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Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn. R)

Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn. R) on Gangster Government

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You are a nut, and dangerous. Go away!

No way lady. Why don’t you get your own blog and start telling the story your way if my way is not to your liking. BB

I second jeanne here. Bachmann is a freaking lunatic.

Bachmann is promoting World Government thru the same foreign policy as the globle elite. The truth is the Nazis created the Muslim Brotherhood during the 40’s, read the well documented book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich, which also documents how the US financed the Nazis via Prescott Bush and the Banking interests. The Nazis were integrated into top government and corporate positions after WWII via Operation Paperclip and the CIA created Al Qeda during the Afghanistan/Soviet war. The Roman empire never went away but only went underground and behind the scenes, as prophesied in the Bible.
Watch these short clips:

US elite financed Soviets and World Government:

Financial Interest Collapsing the US dollar:

US paving the way for Antichrist while enslaving ourselves:

“The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.” Rev 17 then read your article on the Pope.

I am familiar with these stories. Thank you for bringing them to my attention again. I have no doubts whatsoever that the governments are behind the suffering inflicted on their people in the world! Yes, and even our own. I am not sure I agree with you on Michele Bachmann however. I will need to see more before I go that way because all I have read about her has been good and she has certainly tried to save the people since entering Congress. She has often gone against the wishes of her own party as well as the Democrats in order to inform us of some wrong doing. I don’t believe her fellow Congress men like her or give her much respect because of this. She brought the Tea Party to Washington and then the Republicans men took the show from her. She stepped back and let them take over with grace. So, I will watch this one.

As for the US creating the Taliban and al Queda I have no doubt. They were created and supplied with money and arms in order to defeat the Russians. Of course they were bond to turn on us sooner or later.

These interests collapsing the dollar I believe are now changing their tune since they have seen there is nothing out there to replace3 the dollar. The Euro is dead in the water and the Chinese can not step up to take over with their yen. China is not the strong economy they appear to be and are merely lending our dollars back to us. the dollar goes and so goes China. their best interest is keeping the American dollar strong.

Obama and the American dollar’s collapse is however another issue entirely. Obama is not a member of any world leadership groups or if he is it is as a willing stooge. He will be eliminated when he has served his purpose which he is working diligently to do in his all out war to destroy America. I do not believe he will succeed because the people are rising up. First the Tea Party Patriots caught on to him and started their movement against him. Even the misled and clueless Occupiers have caught on to the fact that something isn’t right—-they simply haven’t yet discovered what and who is behind all the problems. Most of them voted for Obama so they don’t want to look too closely at him or to allow themselves to accept the evidence before them. Another year of Obama however should get to mos of those who are out of school and whose parents are expecting them to get a job after after getting that fancy useless education. Obama wo0n’t allow the jobs. All it would take is the Keystone Pipeline and opening up drilling in our coastal waters and the economy will burst into bloom. Then of course the clown will be given credit and be reelected! LOL

I find Mrs Bachmann to be a sincere and passionate advocate of the uber-conservative cause and is undoubtably a ‘true believer’. However, she really plays very fast and loose with the facts. If she were even a little more level headed she may have received a place at the Rep. Convention. And that may have gone a long way to get a post convention bump.

I haven’t found her to be “fast and loose” with the facts Terry, but then since I have been following her for some time I might have gotten a bit lazy about checking her facts. I haven’t quoted her in my blog however so feel Since I trust you I will be taking a closer look at what she says.
Happy to hear from you! 🙂 BB

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