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The huge Farm Bill was defeated.  80% of the Farm Bill was for Food Stamp spending and only 20% related to farms and farming.  The  Republican led House is now proposing to split the Food Stamp program or SNAPS from the Agriculture Department so that a closer watch can be kept on this outrageous spending.  Of course they were put together in the first place in order for both farm and rural congressmen and Food Stamps which are primarily urban Congressman would vote together to pass these outrageous bills.  This is a favorite  Washington ploy: buying the votes!  Just look at the Immigration Bill and how the Senators loaded it down with pork ( or pay offs) for everyone before it got passed.  Remember the Republican House refusing to pass the first version of the  Hurricane Sandy Bill to help the hurricane victims in the northeast to rebuild because on 30% of the funds allotted were to go to the hurricane victims while the 70% of pork funding in it was for things as unrelated as a new roof for a building in D.C.  Many, including Gov. Christie of New Jersey blamed the Republicans for stopping this outrage and believed that anything  the greedy big spending Democrats wanted was okay as long as something went to the right people.  It is this kind of thinking and this kind of voting that has gotten our country to the brink of bankruptcy!  This is the name of the game in the Farm Bill which the Republican House members voted down and it is the same game being played with the Democrats Senate version of an Immigration Bill.

The following newsletter from heritage has some very good information from various writers on these topics.  Also more information on Obama’s plans for raising all of our energy prices which will not only affect our  electric and gasoline bills but our food and clothi8ng bills as well because all industry requires the use of energy and if energgy costs go up the cost of all goods and services must aslo go up.  Check them out>  BB

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Items for Friday, June 28th, 2013

Immigration Bill Riddled With Pork

Jim Carafano
Derrick Morgan
Genevieve Wood
Jessica Zuckerman

Family Fact of the Week: What the Record-Low Marriage Rate Means for Americans’ Well-Being

Jennifer Marshall
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Gay rights clash: Obama, African host are at odds 

Jennifer Marshall
Ryan Anderson 
Charlotte Florance

Abortion tables may turn in Texas on Monday

Jennifer Marshall
Ryan Anderson
Andrew Walker

House Leaders Consider Splitting Food Stamps From Farm Bill

Diane Katz
Daren Bakst
Rachel Scheffield

Obama refuses to barter for Edward Snowden

Steven Bucci
Paul Rosenzweig
Ariel Cohen
Peter Brookes
Jim Carafano


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Heritage Newsletter offer us experts opinions on the news of the day and how it will affect you.   This was really a big day since the Supreme Court came down with two big rulings: one gave a victory to gay marriage by ruling against the Congressional Bill passed under Clinton called the Defense of marriage Act (DOMA)  which ruled marriage as being between a man and a woman.  I have been against this changing of our marriage laws on the grounds off finances.   This act by the court throws the problem back to the states but then after ruling that the California law *(voted for by the people) against gay marriage as unconstitutional it seems no state and certainly the majority of the voters have no say in this matter.   As stated I have been and am against the legalizing of s  gay marriage  because it  fives rights for financial support that have been the rights of wives and husbands only.   For instance social security support for widows and orphans.  the “orphans” part may be easy top figure out but who is the “widow”?   Are Both  parties in a lesbian marriage widows?   Do homosexual couples need to designate a “widow”?  And this is just the tip of a huge financial ice berg that We the Taxpayers will be responsible for that we were not before today.

The second ruling by the Supreme Court was one I feel is long overdue in being corrected.  States should and do have the right to determine what their voting laws are but until todays ruling 14 states had to get permission from some clerk in Washington before they could so much as change the location of a voting location.  In fact  one district in one of these states could not vote in the 2000 election due to a water pipe breaking and  flooding the polling place.  But since they had to get permission from Washington to move the site they simply had to disenfranchise the voters ion that district!   Now that was an extreme and surely rare happening but it really does point out the nonsense of following a law that was very necessary when passed by 50 years later attitudes and laws and mostly people’s views have changed and no Black can or will be kept from voting.  After all we do now have a Black as President!

And be sure to take note of how our President plans to go around your elected officials in Congress and use the EPA Environmental Protection Agency to force  his climate change agenda and war on coal and oil on us.   People there is no such thing as climate change.  the Earth is not getting hotter.  Obama lied again and again in his speech yesterday at Georgetown University.  Don’t believe me but do your own research and go to the records kept by the government itself  and see that we are experiencing right now the cycle that is normal and active in the 1950’s.  Then the hotter seasons was followed by a cooling off and so-called “cooling of the Earth due to the use of fossil fuels ” that occurred in the 1970’s.  these damned fools lead by Hollywood idiots and our President  are helping a cool group of men led by Al Gore and Barrack Obama to make a pile of money.   But while they are manipulating and  lining their pockets with all the money it will cost to go from fossil fuels to their so-called clean and not at all reliable wind and solar We the People are going to see the cost of energy to us going out of  sight.  And since energy is needed for every aspect of our lives including the food on our tables that means everything in our lives will cost more.  Well, anyhow  please do read the article and go to the references.   Sincerely, BB

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Items for Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Divided Supreme Court strikes down key voting rights provision
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Obama planning to sidestep Congress for next phase in climate change agenda
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Snowden flap bares hapless U.S.

