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» Kids Win: Colorado School Board Sets Students and Families Free with Voucher Program – Big Government.

YES!  There are still some intelligent men and women in politics in this country.  They won’t be found in Washington because except for a very small handful of newly elected Congress men in 2010 there simply isn’t a brain left in our federal government.  If we are to save ourselves and our nation and our very way of life it will have to be at the grass roots.  That is, if we have the time to do this. ( I heard on FOXNEWS this morning that Obama is planning to share our nuclear missile technology with Russia.)


We have turned our children over to what this School Board member in the video calls ‘special interests groups” but I am not so charitable because I call the leaders of our schools who are allowing the brain washing and dumbing down of education evil criminals.  After viewing the first videos please make sure to see the last one where the School Board is actually threatened by a union backed newly form group of  “mother, fathers, sisters, brothers, neighbors.” only concerned with the good of the children and absolutely nothing to do with union dues or tenure of incompetents.    BB

Kids Win: Colorado School Board Sets Students and Families Free with Voucher Program

by Kyle Olson

It’s not every day you will see a governmental body, in this case a school board, create competition for itself.  But that’s precisely what the Douglas County, Colorado school board did.

It created a unique, if not unprecedented, voucher program, allowing tax dollars to follow Douglas County students to the school of their choice.

Every single school system in America should adopt this model.  Sadly, parents who need school choice the most tend to live in troubled urban school districts that fight to keep children trapped within geographic boundaries.

But in Douglas County, leaders understand students have a right to the education of their choice, even if it is not within the public system.

John Carson, president of the school board, said recently at a National School Choice Week event celebrating the move: “We all realize that we’ve made two big mistakes in public education.  There’s no choice – or limited choice – there’s not enough competition, and we’ve ceded so much of our children’s education to special interest groups.  And that needs to end.”

Bravo.  If only we had more governmental leaders like Carson, just imagine the improved impression that Americans would have of public education today.

See EAGtv’s coverage of the program here.

Dr. Elizabeth Carson, the district superintendentm said, “We know when we match students to opportunities to learn that are most appropriate for their strengths and interests, we know that they’re going to be more successful.

“ And when we try to do this sort of batch processing model where we take all of these children according to their date of birth and put them through a process – a one-size-fits-all process – we know there are going to be fewer successes.  We want to make sure that parents have the ultimate choice in making sure that their child is matched with their learning environment.”

Parents and community leaders should demand that every single school district follow in the footsteps of Douglas County and be willing to let kids off the assembly line so they can find the school that best fits their needs.

The changes didn’t come easy and there is a big fight ahead to change teachers pay to excellence based and get rid of the dead wood tenured unionist  baloney.  BB

If you want to see more of what went on with the School Board’s decision to make parents responsible for and in charge of their children’s education check out the  other videos. BB

» A School Choice Triple Crown – Big Government.

Parents and especially our children should stand up and cheer for this because it may mean the difference for some of our children of an education or being filled up with socialist pablum.  Read on.  🙂  BB

Dr. Susan Berry

A School Choice Triple Crown

by Dr. Susan Berry Let’s understand why school choice is important. As in the free marketplace, competition creates better schools, public as well as private, better teachers, and thus reforms education- unlike pouring billions of dollars of taxpayer money into public schools to get nothing in return, which is what we do now. School vouchers do not carry any additional expense for a state because they primarily transfer money between schools, a fact that worries most union-loving Democrats because taxpayer money would likely be diverted from failing public schools to charter and private schools.

Advocates of school choice had three good reasons to rejoice within the past week. As reported here, on Capitol Hill, while House Democrats voted to protect public sector unions, Republicans passed the SOAR Act, which followed through with their pledge to reinstate the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program, the hallmark school choice program for low income children in the nation’s capital. While it remains to be seen whether the Senate will vote to pass the SOAR Act and, if so, whether the President will sign onto it, the Republicans are sticking to their conservative agenda and using their constitutional authority to promote reform of education through an expansion of charter schools and private school vouchers.

Meanwhile, taking the lead among the states, Indiana’s Republican-led state House passed the most expansive school voucher program in the nation, pushing ahead with school choice not just for low-income families, but for those in the middle-income bracket as well. Parents earning up to $60,000 will be eligible for vouchers and, within several years, there will be no limit on the number of children who can receive them. Despite a five-week walkout to Illinois by Indiana state House Democrats, the bill is likely to pass since Republicans control both Houses and the governor’s seat.

The third portion of this triple crown lies in a positive, but painfully narrow, decision by the Supreme Court. On April 4th, the nation’s highest court decided, in Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn, that tax credits that pay for children to go to church-affiliated schools cannot be challenged on constitutional grounds.

The 5-4 decision upheld Arizona’s dollar for dollar tax credit, up to $1,000 per couple, for those who donate to organizations that, in turn, pay tuition for students attending private and parochial schools.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a group of taxpayers sued claiming violation of the First Amendment, that religion was being supported with taxpayer monies. Justice Anthony Kennedy, writing the majority opinion, ruled that the litigants were not harmed due to the tax credits, because tax credits are not equivalent to spending programs. Justice Kennedy wrote that the litigants’ claim assumes “that income should be treated as if it were government property even if it has not come into the tax collector’s hands.”

While this decision is a victory for school choice advocates, what is disturbing about it, as the WSJ points out, is that four Supreme Court justices- President Obama’s two nominees included- do, in fact, believe that taxpayer income is the government’s property even as it is being earned! Justice Elena Kagan’s dissenting opinion states that there is no difference between appropriations and tax credits.  (And We the People are stuck with these Obama Socialist appointees for a long., long time!  BB

While the high court’s decision contributes in a big way to last week’s triple victory for school choice and, ultimately, education reform, it is also a jarring reminder that the Supreme Court is but one vote away from forbidding school choice where church-based schools are concerned, and from declaring that all money earned by taxpayers belongs, first, to the government.  ( this is the scariest part of all:  my money, my property and even my life belongs to my government according to these freaks of Obama’s.  BB)

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