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Most of you know that I have a big problem with farm bills that were started in the 1930’s to help what were then actual farmers.  Farmers:  people/families who own and farm their own land and make their living doing so.  NOT big agri-businesses!  One such agri-business is the sugar industry of Florida which has for decades controlled the price of sugar and kept prices artificially high.  Unfortunately the farm bills of today support not only the  huge conglomerates but  massive   variety of non-farm programs that also have gotten greatly out of hand.  The farm bills of the past 30 years have really had little to do with farming and helping farming and more to do with “pork”.  Subsidizing ethanol from corn has been one of the biggest recent programs that has hurt not helped the farmer and the American people and the 2012 Farm Bill continues this program and even expands even in light of it having been proven that ethanol requires more energy (provided by  oil and coal!) to  make  per gallon that energy it gives per gallon.  I could go on and on thru the Farm Bill programs and show how a good two thirds of the programs have been detrimental to the economy and  therefore We the People and yet our esteemed Senators passed the bill and our President wants the bill passed in the House.  Thank  Goodness for the Republican House.

Food Stamps is covered under the Farm Bill.  The most recent food stamp portion of the farm bill that passed the Democratic Senate now covers 47 million Americans.  To quote Heritage Foundation report, “ It is the second most expensive means-tested aid program, increasing from $19.8 billon in 2000 to $84.6 billion in 2011, and President Barack Obama has proposed a budget to keep food stamp spending at sharply elevated levels for the next decade. The national debt has topped $16 trillion and will continue to grow rapidly for the foreseeable future. ”   I highly recommend you read this report:      Obama in his drive to get people on the government dole has gutted the Clinton welfare reform act which required that Food Stamp and other welfare recipients work.  Yes, that’s what those nasty people did!; they actually required that people who get welfare like food stamps work.  Obama has changed that and now considered “bed-rest” as work, as well as carrying  out the trash and reading a good book.  This huge giveaway of our tax dollars passed the Democrat controlled Senate but the Republican House is refusing to even consider the Senate version of the bill.  Heritage for Action is needing your help to squash this program.  Read and learn and then act.  BB

Massive Farm and Food Stamp Bill
Brenda,For the first time in 50 years, it appears the U.S. House will not take up a farm and food stamp bill passed out of committee – and that is a very good thing!Much like the bill passed by the Senate, the House’s farm and food stamp bill will cost taxpayers nearly $1 trillion over the next decade. How can a farm and food stamp bill cost $1 trillion? Because it funnels subsidies to some agriculture interests and throws cash at unreformed welfare programs like food stamps.>> Learn why the bill is a mammoth waste for taxpayers.

Conservatives – including many principled lawmakers in the House – are taking a stand against this “Soviet-style” bill, in the words of Speaker John Boehner. It’s nothing more than an attack on free enterprise and personal liberty. However, some are now using this summer’s ongoing drought as an excuse to push a five-year farm and food stamp bill through the House. It’s typical Washington – using a “crisis” to expand government and take advantage of the taxpayer.

>> Farm Bill Will Not Solve the Drought

Despite the massive special-interest push to pass the farm and food stamp bill – special interest groups spent more than $173 million to lobbying Congress on the 2008 bill – the ground is fertile for change. The more conservatives know about the farm and food stamp bill, the more likely it is we can prevent yet another trillion dollar boondoggle.Sincerely,

Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America

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