Boston Herald

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INFOGRAPHIC: What You Should Know About Marriage
The Foundry Blog

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Andrew Walker

Sarah Torre

Immigration and the Crisis of Opportunity

National Review Online

Genevieve Wood

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How to Slash Billions from the Agriculture Appropriations Bill

Gang of Eight Giveaways
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Obama energy push could loom large in 2014

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Snowden mystery deepens, took job to gather NSA evidence
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This man has so much to say and makes just entirely tooo much sense!  Our problems are indeed great but the answers are relatively simple if we but had the guts and intelligence to take  our medicine after all these years of living high on the hog on a credit card from China and other countries we are now indebted to.  BB

VIDEO: Dr. Ben Carson Speaks Truth to Power at National Prayer Breakfast


February 8, 2013 at 4:30 pm

Yesterday, world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson presented the keynote address at the 61st Annual National Prayer Breakfast. With President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and other national leaders in attendance, Dr. Carson spoke plainly about the great challenges America faces today: “moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility.”

“One of our big problems right now is our deficit,” Dr. Carson states. “Our national debt, 16 and a half trillion dollars—you think that’s not a lot of money? Counting one number per second, you know how long it would take to count to one trillion—507,000 years.”

Dr. Carson continued:

I don’t like to bring up problems without coming up with solutions… What about our taxation system? It is so complex, there is no one who can possibly comply with every jot and tittle. That doesn’t make any sense.

What we need to do is come up with something that’s simple. The inherently fair principle is proportionality: you make 10 billion dollars, you put in a billion. You make 10 dollars, you put in one. Of course, you have to get rid of the loopholes.

Some people say, ‘That’s not fair! It’s doesn’t hurt the guy who made 10 billion dollars.’ Where does it say you have to hurt that guy? He just put a billion dollars into the pot!

Similar to Dr. Carson’s ideas, The Heritage Foundation has proposed a new flat taxas part of the landmark reform plan Saving the American Dream.

Growing up in dire poverty, Dr. Carson tells of taking responsibility for his own decisions thanks to “a mother who believed in me, who would never allow herself to be a victim no matter what happened—she never made excuses, and she never accepted excuses from us.”

Carson says his mother paved the way for a better life by insisting he and his brother read rather than watch television:

After awhile, I actually began to enjoying reading those books. I read about people of great accomplishment.

As I read those stories, I began to see a connecting thread: the person who has the most to do with what happens to you in life is you. You make decisions, and you decide how much energy you put behind those decisions. At that point I didn’t hate poverty anymore, because I knew it was only temporary: I could change that.

Dr. Ben Carson, whose life was dramatized in the 2009 film Gifted Hands, recently authored the book America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great with his wife Candy.

An annual event in Washington, D.C., the National Prayer Breakfast presents “a call to spiritual mobilization” to Congress and “leaders in our nation who carry great burdens.” As keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast, Carson follows in the footsteps of author Eric Metaxas who in 2012 delivered a speech equally as challenging to national leaders.

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Newsletter from  ACT for AMERICA.

August 14, 2012

This couldn’t happen here, could it?

Dear Lew and Brenda,

Yes it could—and is.

In fact, the title of the article below (highlights added), posted at the Gatestone Institute website, could just as easily be “How Political Correctness is Transforming American Education.” 

To find just one example, click here to check out the report we released earlier this year, “Education or Indoctrination: The Treatment of Islam in 6ththrough 12th Grade American Textbooks.”

You’ll learn that the typical textbook fails to note that the 9/11 terrorists were radical Muslims and fails to inform students that the state of Israel was created by a UN resolution in 1947.

Most of what is mentioned below is already beginning to happen in America. For example, a couple years ago students at a Boston-area middle school were taken on a field trip to a mosque. The boys were invited to kneel and pray while teachers stood by and did nothing. Can you imagine the outcry from faculty and the ACLU if this had happened at a Christian church?

How Political Correctness Is Transforming British Education

by Soeren Kern

In Cheshire, two students at the Alsager High School were punished by their teacher for refusing to pray to Allah as part of their religious education class.

In Scotland, 30 non-Muslim children from the Parkview Primary School recently were required to visit the Bait ur Rehman Ahmadiyya mosque in the Yorkhill district of Glasgow (videos here and here). At the mosque, the children were instructed to recite the shahada, the Muslim declaration of faith which states: “There is no god but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger.” Muslims are also demanding that Islamic preachers be sent to every school in Scotland to teach children about Islam, ostensibly in an effort to end negative attitudes about Muslims.

British schools are increasingly dropping the Jewish Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, according to a report entitled, Teaching Emotive and Controversial History, commissioned by the Department for Education and Skills.

British teachers are also reluctant to discuss the medieval Crusades, in which Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem: lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques.

In an effort to counter “Islamophobia” in British schools, teachers now are required to teach “key Muslim contributions such as Algebra and the number zero” in math and science courses, even though the concept of zero originated in India.

In the East London district of Tower Hamlets, four Muslims were recently jailed for attacking a local white teacher who gave religious studies lessons to Muslim girls; and 85 out of 90 schools have implemented “no pork” policies.

Schools across Britain are, in fact, increasingly banning pork from lunch menus to avoid offending Muslim students. Hundreds of schools have adopted a “no pork” policy, according to a recent report by the London-based Daily Telegraph.

The culinary restrictions join a long list of politically correct changes that gradually are bringing hundreds of British primary and secondary education into conformity with Islamic Sharia law.

The London Borough of Haringey, a heavily Muslim district in North London, is the latest school district to switch to a menu that is fully halal (religiously permissible for Muslims).

The Haringey Town Council recently issued “best practice” advice to all schools in its area to “ban all pork products in order to cater for the needs of staff and pupils who are not permitted contact with these for religious reasons.”

Local politicians have criticized the new policy as pandering to Muslims, and local farmers, who have pointed out that all schools in Britain already offer vegetarian options, have accused school administrators of depriving non-Muslim children of a choice.

