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I am a fan of Daniel Hannan and can’t wait to read his new book.  Thought you might like to learn a bit about him too so passing this newsletter from Heritage on to my readers.  BB

VIDEO: Daniel Hannan Explains Why the English-Speaking World Is the Most Committed to Individual Liberty

In his new book, Inventing Freedom, Daniel Hannan explains how liberty originated from the Anglosphere and why the English-speaking people of the world have created and fostered liberty throughout the world.

Speaking at a recent Heritage event, Hannan, member of the European Parliament representing South East England, said he believes the Anglosphere is, in fact, liberty’s strongest friend.

In 1968, Hannan and almost all of the Anglo-Peruvian community—amid mob attacks, seizures, and confiscations—fled the grasp of the leftist regime of Peruvian General Juan Velasco Alvarado.

“I am someone who has moved from the Hispanosphere to the Anglosphere,” Hannan said. “I can’t help noticing that the movement has been overwhelmingly one-way. It’s worth standing back and asking why that is.”

Hannan asked, “What made the Anglosphere miracle possible? That’s the question that I set out to answer in Inventing Freedom.”

Perhaps the most striking characteristic Hannan noted was “the miracle of common law.”

“The law came up from the people, not down from the regime,” he said. “It was an ally of freedom, not an instrument of state control. … That beautiful, anomalous system that John Adams recognized as the foundation of all Anglosphere freedoms [is] almost without precedent in the world.”

Hannan noted that visitors to North America and Great Britain found these countries to be remarkable. Voltaire, Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and others observed the emphasis on individual freedom, religious freedom, the plurality of religions, and free-market enterprise.

Heritage hosted Hannan on November 22. His discussion and the question-and-answer session run about 55 minutes.

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Glenn Beck Clips 08-07-09 Seg3- Danniel Hannan From England: HC Worse for Elderly

Daniel Hannan is one of the most well liked and followed English politicians here in the United States.   Listen closely what he has to say about health care in the UK.  BB

I am looking forward to hearing what he has to say about the G20 shenanigans.    In case you haven’t yet read about the conclusions of the G20 dealings…….well..ah…..we are screwed people.  Plain and simple the United States  is sailing out of port and heading for world government.   The United Nations, that corrupt , useless piece of garbage of which the United States is  the Uncle Deep Pockets, is in theory going to be the worlds governing body.   Backed up of course by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)  because the big players (US and UK) will be so deeply indebted to them.

Anyhow, here is Hannan right before the G20.  You might want to listen to a few more of his videos :
Daniel Hannan on Morning Joe

Name: Daniel Hannan    a man to watch
Country: United Kingdom

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