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War with Islam

Every once in awhile I get a comment like the following:

3 | Andrew
June 2, 2009 at 18:42edit

Your rhetoric with respect to Muslims and the Islamic faith is part of the reason much of the Middle East displays such hostility towards the West, and more specifically, the United States…because many Americans like yourself are willing to make broad accusations about hundreds of millions of people because of the dastardly and cowardice acts of a relative few.

I am by no means standing up for terrorists and those that commit violence. But your sweeping insinuations that the entire Islamic community and every Muslim is at war with the rest of the world is wrong.

Surely someone such as yourself who professes understanding of Christ and his teachings would know that your message of hate and intolerance towards all Muslims and the Islamic faith is the antithesis of Christ’s message of love and acceptance.

So, ONE MORE TIME I will let the actions of the peace loving Muslims speak for themselves.  These articles are not about the  “dastardly and cowardice acts of a relative few”.  These articles are about everyday Muslims and Islam.  These articles are about the everyday Muslims and their religious leaders who feel it necessary and right to defame Jesus Christ in any way they can and then riot in the streets by the millions when a silly cartoon is printed in a newspaper.  We even had our peace loving Muslim neighbors here in Greensboro, NC get their dander up over that cartoon.  Funny none of these peace loving Muslims seem to get their dander up over the Muslim suicide bombers  who even kill fellow Muslims in their hate, and in their effort to follow the teachings of their holy book the Koran.  Yes, the holy book of Islam teaches hate.  The text books used in Muslim schools teach hate.  These article are all about those peace loving Muslims and not one of them is about those  “dastardly  and cowardice acts of a relative few”.

Please read and learn Andrew.  Sincerely Brenda Bowers

My older blog at :  has more article on Muslims and the Middle East

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I was born and raise in Tehran-Iran, till the so called revolution came about, and than we took off to America. I am Christian. Borne Christian, im what you call an “Assyrian”, I can tell you first hand that Islam been at war with us” Christans, none moslems, so forth and so on” for a very long time. What do you want from a religon that was founded on turst for power and blood. And as long as we ” The none moslems”, be tolerance and politicly correct, we will lose. and there will be none of us left to say much. great example of it is UK, moslems have thier own law aside from UK’s Law. Look around here and you see that we “Noen moslems” are becoming if not already, a minority.
By the way tolerance does not mean acceptance.

P.S sorry for bad spelling:(

wdenh, don’t worry about spelling as it is unimportant. What is important is what you have to say and regardless of what that is. Blogs are about people talking to other people. Getting to know about what other people are thinking and feeling. We are not newspapers or books that have to be perfect. We are about people! 🙂 BB

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: “Islam is as Islam does.”

It is not hate for a Christian to stand up against hate and, yes, evil. To the contrary, we are commanded by our Lord to do so!

I would encourage people to read this essay (not my work):

Brief excerpt from the essay:

Negative moral pronouncements – bad and evil – are unavoidable if we are to take the requisite actions to avoid what is harmful to our lives and well being. Belief systems and ideas should be judged in the similar manner. Ideas have consequences; if they lead to inimical results they are harmful. If, by their very nature, they are blatantly horrific in their implications, are they not evil?

To Andrew,
Would you please tell me and show me [ref from the
Bible] about this statement you made?
:”Christ’s message of love and acceptance”.

Yes Jesus said love your enemy, but nowhere in the N.T Jesus
Christ spoke of acceptance or tolerance. In fact He
did the opposite. He stood up against all injustice, insofar as going to the temple and throwing all the money changers out. So
please please, and more please do not use the “Jesus tactic”
which is usually used. Do not insult in defense of your idea, speak, present facts( if u got any).

I do not know what is your natianality or choice of religon, what i know : Jesus was not, is not and won’t be silent toward Evil. He Pointed it out, and than CAST IT out.
so ANDREW With all the Love that Jesus has commended me to love YOU, I say Father forgive him for he does not know what he is doing(talking about). remember Do nort , please, do not twist Jesus’s teaching, make your argument, rationally, logicly and above all respectedly(if there is such a word). May God open the eyes of your mind and heart and show evil as evil is.

brendabowers, just thank you again i read the essay you recomonded. simply out standing. As itd been said: Evil is what Evil does:)

To Andrew, sorry about above reply signed “Anonymous”, it was not done on purpose. my name is wdednh. and the above reply is mine.

wdednh, I wasn’t sure if you were thanking me for the list of article I recommended or the one Always On Watch recommended It is a really excellent essay.