Following an outcry from non-Muslim parents, the town council removed the guidance from its website, although the new policy remains in place.

At the Cypress Junior School, in Croydon, south London, school administrators announced in the school newsletter dated June 1, 2012 that the school has opted for a pork-free menu “as a result of pupil and parental feedback.”

The announcement states: “Whilst beef, chicken, turkey and fish will all feature, as well as the daily vegetarian and jacket potato or pasta option, the sausages served will now be chicken rather than pork.”

In Luton, an industrial city some 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of London where more than 15% of the population is now Muslim, 23 out of 57 schools have banned pork.

In the City of Bradford, a borough of West Yorkshire in Northern England where there are now twice as many practicing Muslims that there are practicing Anglicans, 24 out of 160 schools have eliminated pork from their menus. In Newham (East London), 25 out of 75 schools have banned pork.

Other pork-free schools include Cranford Park Primary School in Hayes (Middlesex), and Dog Kennel Hill Primary in East Dulwich (South London).

The Borough of Harrow in northwest London was among the first in Britain to encourage halal menus. In 2010, Harrow Council announced plans to ban pork in the borough’s 52 state primary schools, following a switch by ten secondary schools to offer halal-only menus.

According to the UK-based National Pig Association, which represents commercial pork producers, “It is disappointing that schools cannot be sufficiently organized to give children a choice of meat. Sausages and roast pork are staples of a British diet and children enjoy eating them. If products can be labeled with warnings that they contain nuts and vegetarian dishes can be made and kept separate from meat dishes, [we] don’t see why the same can’t apply to pork.”

Lunch menus are not the only area in which “cultural sensitivity” is escalating in British schools.

In West Yorkshire, the Park Road Junior Infant and Nursery School in Batley has banned stories featuring pigs, including “The Three Little Pigs,” in case they offend Muslim children.

In Nottingham, the Greenwood Primary School cancelled a Christmas nativity play; it interfered with the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. In Scarborough, the Yorkshire Coast College removed the words Christmas and Easter from their calendar not to offend Muslims.

Also in Cheshire, a 14-year-old Roman Catholic girl who attends Ellesmere Port Catholic High School was branded a truant by teachers for refusing to dress like a Muslim and visit a mosque.

In Stoke-on-Trent, schools have been ordered to rearrange exams, cancel swimming lessons and stop sex education during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In Norwich, theKnowland Grove Community First School has axed the traditional Christmas play to “look at some of the other great cultural festivals of the world.”

Meanwhile, the politically correct ban on pigs in Britain also extends to toys for children. A toy farm set called HappyLand Goosefeather Farm recently removed pigs in order to avoid offending Muslims.

The pig removal came to public attention after a British mother bought the toy as a present for her daughter’s first birthday. Although the set contained a model of a cow, sheep, chicken, horse and dog, there was no pig, despite there being a sty and a button which generated an “oink” sound.

After the mother complained, the Early Learning Centre (ELC), which manufactures the toy, responded: “Previously the pig was part of the Goosefeather Farm. However due to customer feedback and religious reasons this is no longer part of the farm.”

After a public outcry, however, ELC later reversed its decision: “We recognize that pigs are familiar farm animals, especially for our UK customers. We have taken the decision to reinstate the pig and to no longer sell the set in international markets where it might create an issue.”

American Thinker: We Are All Adrift on a Ship of Fools.

This is just one of those blogs that needs passed on, so I am passing to you Dear Reader.  BB

March 20, 2011

We Are All Adrift on a Ship of Fools

By Eugene Veklerov

In the recent flurry of news reports from the Middle East, this item slipped by, largely unnoticed.   Four thousand Tunisians arrived illegally by boat in Italy in just four days after the triumph of the pro-democracy movement in their native country.  Apparently, they decided to forsake newly acquired freedom and democracy in Tunisia.  Rather, they chose the long odds of the dangerous journey and the indignity of an illegal (pardon me, undocumented) existence in Italy.  Italian officials described the situation as a “Biblical exodus” and asked for European help to deal with it.  One could only feel sorry for these poor people, who just try to escape unemployment, poverty, the misery of overcrowded cities and the lack of opportunities in the Arab world.

Let me digress for a paragraph.  When I was born, the population of our planet was 2 billion people.  Now it stands at 7 billion.  This explosive growth is the root cause of many major problems: the depletion of natural resources; pollution; ethnic and religious hatred; the rise of militant Islam; and growing commodity prices.  Millions of people flee from poor countries hoping to find a better life in the West.  Unfortunately, the Western countries themselves are in a downward spiral, as they have finally realized that they can no longer afford their lifestyle, and the party is over.  The governments of some countries, such as England, France, Spain and Greece, have adopted drastic austerity measures.  Others, such as the US government, are still in denial, hoping that if they ignore the problem, it will go away.  But the shrinking Western economies cannot accommodate the newcomers.  Our world begins to look like the sinking Titanic, with its dearth of lifeboats.  The loud demands for a fair redistribution of wealth — presumably among all 7 billion people — resemble the screams of Titanic passengers scrambling for the scarce lifeboats.  As Titanic buffs know, some of the boats were launched half-empty, but even if they all had been filled to capacity, there would not have been enough room for everyone.

Back to the Tunisians trying to get into Italy: I believe that they are willing to work hard to provide for their families, but unfortunately, Italy does not need them.  I have seen hundreds of immigrants peddling fake watches, pirated DVDs and other wares on many street corners in Rome.  I have been hustled by pushy men with thick Arabic accents trying to sell flowers in St. Marco’s Piazza in Venice.  They are probably better established, ‘older’ immigrants possessing some degree of command of Western languages.  Those who are less fortunate try to move to other European countries, like England or France, or to Sweden, which is famous for its generous welfare programs.  But once they arrive there, they discover that those countries are already overwhelmed with their fellow immigrants who were lucky to have come earlier.

