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Window Sign from Occupy OaklandWindow Sign from Occupy Oakland

Occupy Hits Oakland Hard! Oakland is Burning!  (Union thugs take over Oakland OWS movement.  “Burn Baby Burn” the cry of the  ’60’s is with us again.  The difference this time is that now the thugs have the backing of the Democrats in congress and certainly the President and White House staff.  BB)

The Debt Clock Explodes! $203 BILLION increase in ONE Month!

Obama Could Bring DOWN Entire Democrat Ticket!  (We can only hope!  BB)

The U.S. Stands With Israel over Palestinian Statehood.  (“The U.S. pays $80 million a year to UNESCO, or 22 percent of the organization’s overall budget, and the move will scuttle an upcoming $60 million payment.
The U.S. was one of 14 countries to vote against the UNESCO measure to recognize Palestine. 107 member countries voted in favor and 52 abstained.”  Now I wonder how this somehow slipped by the Communist and America haters in the White House?   I would not be surprised if somehow they manage to get the money released to UNESCO anyhow no matter what laws are broken.  BB)

Ohio Ballot Innitiatives 2 and 3:

White House to be subpoenaed for Solyndra Records  (This is grounds for impeachment but don’t hold your breath because no one and nothing can drop or even stop the first Black President of the United States from serving out at least one term.  And of course he will also serve out a second term legally  because voter fraud is already in place and working towards an Obama win in 2012.  And then Obama will serve  as dictator as long as the powers behind him find him useful to their cause of world domination.  BB)

Senate GOP blocks $60 billion Obama-backed infrastructure bill     (Democrats voted with the Republicans to stop this second give away to Obama supporters and friends.  BB)

‘Day of Reckoning’: Chris Christie Tackles Massive State Debt on ‘60 Minutes’ | The Blaze.

This is interesting.  The Governor who is willing to tell the truth says the day of reckoning has arrived.  California, Arizona, Illinois, New York both state and city, and of course New Jersey that Governor Christie is trying to get under control are so far in debt that it really is impossible to get to the bottom of it in most cases  the debtors (states and cities) even know how much they do owe.  The main problems seem to be the public employee unions, but other spending is really just as bad it is just that the unions are making the biggest fuss and are at this time unwilling to even discuss the problems with the governments.

When will the bubble finally bust?  When will these states and cities finally  hit bottom and go belly up?  Some analyst say as soon as within the next 12 months.  then it is predicted they will turn to the federal government for a bail out.  Which means that the federal government will then have to borrow money toi bail out the states and cities.  Considering the federal government is now borrowing $.40  of every dollar it spends it is difficult to  believe they will do another round of bail outs.  And beside that the facts are that when bailed out the states and cities just continue on the way they have been  operating and this will just lead to another crisis down the line.  What we need is fifty governors like Chris Christie and one President like Chris Christie.  BB

13:51 Added to queue State Budgets: Day of Reckoningby CBSNewsOnline338 views

Day of Reckoning’: Chris Christie Tackles Massive State Debt on ‘60 Minutes’

It could be the biggest crisis since the collapse of the housing market.

That’s how experts are describing state budgets, which are becoming so spend-heavy that municipalities are now drowning in debt and unrealistic spending obligations.

Here’s a taste: California now spends more on public employee pensions than it does on the state university system; Arizona has sold its state capital, supreme court chambers, and legislative building to private investors; and Illinois, which spends twice as much as it takes in in taxes, is months behind on Medicaid payments and some gas stations won’t even take State Trooper credit cards.

Those examples were included in a “60 Minutes” special on Sunday, which detailed the growing problem of mounting state debt. It’s a problem that includes blatant fiscal irresponsibility and borrowing money to delay what NJ Gov. Chris Christie calls in the piece the “day of reckoning.” The segment also features Meredith Whitney, one of the most respected women on Wall Street who once predicted the dismal housing collapse. In her mind, the state budget crisis will be just as crippling.

Business Insider calls the piece, “what everyone will be talking about today”:

Last week, the Manhattan Institute’s Steve Malanga called the state budget problem a “fiscal train wreck,” and compared benefits in the public sector to benefits in the private sector. In short, he confirms Christie’s call for cuts:

One big area of concern is employee costs, including not only pay but benefits. According to the governor’s association report, the average state worker now earns $39.83 an hour in compensation, including benefits, compared to an average of $27.49 in the private sector. The big differentials are in health benefits ($4.43 per hour in the public sector vs. $2.01 in the private sector), and in pension costs ($3.23 per hour in the public sector vs. 94 cents per hour in private industry). As the report noted, “To have any hope of achieving fiscal health in the future, states will need to redesign their benefit systems.”

Obama didn’t get it and he continued today in his little unrepentant mea culpa speech  he continued to blame Bush, the Party of No Republicans and We the People.  Heaven forbid he see the huge national finger pointing at him.   Obama has made me ill for a long time now but today i really and truly gagged while listening to him.

