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Subverting America

America is being subverted from within.聽 These are post that tell exactly how it is being done.

9 Responses to "Subverting America"

Look at all the stuff the Obama Regime is doing to distract to the really devious actions behind the scene. I believe they are tearing down this country piece by piece. I did not vote for obama nor did I ever trust or like him.

This is the reason I have put these post in a separate place from my regular daily posts because I wanted people to see them and be able to read them any time. Daily posts get passed on but these at the top of my right hand column stay there everyday.

These videos were made in 1983. I just found Yuri Bezmenov recently but since I was born in 1941 I grew up watching in dismay what was happening to my country and our values and morals. Now we know it was all planned. BB

Back in April of this year (2009) I finally sat down to commit my thoughts on subversion which have been rattling around in my head since I could vote. That was the first Nixon election by the way.

Anyway at the link below I explain my subversion beliefs, backed up by the same KGB agent to which you refer and couple it to the dumbing down of our kids through federal education policies (also backed up) and then move on to the topic of immigration which studies show favors the Democrats.

At the end I posted a clip which shows some amazingly informed voters who know more about what’s between the pages of People magazine than the issues of the candidates, much less the names of government officials and what they do (to them).

Our country is presently being subverted by liberal, laissez-faire, Atheists who tell us that all kinds of perverted blasphemy is alright to do in the very face of God. I’m speaking today about the spread of Transexuallity and Transvestitism that is permeating our culture even to the point of being excepted in many so-called Churches. Deuteronomy 22:5, says – ” A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s garment, for all who do so are an ABOMINATION to the lord your God.” If we allow this kind of behavior to thrive, and even penetrate the very House of God then it will be on we ourselves whom God will wield his rod! Lets wake up to this very dire and present danger in our midst. If you see it, speak up against it, or risk the same fate that await these ones who carry the curse of God on their heads. I’ve just found your wonderful blog Brenda, and I’ll be revisiting often. God bless you.

Thank you Obey my laws. I do hope you mean those who wear male or feminine clothes in the hopes of fooling others. You see I wear nothing but slacks now since I find them so much more comfortable than dresses (unless they are long muumuu type gowns! LOL). Of course I am an old lady and comfort rather than attracting others attention is my goal. My slacks and jeans however are definitely feminine. All of my jeans have fancy beads and embroidery on them. Hope that makes a difference. BB

I was reffering to the people who would reject the very gender that God made them. I am a woman and wear my husbands old jeans to work in the garden myself, Brenda. I am sure God was talking about those who would make an identity and lifestyle of being the opposite sex than that which God made them. I believe this is worse than Homosexuality in His eyes since it represents a rejection of creaton as God has willed it, and it is fast becoming normal in America. JL

I said that my jeans all have some bling on them. About ten years ago I was wearing my jeans—you know the ones with the pockets outlined on the front and elastic waist. Well my granddaughter looked at me and said,”Baba you wear old lady jeans.” I went to my closet and packed up the three pairs of jeans I had and sent them to some other “old lady” at the Salvation Army store, then I went out and bought me three pair of the fanciest jeans I could find in my size. I have never looked back and my jeans keep getting glitzier and glitzier! 馃檪

I know what you mean and I only rather feel sorry for these people. It seems sometimes nature makes a mistake and gives a man’s body to a feminine mind and vice versa. I have several friends who are lesbian and homosexual. I didn’t know it until I had known them for several years in every case. Since learning of their sexual preferences I have talked frankly with each one about their feelings. In every case it wasn’t something they chose to be or feel but just how they were inside.

Several are still trying to fight how they feel and be “normal”. One lady even married and had children hoping this would change how she felt about men and women. She is my age now and got a divorce from her husband as soon as the last child graduated from high school. She never had a relationship with a woman and has lived her life alone. She asked only, “Why did God make me different?” So you see I have problems with the whole idea of homosexuality.

I don’t however have any problems with the so-called “Gay Movement”. Nor do I have any problems with the marriage between a male and a female. These people should be shouted down and driven out of town every time they throw their sexual habits in my face! I will respect their differences as long as they do as I do and keep their activities confined to their own bedroom and not on my Main Street. And marriage is between a man and a women period. BB

Obama is destroying America by not doing anything and the left knows it’s how to bring America down so they the Liberals (Joke-their really Marxist). The big question is why doesn’t he care, hasn’t anyone noticed he is completely devoid of any feeling for this country, Christians supports Muslims and draining us financially (UK-after WWII & Soviets went broke). What’s up his sleeve because we are in a seious crisis and he has done what he usually does, on vacation or out of the country. Republicans in Congress should be demanding Congress should be back in session. If we collapse it will be because our republican party still sits on their hands and doesn’t know how to fight dirty because their dealing with dirty street fighters. The union’s blacks, anarchist, Mexican street gangs friendly terrorist may be the answer. Obama has Blacks, Hispanic’s, women, Liberals to Communist spoiling for a fight. Ann Coulter has the answer hit the rioters with everything we got until they quit but unfortunetly Holder is the racist you have to watch. Unless the republicans get off their bloomin arses we’re in for serious trouble.

Republicans are known rightly for being adept at pulling defeat from victory. BB

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