Of course, not all Arabs living in Europe are mired in misery.  According to a 1996 diplomatic cable recently released by Wiki Leaks, “Saudi princes and princesses, of whom there are thousands, are known for the stories of their fabulous wealth — and tendency to squander it.”  Depending on their position on the genealogical tree, their stipends ran from $800 a month for “the lowliest member of the most remote branch of the family” to $270,000 a month.  The cable further explains that the “stipends also provide a substantial incentive for royals to procreate since the stipends begin at birth.”  Many prefer to spend their money on posh hotels and restaurants in London or the French Riviera.

But let us talk about those who are not blessed with petrodollars.  Here are a few bits of demographic trivia.  The population of Egypt has tripled in the past 50 years.  It has reached 80 million people, by far surpassing both France and England.  Twenty percent of Egyptians live on less than $1 a day.  The population of Pakistan has increased 3.6 times in the same period.  It stands at 184 million people now, thus surpassing Russia.  Twenty-two percent of the Pakistanis live on less than $1 a day. The populations of Sudan and Yemen have quadrupled during the same time.  Even if the growth rates in these and many other countries slow down, or even if the populations stabilize at the current levels, these levels are unsustainable.

Suppose that you are among the lucky ones who managed to move to a Western country.  Chances are that your main problem is unemployment.  For example, the immigrant unemployment rate in France is twice as high as the national average.  Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, is a telling example, as it shows what happens when the immigrant population reach a quarter of the total population.  In the district called Rosengaard, Muslim immigrants make up an overwhelming majority of the residents, and the unemployment rate is 70%.  Their influx has created many non-economic problems as well.  Fire and emergency workers are afraid to enter Rosengaard without police protection.  The number of rapes in Malmo has tripled in the last 20 years.  The Muslim newcomers bring their old hatreds with them.  For example, Jew-hatred in Malmo has reached a point that even the BBC abandoned its usual political correctness and devoted one of its reports in December of 2010 specifically to the verbal and physical harassment of Malmo‘s tiny Jewish community by Muslim immigrants.  Sweden is a tolerant liberal country, but the Jewish kindergarten in Malmo has to be protected with thick steel security doors.

Muslim countries are not the only sources of mass migration.  Millions of immigrants have come to the West from Catholic countries (Mexico and Philippines), from Eastern Orthodox Christian countries (Russia and Armenia), from India, and elsewhere.  “Emigriruy ili degradiruy” (emigrate or deteriorate) has become a popular adage in my old country, Russia.  And emigrate Russians do, mostly to Western Europe.  According to an Indian friend, when singles ads in India list the advertisers’ attractive attributes, the possession of a US green card is viewed as a trump card.  Fake marriages and enrollment in colleges are other popular ways to gain a foothold in the US.  One does not need much in the way of academic credentials in order be admitted to a US college.  Many community colleges and even four year ones do not require SAT tests.  They are happy to welcome everyone, just to collect tuition and stay afloat.

The other day, I went to a Kaiser hospital and then to an auto mechanic shop.  The nurse who took my blood test, the receptionist and the mechanic were all new immigrants.  I am sure that they are good workers, and I appreciated their service.  But as this country is already grappling with high unemployment, is it wise to import more and more engineers, lab technicians and bookkeepers?  Barack Obama has said that this country needs to “produce more engineers than lawyers.”  But unfortunately, while in the past we had only unemployed lawyers, now the number of unemployed engineers has spiked too, which is duly recorded by the US Department of Labor Statistics.  Many American college graduates earn their degrees and, unable to find jobs, move back with their parents.  It is no wonder that one of the most popular items of the new health care reform is the rise of the age of dependency for children from 23 years of age to 26.  What will be next?  Moving it up to 28 or 32?

In the meantime, we are inundated with TV ads showing heart-breaking pictures of a five-year old malnourished child and calling on us to support him for just $1.25 a day.  Only the most despicable people can say no to such an ad.  I am proud of my compassionate friends who dip into their pockets to send the money.  But do they worry about what world that child can expect when he turns 20?  Borrowing the title of Stanley Kramer’s movie, we are all adrift on a “Ship of Fools.”  Or borrowing another, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”

Non-Believers Under Muslim Law.

There is sure to be a show down between Muslims and Christians in this country and I believe it will come sooner rather than later.  The President and Democrats are all for the take over of the United States by Islam  as we have been shown again and again by their actions.  Only fools would invite the  avowed murderer into their home; are we Americans fools?   For those of you who preach tolerance and understanding  perhaps this article will enlighten you as to just what your tolerating.

It is a long article but contains much information you need to know.   Below is the writer’s final conclusions.  BB

The enormous difference between ideas of equality and fairness that separate the Islamic world and the West are so colossal it defies easy explanation. In fact, we must study Islam in pieces to really understand the whole. This matters, because—before long—each big US city will undoubtedly have Muslims similar to Rauf seeking to influence policies and get involved in political life, and put the imprint of Muhammad upon all they touch.

Unless we understand the grave differences between the two world views, representing not just rules, but also principles and values, we will be at severe disadvantage in defending our ancestral freedoms against incursion of foreign belief. This matters because Islam has always been a missionary religion, propagated by force and invasion. If we don’t understand its virulence and fatalistic determination, and that there is no alternative peaceful view in traditional Islam, great and quick may be our fall.