The union members, CIO-AFL and SEIU Service Employees International Unions which covers most government employees, were  scared or threatened by their  leaders into electing the Democrats in New York, California and Nevada.   They were afraid of the Republicans pulling a Christie on them and cutting their pensions, pay and health care benefits.  The fact that these  union perks for the government employees in New York and California are bankrupting the states.So these two states that are on the cliff and falling into bankruptcy will be coming to the rest of the country for their bail out.  I can only hope the Republicans in the House stick to what We the people have told them and allows these two states to fall on their Democratic Asses.   Then they will have to cut their spending regardless of how many union members have to give up the million dollar pension plans.

As far as Nevada and our dear old  Senator  Harry Reid,  the union members in the casinos were bussed to the polling places to vote for Harry.  He promised them  the Card check which there is no way in Hell he will get thru this House.   BB

Today’s Glenn Beck show was all about why progressive states fail.    And of course the progressive state that is failing and that We the People are soon going to be bailing out is California.   Listen to what he has to say.

The One Thing: 2/5

Title:  The One Thing: 2/5

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RICH LOWRY: The Great Recession has practically been a boom, if you have a government job. For Government, Let the Good Times Roll.

ON VIDEO: Jim Geraghty explains the jobless numbers. An Incorrigible Way of Counting Unemployment.

Stimulus II: Congress ponders aid for cash-strapped states | McClatchy

We all knew this was coming didn’t we.  the tax payers of all the states are now going to be bailing out the over paid, irresponsible, unionized  state employees of New York, California and other states who spent their money irresponsibly.  Well, why not some of you will say since we tax payers bailed out the banks and people who bought homes they couldn’t afford.  Never, I mean NEVER has one wrong piled on top of another wrong piled on top of another wrong added up to a right!  Every Bail Out, every Stimulus and every cash for  Clunkers or anything else has been WRONG.

California and New York simply have to start laying off state employees and cutting their programs.  While they are at it they could cut the salaries of their elected representatives which are among the highest paid in any state.

I hope this disgusts you as much as it does me.  And with any luck at all the bill will not get past the Senate.  The House of Representatives are a bunch of fools who will do anything Pelosi wants.

Washington soon could come to the aid of California, New York and other cash-strapped states that face the need to raise taxes or cut spending again next year to balance their books.The House of Representatives took the first step late Wednesday, passing a $75 billion jobs bill that would help states pay for infrastructure projects and prevent more public employees from being laid off.

Some are calling it “stimulus II,” and a sequel would be good news for the 35 states that face budget gaps totaling $31.5 billion by the middle of next year. California is projecting the largest shortfall, at $6.3 billion, followed by Illinois and New York, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a research center in Washington.

I wouldn’t mind the money being spent on infrastructure because the roads and especially bridges in the United States are in dire need of repair or replacement.  However, the bill calls for only union workers to be allowed to work on these project.  This will increase the costs of labor  by a factor of 4.  Yes every job that would cost $25 will cost $100 tax dollars  if a person belonging to a union does it.

The unions which are ruled by organized crime will have to be another problem American Patriots will have to curb if we get thru the Obamanation we are now facing.  The United Auto Workers brought down the American auto industry and now President Obama is promising them their lucrative pensions and their Cadillac health insurance at the expense of the tax payer.

In the case of the state employees it means bailing out members of the Service Employees International Union   SEIU.  Yes you have heard of these people.  they are the ones who attacked a Black man for handing out “Don’t tread on me ” flags at a town hall.    This is the union that signs up anyone legal or illegal aliens being their favorite target because they can intimidate these people and charge them outrageous  union dues.  At the same time these illegal alien are taking American jobs!  BB

Report: 10 states face looming budget disasters – Yahoo! News

Not much to say here as the writing is as they say “on the wall”.  The 10 states that together are our most populous and therefore have the most to lose in a down turn as far as jobs and productivity are concerned now find themselves on the ropes.   These states account for more than 1/3 of the nations economic output and population. That much of their problems have to do with the same problems the federal government has, bloated government employee rolls and to many and too generous  entitlement programs,  is not surprising.

California’s ongoing fiscal crisis has attracted national attention, but a study warns that nine other states are barreling toward similar economic disaster.A report released Wednesday by the Pew Center on the States says Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island and Wisconsin also are at risk of fiscal calamity.

That could mean higher taxes, more layoffs of government employees, increasingly crowded classrooms and fewer services in states that account for more than one-third of America’s population and economic output.

Another thing that will not be surprising will be the federal governments rush to bail these states out of their problems thus allowing them to go their merry ways without making the cuts in government employees and  social services that have to be made.  The Obama administration is desperate to stop the  rise of unemployment so that they can continue to claim the Stimulus  bill “saved” jobs so it will be paramount to the administration not to allow these states to cut back on the employee rolls.

