer of power from Congress to unelected bureaucrats.

This bill would allow the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to set it’s own fees and spend the revenue collected from those fees. Currently, Congress sets the fees and appropriates funds for the USPTO.

This framework of checks and balances is crucial.

Congress must maintain the ability to conduct oversight and hold government agencies accountable. Transferring the power from Congress empowers the USPTO and makes oversight and accountability on the important issue of patent issuance more difficult.

Government efficiency should not come at the expense empowering bureaucrats and undermining the ability of elected Representatives to keep executive branch power in check.

Take Action: Please stand with Heritage Action. Email your Member of Congress.

Learn More:
Patent Reformers: Don’t Give Away Appropriations Power of Congress
Conservatives Must Oppose Patent ‘Reform’
Key Vote Alert: “NO” on America Invents Act (H.R.1249)

Brenda,President Obama is blocking three job-creating free trade agreements that would boost domestic jobs by increasing our exports to South Korea, Panama and Columbia. The President is blocking this until he can extend an expensive and failed stimulus program.

That program, the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program, provides extensive benefits to workers displaced by foreign trade. TAA is costing taxpayers billions and billions of dollars each year and to date has produced paltry results. Furthermore, the workers the program effects are only a fraction of the currently unemployed — only 1 percent.

The program shows no evidence that those enrolled received better, higher-paying jobs than those who did not receive TAA benefits. So why is President Obama insisting that this boondoggle is funded before he agrees to sign the free trade agreements?
>> Learn more: find out why free trade creates jobs and how you can send a strong message to President Obama and the left.

Free trade creates jobs. TAA does not.

Instead of taking steps to actually reduce the number of unemployed in this country, President Obama has decided to hold jobs hostage in order to breathe new life into a failed welfare program. We cannot let this happen.

Find out how you can help Heritage Action for America counteract President Obama’s dangerous hostage-taking.

Thank you for joining us and standing up for conservative principles.

» Future Of American Energy Production At Stake In US Supreme Court – Big Government.

Right on top of yesterdays post comes this one.  We the People are being  raped by the destroyers of our country and this world.  And we stand here trying to use the law to save us while they use our laws to destroy us!  BB

Dan  Riehl

Future Of American Energy Production At Stake In US Supreme Court

by Dan Riehl

We all know how important energy is in our lives, just as commercial energy is critical to free market capitalism and the pursuit of prosperity in America. Now, thanks to environmental activists and several states, that may all be at risk in the US Supreme Court.

In 2004, unhappy that the duly elected Bush administration wasn’t restricting carbon emissions in the alleged cause of global warming, environmental activism prompted several states to file a “public nuisance” lawsuit, which would empower the courts in this regard.

They lost in the lower court but that was reversed in 2007.

This case is novel, and far more aggressive and disruptive than the global warming case the Court previously permitted. In a 2007 decision, Massachusetts v. EPA, a closely divided Court agreed with 12 states and several cities that the Environmental Protection Agency has authority to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. Though that case dealt with a narrow claim to enforce a federal statute, the Court’s decision emboldened what had already become a cottage industry of lawsuits designed to slow global warming by asking federal courts to enact what interest groups have been unable to secure through the democratic process: carbon caps and other limits on the way energy is produced in this country.

Under the guise of “public nuisance,” the plaintiffs in these suits seek to impose enormous damages and binding emissions caps on energy companies. The plaintiffs have acknowledged that their goal is a veritable sea change in the way energy is produced, sold, and used in this country. Incredibly, they assert that these companies can make major changes to lower emissions – such as the adoption of wind and solar alternatives – “without significantly increasing the cost of electricity.” But never before has the “public nuisance” doctrine been used to set national economic and energy policy. While litigation may be therapeutic for those frustrated by political inaction, this case is at odds with this country’s legal tradition.

Meanwhile, a recently elected Republican House is taking steps to go in the other direction through budget cuts to the EPA. Environmental activism in the US is, in effect, looking to up-end the democratic process – an all too common theme across the Left – by empowering the courts to make policy in perhaps the single most critical policy area for American prosperity.

The agency will lose $1.6 billion as part of a deal between President Barack Obama and congressional leaders to produce $38 billion in spending cuts for the rest of the 2011 fiscal year, according to legislation made public today. A plan detailing where the cuts will be made is due in 30 days.

Republicans argued for a larger cut plus provisions that would bar the EPA from enforcing rules on reducing carbon dioxide from power plants and factories. The budget deal accepted by Obama will undermine efforts to reduce pollution from mountaintop coal mining and mercury emissions from power plants, said Gabe Wisniewski, coal campaign director for the environmental group Greenpeace.

Also, as if all that isn’t bad enough, the EPA recently admitted it has zero interest in worrying about job production in America – video at link. Of course, all this plays out as the economy lags, unemployment skyrockets and American jobs continue to disappear.

The EPA has admitted that they don’t even consider jobs when they do their economic analysis. No really. They don’t even think about the potential impact on unemployment. This is appalling, coming from an administration that has said over and over and over again that jobs are the top priority.