Rising Welfare Costs | Cato @ Liberty.

Welfare rates have grown 89% over the past ten years but the table shows the growth from 23.4 Billion to $40 Billion in 8 years, then skyrocket from $40 Billion to $72.5 Billion since 2008 under the Democrats rule in Congress (both House and Senate) and President Barach Obama.  What is wrong with this picture people?  It is NOT  ALL the economy. Study the graphs closely and you will see thqat the greatest gains have been in some of the Democrats and Obama’s programs.  SCHIP States Children’s Health Insurance Profgram went from $1562 billion to $9103 billion a mere 483% rise under Obama.  Why did this happen?  Because the Democrats and Obama insisted that a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children) needed assistance with their children’s health care cost even if they were making as much as $80,000 a year.

The above is just one example.  The others can be explained with equal blame placed on our Democrats and Obama.  Unfortunately there were  Republicans in on some of these deal too.

In November  and in 2012 we really need to get  rid of All the dinosaurs both Democrats and Republicans in the Congress.  They have all betrayed us in their lust for power.
Today the Republicans put out a Pledge to America that made me sick to my stomach on some issues:  “Cut spending back to the 2008 level”?  You jack-asses haven’t a clue what the American people have been shouting at you from the rooftops.    On many other issues I felt pretty good and regardless of the critics claiming there can only be gridlock for the next twop years if the Republicans try to carry this program out I don’t think so.  There will be all those Democrats coming up for reelection in 2012 who will have seen what happened to their spending freak colleagues this year who will try to jump on the GOP bandwagon. OKAY with that Republicans in Congress?  No way in hell are these Republican  leaders okay with having their Pledge to America adopted!!  Mark my words the Republicans themselves will booby-trap the programs brought to the floor so than no matter what they will not pass.  Why?  Because if you look at it it just takes too much power away from  the government and these people of any party are all power hungry.  So I am warning members of both parties to  look out in 2012 because your day is coming.  There were those who warned that the Republicans making a “Pledge to America” was not a good idea; it wasn’t because it showed their ignorance  of the Tea Party movement and the anger of We the People.  They said it and now We the people expect them to carry thru!

So I go off a bit here, but do carefully study this article from CATO.  BB

ONE MORE THING:  These people who are now on the government dole will not readily give up their  place at the federal government’s tit.  they are addicted and will become Obama’s army that We the People will have to fight if we are to take back our country and restore  America.  BB


Rising Welfare Costs

Posted by Tad DeHaven

The Government Accountability Office released Congressional testimony this week looking at Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. TANF, which replaced unrestricted welfare in 1996, has reduced welfare rolls and encouraged recipients to obtain work. Unfortunately, TANF’s goals have been undermined.

The GAO notes that “work participation rates … do not appear to be achieving the intended purpose of encouraging states to engage specified proportions of TANF adults in work activities.”

States are required to have at least 50 percent of eligible TANF recipients from single parent families participating in work activities. However, states are given various credits and exemptions that significantly reduce the number of recipients required to work. As a result, only about 30 percent of TANF recipients engage in “work activities,” which is often liberally defined. (This has been the case before and during the recession.)

Moreover, while TANF has successfully reduced the budgetary cost of cash-welfare, overall federal spending on anti-poverty programs has increased dramatically. According to a chart from Brian Riedl, anti-poverty spending has increased an inflation-adjusted 89 percent over the present decade:

I previously discussed how TANF enrollment has dropped since its passage in 1996 while food stamp enrollment has greatly increased. A food stamp user interviewed by the New York Times indicates one reason for the trend:

‘It used to be easier to go on cash assistance,’ she said as she left a food stamp office in Brooklyn this month. ‘You didn’t have to go to work, you didn’t have to report every day to an office and sign in and sign out. Now, if you don’t go to those group job meetings in the mornings, they shut down your whole welfare case. So that’s why I just get food stamps.’

Not surprisingly, the cost of the food stamps program has gone through the roof:

The desirability of federal anti-poverty programs in the midst of difficult economic times is a sensitive topic. However, with so many Americans currently in need of assistance, now is actually a good time to discuss the role of government in taking care of the less fortunate. As a Cato essay on welfare and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families argues, the federal government isn’t the best option.

» Facts Obama Doesn’t Want You to Connect – Big Government.

More facts on the corruption and fraud pulled on the American public to get the first extreme Left President elected.   This post did not surprise me because I knew the election was corrupt from the primaries which I thought Hillary had won to the final election that defeated  Senator McCain.  Barack Obama was placed in the White House by thugs and criminals, he did not get the approval of the American people.  BB

Facts Obama Doesn’t Want You to Connect

by Anita MonCrief

What really happened during the 2008 elections? Recent information regarding the primary caucuses paints the picture of a campaign that would stop at nothing to win. A campaign that was willing to strong arm candidates and volunteers in order to meet its goal. The documentary We Will Not Be Silenced delves into the Obama 2008 Campaign.

“We believe The Democratic National Committee (DNC) made a grave error by depriving American voters of their choice of Hillary Clinton as Democratic nominee. Senator Clinton, by all accounts, except caucuses, won the Primary Election and, therefore, should be the 2008 Democratic Nominee. That didn’t happen, due largely to illegitimate and illegal acts. We have interviews of many accounts from caucus states recounting threats, intimidation, lies, stolen documents, falsified documents, busing in voters in exchange for paying for “dinners,” etc. There are at least 2000 complaints, in Texas alone, of irregularities directed towards the Obama Campaign, that have lead to a very fractured and broken Democratic Party.”

