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Window Sign from Occupy OaklandWindow Sign from Occupy Oakland

Occupy Hits Oakland Hard! Oakland is Burning!  (Union thugs take over Oakland OWS movement.  “Burn Baby Burn” the cry of the  ’60’s is with us again.  The difference this time is that now the thugs have the backing of the Democrats in congress and certainly the President and White House staff.  BB)

The Debt Clock Explodes! $203 BILLION increase in ONE Month!

Obama Could Bring DOWN Entire Democrat Ticket!  (We can only hope!  BB)

The U.S. Stands With Israel over Palestinian Statehood.  (“The U.S. pays $80 million a year to UNESCO, or 22 percent of the organization’s overall budget, and the move will scuttle an upcoming $60 million payment.
The U.S. was one of 14 countries to vote against the UNESCO measure to recognize Palestine. 107 member countries voted in favor and 52 abstained.”  Now I wonder how this somehow slipped by the Communist and America haters in the White House?   I would not be surprised if somehow they manage to get the money released to UNESCO anyhow no matter what laws are broken.  BB)

Ohio Ballot Innitiatives 2 and 3:

White House to be subpoenaed for Solyndra Records  (This is grounds for impeachment but don’t hold your breath because no one and nothing can drop or even stop the first Black President of the United States from serving out at least one term.  And of course he will also serve out a second term legally  because voter fraud is already in place and working towards an Obama win in 2012.  And then Obama will serve  as dictator as long as the powers behind him find him useful to their cause of world domination.  BB)

Senate GOP blocks $60 billion Obama-backed infrastructure bill     (Democrats voted with the Republicans to stop this second give away to Obama supporters and friends.  BB)

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