You might want to click on the “strong armed lady” logo and visit Always on Watch’s site as they are especially vigilant in watching the Muslim world. BB

Islam is not a peaceful religion,nor do they preach love and forgiveness as christians do. I have also been doing research on Muslims and I am sorry I have inate distrust for all of them and I could be wrong but I am staying with my opinion. This is not a Muslim country and I do not bow to Muslim kings. This country was founded on christian principles they should respect our beliefs.

Great point wanda, We have to stand up and voice our thought and opinions, for far to long Christians have side step and there for world thinks that we are door matt of some sort. again great point and I for one agree with you 100%


hello Brenda Bowers hope all is well with you.

wdednh, All is well with me, or getting better after my recent operation. My doctor once told me that after age 40 we humans do not ever “get well” we just “get better”.. At 68 I “get better” very slowly however 🙂 BB

I feel very sorry for you. You are sad, ignorant and very mistaken. You should get educated by something other then American Cable Media. I just feel so very sorry you. Everyday Muslims are not in the news. The are millions and millions of amazing people that happen to be Muslim and live amongst us everyday.

Rebekah the beauty of living in America is everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have two sons in the middle east and let me tell you islam is not peaceful. I do not live in a muslim country I live in a christian catholic jewish country simple as that. I also have a daughter in law who lived in syria and they converted to christianity the whole family had to escape the country thanks to the Canadians. I do not feel badly regarding the way I think so dont feel sorry for me,my family has suffered due to them. I feel you are one of the lethargic ones until you or family is murdered by them. I feel sorry for you

Yes, Rebekah, I am aware of these everyday Muslims who live among us. I have seen them in action. Greensboro, NC is a fairly quiet city with a relatively small Muslim population. When the uprising over the Mohammad cartoon was causing riots all over the world we wondered what could be so bad as to cause that kind of outcry. many newspapers thru out the world and the United States refused to print the cartoon. Our local newspaper refused to print it in fact. But one of our weekly newspapers did print the cartoon in question and we were amazed at all the fuss! A bearded face with wearing a turban with a stick of dynamite sticking out of it. We were flabbergasted that so many people could take offense at something so silly.

Then the local Muslim population became outraged and damned the editor of the weekly who had published the cartoon and put it on his web site. These people claim to be good neighbors and good citizen but they wanted our freedom speech censored. Of course there are nastier by far depictions of Christ every day in Muslim papers, but that is different.

So Rebekah it is I who feel sorry for you. Anyone who believes in a God who would encouraged old men to rape young girls and even babies are a despicable people. Not even animals rape their young! Muslims are giving nothing to the world but hate and death and terror. The vast majority of them thru out the world live in ignorance and filth and decay. The Arab Muslim in Palestine have the same land as the Jews and the same amount of money has been pored into Gaza and the West Bank but Israel is a garden of Eden and a thriving country of commerce and education and culture, whereas Gaza and the West Bank are putrid slums full of masses of humans who can do nothing but reproduce like rabbits and hate. What ever the majority of Muslims touch in any nations in which they reside is corrupted because of the way they believe.

Read your Koran Rebekah and then tell me how yours is a God of love. I have read it and studied it closely for any signs of humanity and could find none. I only hope that little girl who found Jesus and ran off to Florida is not returned to her parents because she will surely be killed in an “honor” killing by a people who have no honor. Brenda Bowers

Thank you Wanda for your comments. You are far kinder than I have been in your reply to Rebekah. But then I learned early about these people, these haters and killers whose God demands that they be less than human. I had a Muslim roommate in college. She was a lovely, wonderful and very intelligent young lady. She wanted to become a doctor so she could work among the very poor in her country. She told me much about the poverty and ignorance and how amazed she was by America and Americans. First, how happy we were as a people. And the freedom to live and grow and be what we as individuals wanted to be.

Her father called her home after her sophomore year he said for the summer. She never returned to school. I wrote several letters because I could not believe she had just forgotten our friendship and her last letter to me was my so much like my friend. After several letters I received letter from her mother begging me never to write again because my letters angered her husband. My friend had been the victim of an “honor killing” by her brother with her fathers consent because she had “dishonored the family” while in America. The mother had two younger daughters and she was afraid for their lives if my letters continued to anger the men in the family.

I have no idea what she was supposed to have done. She never did anything but go to class and study. She was a shy lovely kind wonderful person. Her brother killed her because his God thru the Koran told him he had that right. And what is so terrible about this story is that these were wealthy and educated Arab Muslim!