In July, the 2007 2nd Quarter Obama Donor List was revealed and tied back to Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and its sister organization Project Vote. On Friday, August 13th a three-judge panel of the United States Court of appeals for the Second Circuit upheld a funding ban on ACORN stemming from Congressional action:

“Congress cut off ACORN’s federal funding last year in response to allegations the group engaged in voter registration fraud and embezzlement and violated the tax-exempt status of some of its affiliates by engaging in partisan political activities.”

A clear picture of Obama and his desire to win has emerged and the public is now aware of strong arm tactics and illicit coordination with groups like ACORN. Will an imminent FEC complaint reveal that ACORN/Project Vote used tax-exemept grants and funds to run a partisan voter registration drive to get Obama elected?

Project Vote’s 2007-2008 Development Plan lays out a plan to raise over $20 million dollars through a program that including targeting maxed-out presidential donors. The plan– unaltered since June of 2007 — can be found here.


What is particularly interesting about the plan is that Sandy Newman is mentioned several times including in a the section below.

“Establish a ‘Finance Committee’ who will serve as the financial voice of PV. Put together a small group of PV core funders and/or supporters who can solicit new donors and/or connect PV staff to donors or the appropriate contacts. Points: Sandy, Zach, Jeff, Slater, and Karyn”

As a Development Associate with Project Vote, I attended meetings with Sandy Newman, Zach Polett, and Karyn Gillette at Newman’s offices in downtown Washington, DC. As a founder of the organization, Newman was extremely involved in Project Vote’s finances despite having left the leadership staff in the early nineties. Newman is mentioned on Obama’s website as a friend, and mentor. Click to enlarge.

According to Ballotpedia:

“Project Vote (or Voting for America, Inc.[1]) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. According to its website, Project Vote provides “professional training, management, evaluation and technical services on a broad continuum of key issues related to voter engagement and participation in low-income and minority communities.” It was founded in 1982 by Sandy Newman and its current executive director is Michael Slater, who has worked for Project Vote since 2004.”

The problem with lying is that it often becomes hard to keep those lies straight. Project Vote’s own website states that it has been around since 1982 and several of its grant application reference this year, but Project Vote and Obama both maintain that he worked for a different organization that was started around 1994. This organization, they claim, of course, was never affiliated with ACORN. The screen shot below was taken last year of Project Vote’s website.

Interestingly, Project Vote’s own tax returns repeat this lie as seen in the screen shot below:

Maybe Michael Slater of Project Vote can explain why their website says one thing but their tax returns say another.

Back to Sandy Newman. In 2007, Newman did reach out to potential funders and penned a memo to interested parties in the voter registration/participation community. Newman stressed the importance of the work that ACORN/Project Vote and how important the 2008 elections were.

Together with the voters added to and remaining on the rolls because of the registration drives conducted over the last two cycles, voters galvanized by these three kinds of programs (even before counting voter turnout work) would exceed the 2004 presidential margin in nine states! They would also have an important impact (whomever they may choose to support) on other elections up and down the ballot, from US House and Senate races, Governor and Secretary of State through state legislature and races at the bottom of the ballot”

Newman also urged funders to give even if the reasons may have been to influence the outcome of the election. Newman gently suggested other ways of giving.

“They may also believe that reducing such distortions is likely to yield policies more in keeping with the interests of those whose representation in the electoral process has been inadequate. The fact that a donor may hold such a belief, or even that it may motivate giving decisions, does not cause a charitable contribution to be improper, provided that the donor intends that the actual work supported remain strictly non-partisan – that is, the work supported may not provide support or opposition to any candidate or party.”

As the chart below reveals, ACORN/Project Vote’s voter registration drive was not targeted at registering voters as it was at winning for Democrats. A number of their political plans and ACORN’s own endorsements of the likes of Obama and Donna Edwards made it clear whose side they were on.

In 2008, it was revealed that the Obama Campaign had given over $800,000 to an ACORN affiliate, Citizens Service Inc,

“The Ohio primary was March 4. According to FEC records, the Obama campaign paid Citizens Services Inc. $832,598.29, from Feb. 25 to May 17.

A Trib analysis of campaign finance reports showed Obama paid CSI for services that stood out as unusual. For example, CSI received payments of $63,000 and $75,000 for advance work. Excluding the large payments to CSI, the average amount the Obama campaign spent with other organizations was $558.82 per check on more than 1,200 entries classified as advance work.

Citizens Services Inc. is headquartered at the same address as ACORN’s national headquarters in New Orleans. Citizens Services was established in December 2004 to “assist persons and organizations who advance the interests of low- and moderate-income people,” according to paperwork filed in Louisiana. In a 2006 ACORN publication, Citizen Services Inc. is described as “ACORN’s campaign services entity.”

Project Vote’s own 2009 tax returns reveal that it gave a similar amount to CSI.

Here is the explanation:

Ballotpedia quotes from a New York Times article that references the Elizabeth Kingsley report gives insight into who Project Vote was paying at CSI.

“An example would be Zach Pollett, formerly Project Vote’s executive director and also ACORN’s political director, until July, when he relinquished the former title. Mr. Pollett continues to work as a consultant for Project Vote through another Acorn affiliate”

As evidence continues to mount against Obama and ACORN it remains to be seen how long Obama’s Teflon will last. While the public was distracted by ACORN’s antics like registering Mickey Mouse to vote, the group implemented a strategic plan in battleground states to produce the right margin of victory for Democrats. ACORN’s own 2008 Get Out the Vote plan illustrates how this was done. Click to enlarge.

ACORN’s impact in shaping American politics has become clearer since Obama took office. Considering the number of corrupt politicians holding office, that ACORN effect should not be surprising, nevertheless, the actual numbers are quite startling.