Since the Ryan budget proposal came out I have been waiting for the Republican presidential hopefuls to step up and make some comment.  Actually,  I had hoped they would step up and comment on this  lesser budget thing going on in Congress right now that is merely the current year budget that the Democrats FAILED to pass and  the Republicans in the House are now trying to rectify. (AND,  I sincerely hope you all out there understand that this  fray about shutting down the government is about the budget for this CURRENT YEAR that the DEMOCRATS  in all their glory and with control of both houses in Congress and the Presidency FAILED, or didn’t bother,  to pass a budget  when it was due!  And that it has nothing to do with the Ryan Budget Proposal which is for next year.)


Anyhow to get back to my beef right now:  I had hoped the Republican Presidential hopefuls would have the guts to step up to the plate and lend their support to We the People and the House Republicans who are trying to get a handle on Obama and company who have placed the United States on the brink of bankruptcy. And today I got  an answer on FOX NEWS Lou Dobb’s Tonight:  It seems Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty have given a reluctant answer when FOX NEWS pressed them:  “No Comment ” and in the case of Romney “no comment”  “stay tuned for things  to ramp up”.  I don’t know about you but as far as I am concerned Pawlenty is a cipher who can slide back into his little hole and be forgotten.  As for Mitt Romney I  never liked nor trusted the creature and now I am sure my gut reaction to him was correct: he is a lily-livered two faced opportunist  socialist in Republican disguise.

Just my opinion of course but I certainly hope you all out there will open your eyes and see before you vote for either one of these creatures just what they are.


On the other hand Republican hopefuls Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Gov. Huckabee  have stepped up and given whole hearted support to the current House Republican leadership and members both for the small fray of the “left over budget” and for Ryan’s next year budget proposal.  Please remember that when the primaries come to your state.  BB

Republican Study Committee (RSC) – The Caucus of House Conservatives.

This plan may see the light of day since the Republicans now control the House.  That is, it may see the light IF the Old Dogs have the guts to get off of their status quo bottoms!   The main criticism of this proposal is that defense isn’t cut.  It seems to me that with the United States involved in two wars and umpteen “hot spots”  cutting the defense budget is not  sane.  Of course there are many ways the defense department can be made more efficient and the Inspector General for the Defense Department should have more control given to cut  non-productive programs and stop waste.  We Americans should never forget that the world is becoming more and more dangerous as more countries  join the Nuclear Club.

Please you must read the  Additional Information listed below in order to get full understanding of this and other budget proposals. BB


FY 2011 RSC Budget Plan

Though the Democrats haven’t introduced theirs, we’ve introduced ours.

The RSC has introduced a balanced budget plan (H.Con.Res. 281) that achieves surpluses in 2019 and 2020, and improves the budget outlook in every single year.  The RSC Budget would propose $6.4 trillion less debt than President Obama’s budget.


  • $1.7 Trillion of Tax Relief Over the Next Five Years:  The RSC budget accommodates making permanent the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, and making permanent the AMT “patch,” and includes none of the tax increases proposed by President Obama or congressional Democrats.


  • Returns to FY 2008 Spending Levels:  The RSC budget proposes that overall discretionary spending resources return to the FY 2008 levels that were in effect less than two years ago.  Overall discretionary spending resources would be frozen at that level until the budget is balanced in 2019. Within this amount, the RSC budget assumes defense will be fully-funded.


  • Social Security:   Makes NO changes to current law.   Social Security spending increases from $612 billion in FY 2008 to $1.2 trillion in FY 2020.
  • Medicare:  Provides spending increases equivalent to economic growth (the 1995 Contract with America budget included a similar policy). Medicare spending increases from $385 billion in 2008 to $622 billion in 2020.
  • Medicaid:  Provides spending increases equivalent to inflation (the 1995 Contract with America budget included this proposal).  Medicaid spending increases from $201 billion in FY 2008 to $255 billion in FY 2020.
  • Wasteful, Unnecessary, or Lower-Priority Mandatory Spending:  Requires each committee to find savings equal to one percent of total mandatory spending under its jurisdiction from activities that are determined to be wasteful, unnecessary, or lower-priority.
  • Repeal Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP):  Prohibits further obligations under the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), saving taxpayers $36 billion.
  • Other Reforms Provided For:  Provides for medical liability reform, freedom to purchase healthcare across state lines, opens ANWR to leasing, repeals Davis-Bacon Act, ends taxpayer funding of presidential campaigns, reforms federal retiree benefits, reforms food stamp spending, and sells a small percentage of federal assets.
  • Repeal of Government Health Care Takeover:  The RSC budget assumes repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as well as the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act.

Additional Information:
FY 2011 RSC Budget:  A Balanced Budget for America
Projected Annual Deficits Chart
FY 2011 RSC Budget – One Page Summary
FY 2011 RSC Budget – Two Page Summary
H.Con.Res. 281 – Text

Support from the American Conservative Union
Support from Americans for Limited Government
Support from Americans for Prosperity

Support from American Solutions
Support from Americans for Tax Reform
Support from the Club for Growth
Additional Support from the Club for Growth
Additional Support from the Club for Growth
Support from Citizens Against Government Waste
Support from Freedom Works
Support from the Heritage Foundation
Support from the National Taxpayers Union

Chairman Price Op-Ed in The Hill:  Stop Reckless Spending
Chairman Price and Rep. Jordan Op-Ed in Investor’s Business Daily
Wall Street Journal: GOP Proposes Brave Budget
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Red State:  A Tale of Budget Cowardice…and Courage
ResistNet: Contact Congress and Demand Consideration of the RSC Budget
Kiowa County Signal: If You Can’t Budget, You Can’t Govern

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