Now there  will of course be cut backs on education and cut backs on services offered, but they will keep the same number of government employees sitting around handling fewer cases and doing less work.  And neither will the federal government nor the state governments  insist  the union members, Service Workers International Union (SEIU),  give up any of their lucrative benefits in order to keep their jobs.  If you will remember   SEIU’s Andy Sterns was once of the people President Obama proudly claimed he spoke with about health care legislation.  SEIU also  gave Obama’s campaign hundreds of millions of dollars in workers union dues  to buy this kind of largess with the rest of the tax payers money.  I would also like to make clear that the tax payers whose money I am speaking of are  too young to be paying taxes yet  or have not even been born yet because the THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOESN’T HAVE ANY MONEY!  We the people are paying our bills with money borrowed from people who save their earnings in China and India and Japan.

As my father would say, we are going to hell in a hand-basket!  BB

Jack Kelly

“California is a trendsetter state,” Christian Probasco wrote in a 2007 magazine article. “Every Californian fad eventually makes it way over the Sierras.”

The fact that the California voters went to the polls today and defeated every ballot initiative and tax increase asked for by the Governor and the legislature almost certainly will guarantee California will be the first state to go bankrupt.

California isn’t in financial trouble because the state hasn’t had enough money to spend. According to Adam Summers of the Reason Foundation: “if California had simply held spending to the average population growth plus the average increase in the cost of living during the past three gubernatorial administrations…the state would have been sitting on a $15 billion surplus.”

Though state spending has soared, the quality of the public services Californians care about most has deteriorated.
California’s public schools were once among the nation’s finest. But in a 2004 report, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation said: “huge numbers of schools fail to hire and keep qualified teachers, far too many students lack textbooks and other essential materials to use in school or at home, many classrooms are severely overcrowded, and large numbers of schools are infested with rats and cockroaches.”

Infrastructure is crumbling. In 2006, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave California’s roads a D+ grade.

But the salaries and pensions of state employees are among the highest in the nation. California’s budget has exploded chiefly to feed the avaricious appetites of public employee unions.

Since 1990, the number of state employees has increased by more than a third,noted columnist George Will. ” In Schwarzenegger’s less than six years as governor, per capita government spending, adjusted for inflation, has increased nearly 20 percent.”

Since President Obama took office in January the federal government has employed 75,000 more people!  While the unemployment rate is at  now at 9%  the federal government is hiring.  Another interesting fact:  federal employees average income in wages and benefits is $72,000  while the private sector average wage and benefits is  $38,000.

One of the few genuine cuts the legislature made in February was to reduce the state’s contribution to the pay of home health care workers. But President Obama, acting on behalf of the Service Employees International Union, has threatened to withhold $6.8 billion in stimulus funds unless the cuts are restored.

Remember: “California is a trendsetter state,” Christian Probasco wrote in a 2007 magazine article. “Every Californian fad eventually makes it way over the Sierras.”   And maybe all  the way to Washington!  BB

Update: The progressive movement suffered a major defeat this Tuesday when California voters rejected all five tax raising measures on the ballot, four out of five of them by nearly 2-to-1 margins. The vote clearly shows that even in one of the most liberal states in the nation, there is an upper limit to how high Americans are willing to be taxed.

While it is true that Proposition 13 has limited property tax collections, Californians still paid a combined $1,030.60 in per capita state and local property taxes. According to the Tax Foundation, this places them 28th highest nationally. But property taxes are just one source of state revenue. In other taxing categories, California either leads the league or is in the top 10 nationally, including:

So if low taxes are not to blame for California’s huge deficits, what is? Spending. The Reason Foundation’s Adam Summers details California’s government spending explosion:

When Gov. Pete Wilson took office in 1991, the state budget was $51.4 billion. When he left eight years later, it was $75.3 billion. After five years of Gov. Davis’s administration, the budget had jumped to $104.2, and after another five years under the stewardship of Gov. Schwarzenegger, it has continued to increase significantly to its present level of $144.5 billion. In just the last 10 years state spending has nearly doubled, increasing approximately 92 percent.

Already California’s leaders are pressing the Obama administration for a federal bailout to cover their massive deficits. Don’t expect spending cuts to be part of any Obama plan to fix the Golden State.

(as I said above: tax payers of America take heed because with this President and this Congress we are going to be bailing out states all over the country.  And no one is going to allow us to vote on whether or not we want higher taxes just as we are not permitted to vote on our deficits.  So remember during the next election to throw the bums out.  But of course no matter what the rest of us do we will still be stuck with people like Rep. Barney Frank.

We Americans have been plagued with some really miserable members of the House of Representatives who are elected by a minute number of people and yet have so much control.  It seems the only way we can get rid of a thieving Representative is to catch him  on video taking money to  sway a vote.   Even then it doesn’t always work.  Look how long we have had to deal with the likes of John Murtha  who just laughs at the public when it is found his nephew got millions of dollars in no bid federal contracts.  And now Nancy Pelosi just two heart beats away from the presidency.  Dear Lord save us.  BB)

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