When you break those numbers down by battleground state, the true threat of ACORN and its friends becomes even clearer.

With his ineffective leadership, lies to the American people and an imploding economy, the commander-in-chief is starting to resemble yet another corrupt politician from ACORN- a usurper intent on making deals and passing agendas that push America closer to ACORN’s socialist utopia.

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With DOJ Stonewalling on New Black Panthers Case, Civil Rights Commission Asks for Expanded Powers | A Charging Elephant.

I’m bringing the entire post over from  Jim Campbell  who is indeed  A Charging Elephant.  I would advise all my readers to make his site a daily visit.   This particular post  is on the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric Holder’s allowing the New Black Panthers  to get away with threatening people at  a polling place during the 2008 presidential elections.

With DOJ Stonewalling on New Black Panthers Case, Civil Rights Commission Asks for Expanded Powers

The continuing DOJ refusal to allow attorney Christopher Coates to testify on the case results in a heated Commission hearing. Good Luck!

In an explosive and raucous hearing on August 13, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights voted 5-3 to officially ask Congress to expand its investigatory powers. This action came as a result of U.S. Justice Department stonewalling regarding the dismissal of a voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party.

The commission meeting was dominated by discussion of the DOJ’s continued muzzling of career attorney Christopher Coates, who was head of the DOJ Voting Rights section when the case was dismissed. The commission has been unable to force the DOJ to allow them to talk to Coates.

Among the commission’s recommendations was a proposal to give the commission new powers to appoint a special counsel and a proposal to provide the commission authority to hire its own counsel and proceed independently to federal court if the attorney general refuses to enforce a subpoena or other lawful request.

Commissioner Ashley L. Taylor said the entire controversy raised a question about the independence of the commission itself:

This whole debate goes to that fundamental question — and I think we should discuss openly what we think we are. Are we an independent commission, or are we a commission that can ask any question and when rebuffed, we go away?

Inflaming the tone of the meeting was Commissioner Michael Yaki, a San Francisco political consultant who once served as a senior advisor to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi appointed Yaki to his six-year term in 2005.

Yaki repeatedly interrupted the proceedings, and remarked that the meeting was “a joke.” Yaki also charged that in January — when two commissioners’ terms expire — they would be replaced by President Obama and the entire issue would go away. He said the search for additional teeth to investigate was “a last gasp” effort by conservatives who currently hold a majority on the civil rights body.

The case originally came to public attention when two members of the New Black Panther Party wore menacing uniforms, harassed voters, and wielded a club outside a voting precinct in Philadelphia during the 2008 presidential election. The Voting Rights Section of the Justice Department originally indicted them, and a judge found them guilty when they did not show for their hearing.

But the case was later dismissed by Obama political appointees, over the objections of career attorneys.

Voting Rights head Christopher Coates was removed from his post, reportedly after he objected to the decision to dismiss the case. In January of this year, Coates was transferred to South Carolina where he is working for the U.S. attorney, but he is still under Justice Department control. The commission has tried to subpoena Coates to testify about what happened inside the DOJ, but to no avail.

Triggering the meeting was an August 11, 2010, letter from U.S. Assistant Attorney General Thomas E. Perez, denying Coates to the commission. Commissioner Todd Gaziano opened the meeting by calling the Perez letter “breathtaking and insulting.” He asked whether there was a double standard at the Justice Department:

We have sworn testimony before the commission that Deputy Assistant Attorney General [for Civil Rights] Julie Fernandes instructed the management … to never file another voting rights law suit against a black or national minority.

In the letter, Perez told the commission that since Mr. Coates no longer worked in the Justice Department’s main headquarters, he no longer would be available to testify before them:

We do not believe that a Civil Rights Division attorney who has been on detail to the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of South Carolina since mid-January 2010 is the appropriate witness to testify regarding current Division policies.

Commissioner Peter N. Kirsanow said the Department of Justice was “contemptuous”:

We have a witness, who testified under oath that in fact there is a policy, a culture in DOJ not to enforce voting rights laws. … Christopher Coates would corroborate all those things if he would be permitted to testify. … And then they went even further and said: “Guess what? We transferred this guy outside the jurisdiction of your subpoena authority and you can’t get him either.” It’s extraordinary. This is contemptuous of this particular process. … This is an abomination of the process. It’s an abomination of civil rights laws. It’s an abomination of the enforcement of our laws. It’s an abomination of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It’s an abomination of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

The chairman, Commissioner Gerald A. Reynolds, said:

If Coates were to come before the commission, he will either refute the statements made by Mr. Adams on this point, or he will confirm them. … [If I were the attorney general] I would have volunteered Mr. Coates to settle this factual matter.

Commissioner Gaziano said he was dumbfounded by Perez’s refusal to produce Coates:

We would be willing to have Chris Coates testify just about policy statements that Julie Fernandes and others have made, the hostility to race neutral enforcement of the civil rights laws, the culture that Christian Adams testified to in the division of hostility to race neutral enforcement. … And yet in Perez’s response to us, he does not even acknowledge the statements we have raised to his attention. … [Coates] would have relevant and material evidence to present to the commission. … It’s rather dumbfounding to me that he doesn’t acknowledge those statements and he continues to refuse to allow Mr. Coates to testify.

Commissioner Yaki originally boycotted a July 6 session in which the commission heard testimony from another DOJ career attorney, J. Christian Adams, who resigned following the case. Adams — a Pajamas Media contributor — described a culture within the Civil Rights division of the DOJ that encouraged hostility towards civil rights cases in which victims were white.

Yaki, after boycotting the earlier hearing, has changed his tactics, charging that the commission was not a legitimate body. Throughout the session were heated exchanges between Yaki and other commissioners. For several minutes, he argued with Commissioner Peter N. Kirsanow.

Said Yaki:

The fact is that one witness does not a conspiracy make. … There is no fire, all this blowing smoke is just that.

Commissioner Abigail Thernstrom said she didn’t believe Julie Fernandes would really have said she would not enforce the law for whites “unless she is a moron.” She relegated the issue to “internal management of the department,” and not a new policy on civil rights enforcement. Said Yaki:

I agree with Commissioner Thernstrom. … If I were them [Justice] faced with statements you and others have made to the press, I would refuse to get involved in this firefight. Because there is no win.

Gaziano returned to the issue of the commission’s authority, power, and independence, all of which have suffered under the Obama administration:

The stonewalling has raised a larger issue: whether we can go to court to force our subpoenas without the Department of Justice’s assistance.

Under the commission’s charter, a president can appoint up to four commissioners. Congress has the right to appoint two Democrats and two Republicans. Two conservative appointments will expire in December, and President Obama will have the right to choose new commissioners to replace two conservative incumbents.

Richard Pollock is the Washington, D.C., editor for Pajamas Media and the Washington bureau chief of PJTV.

Serious Questions Raised About Obama Tactics in 2008 Election.

No!  Not our dear President Obama.  Say it isn’t true!   I just can’t believe this wonderful, “clean” (according to VP Biden) young American (maybe?) would have anything to do with  anything corrupt.  After all he said over and over again that his administration would be  free of all corruption and the most translucent in history.  (Could he have meant perhaps Soviet Russian history or perhaps the history of Nazi Germany?).

I get a rise out of Democrats who are finally seeing the light.  Obama was so blatantly  lying during his campaign that  chain saws froze up getting thru the solid muck, but those who refused to see did not see and are now sooooo surprised.   There were those of us who were crying in the wilderness from the beginning but no one was willing to listen.  Especially the Main Stream Media! ABC, CBS,  NBC, MSNBC, and even CNN couldn’t sing  Obama’s praises enough.  In fact they were so loud and loyal that even other Democrats could not get thru to them.  The New York Times, The Washington Post and Newsweek went far beyond singing praises and actually lied for Obama.  Now we all have to pay the price for these people’s duplicity.  Creatures like Obama do not come out of the dark and survive without the help of  many, many  fools.  BB

Serious Questions Raised About Obama Tactics in 2008 Election

By Roger Aronoff  |  August 6, 2010


Recently AIM interviewed Gigi Gaston, director of the documentary film, “We Will Not Be Silenced.” The film documents voter intimidation and corruption by forces working for then-candidate Barack Obama at Democratic precinct caucuses and state conventions during the 2008 Presidential primary. The filmmaker is surprising in that she is a lifelong Democrat, whose grandfather was the mayor of Boston and later the governor of Massachusetts, and she is a Hollywood screenwriter.

She says that after receiving a call from a former congressional investigator, she went to Texas to look into charges of voter irregularities in the Democratic caucus process to choose their presidential nominee. It was down to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. What she found, as described on the website for the film, was “falsified delegate counts, falsified documents, and other violations” And she describes the “disenfranchising of American citizens by the Democratic Party and the Obama campaign,” and said that the “infamous campaign of ‘change’ from Chicago encouraged and created an army to steal caucus packets, falsify documents, change results, allow unregistered people to vote, scare and intimidate Hillary supporters, stop them, threaten them, lock them out of their polling places, silence their voices, and stop their right to vote.”

Through interviews with people with a first-hand knowledge of what was going on, including civil rights activist Helene Latimer, a very disturbing picture formed of what the Obama campaign was up to in order to “win” the nomination. Attorney Gloria Allred is shown calling for the elimination of the caucuses.

Ms. Gaston described how the Clinton campaign attempted to bring evidence of some of these irregularities to the attention of the media, but they were largely ignored.

You can listen to the full interview, or read the transcript here.

Here are some additional quotes from the interview.

“In Sioux City, Iowa, alone, out of a caucus where a hundred people caucused for Obama, 40 people had the same address.  Different things like that I saw, but the people are really the things that made me realize what was going on was far more serious than what I’d gone down to do, which was basically to prove everyone wrong.  And I was even more startled that when you actually tried to say something about it, and let people know, especially the press in this country—I think not only is our voting in great jeopardy here, but I think the press is.”

“…if you had an Obama sticker on, they didn’t check ID, they just waved you into the room to stand on the side of Obama.  That happened constantly.  A lot of people weren’t even from that precinct, in that area.  If I want to caucus, and, say I’m in Venice, California, or Santa Monica, California, I can’t go to Malibu and caucus also.  There were a lot of repeats, of people going all over. Bussing in was the worst part.  I don’t know if you saw, in the documentary, where all these parents didn’t know where their kids had been taken, and they’d been taken across from Illinois into Indiana, and caucused, bought dinner, and returned.  It’s not legal to pay someone to vote for you.”

“I haven’t left the [Democrat] party yet, because I’m in to try to see if this is one last shot, that they could totally be heroic, unite the party, and address this.  I know it’s a crazy hoop-dream, but I haven’t left the party yet.  I definitely don’t believe in what—the great gifts we were given as people that came to this country.  I don’t believe that it’s still there.  I really am concerned about our voting.  I really don’t feel we’re going to have—that our votes are ever going to be represented again if we, as people, don’t go, ‘Hey!  You guys have to address this!’”

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