This was my first experience with Islam, but not my last. It has been almost fifty years since this happened and I have spent this time learning about these people. I do not hate them just as I would never hate a jackal. I merely feel contempt and know the world would be far better off without them. BB

If you want more information on Islam and Muslims Look at Category: Muslims.
My feelings for these people has not been misplaced, nor is it far off the mark. BB

I am always amazed by the comments from passionate Muslims who rail against criticism of Islam and its Qur’an.

The mere act of stating facts about the teachings of the Qur’an preached by their own Imams sends your average Muslim into a fit of outrage while citing passages of Muhammad to damn you, your mother, your soul and your country in a whirlwind of flying slobber.

Have you ever noticed that whenever Islamic fascists protest a movie, a cartoon, a story in the press or a social event in a given country which attempts to illuminate how the Qur’an advocates, encourages and blesses violence and murder of non-believers or transgressors against Islam, the radical Muslim resorts to violence, death threats, murder, bombings, beheadings, etc., in the name of Islam as a way of protest? Whenever Muslims do this they are reinforcing the very point of the story, cartoon, movie, etc. And isn’t it “funny” how we have to apply the term “Moderate Muslim” to define the rest of the Muslims? The term shouldn’t have to exist in the first place.

When they complain about the West and civilized societies which make “sweeping insinuations that the entire Islamic community and every Muslim is at war with the rest of the world”, they demonstrate an inability to look inward into their own community and to question their religious leaders who conjure up whole armies of martyrs using the teachings from the Qur’an, preaching death to the West and non-believers in general.

It is the general belief the West see Muslims as still believing The Crusades never ended. It is up to them to challenge their leadership to abandon these teachings which debase women, hurl insults and threaten the lives of non-believers, teaches revenge, advocates the punishment of those who will not convert to Islam, to kill those who turn away from Islam to adopt other religions, teach that Jews are monkeys and Christians are pigs.

These teachings are what create the perceived characteristics and nature of the Muslim community in general and specifically, Islam and Muhammad which are held by most in the West.

It isn’t their fault when they turn to the Qur’an to learn about the religion and to further understand Muslims and read passages like these.
Sura 3.85:

And whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it shall not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he shall be one of the losers.

Lesson : No other religion other than Islam is to be tolerated

Sura 5.51:

O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people.

Lesson : Do not befriend Jews, Christians…

Sura 3 – Al-E-Imran (MADINA) : Verse 140

If a wound (and killing) has touched you, be sure a similar wound (and killing) has touched the others. And so are the days (good and not so good), We give to men by turns, that Allâh may test those who believe, and that He may take martyrs from among you. And Allâh likes not the Zâlimûn (polytheists and wrong¬doers).

Lesson : teaches revenge

Sura 8.12:

When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

Lesson : Kill disbelievers

Sura 9.123:

O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).

Lesson : Fight disbelievers

Sura 9.123:

O you who believe! fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness; and know that Allah is with those who guard (against evil).

Lesson : Kill disbelievers

Very nice.

If the Muslim community is tired of being “misunderstood” they need to stand up and demand better leadership which doesn’t turn the Qur’an against them with its vile and hate-filled crap.

Any religion which espouses or advocates the dismemberment or beheading or killing as punishment or advocates honor killings is basically, fundamentally flawed to its very core.

The stories we read in the press, like the ones below, are messages which come from your own people who have stolen your religion from you and turn it against you. Do not whine to the West because we are taught this by your leadership while you stand idle in your shoes.

Either get involved and take your religion back and prove to the world it is as peaceful as you claim or simply sit down and shut up as you have lost your moral ground to voice a single complaint.

“It falls upon the Muslim leadership to tear out the hateful verses from the Quran. Muslims want you to make way for Islam, but Islam does not make way for you. The Government insists that you respect Islam but Islam has no repesct for you. Islam wants to rule, submit, and seeks to destroy our western civilization. In 1945, Nazism was defeated in Europe. In 1989, communism was defeated in Europe. Now, the islamic ideology must be defeated. Stop Islamisation. Defend freedom.” – Fitna

Agreed Ben. i simply can not understand how any human being can follow a religion that calls for killing and hating. It is just beyond me. These people who say Islam is a religion of peace are not reading their own holy book or are wilfully disregarding a large portion of that book. BB

As an atheist, who thinks all religions are evil and prevent people from using reason – turning their attention to superstition and prejusdice, I would like to comment that “War on Islam” thing.

I think this isn’t very deep or clever. Declare a war on someone, and they will even more stick to their ideas, stick together, and fight back twice harder. This is a never ending spiral of non-sense hatred that is sure to end badly. The “North” (or: West) has resources, and armies, but is vulnerable due to its freedoms and open economies. The “South” (or: Middle East) has population and huge population growth.

In my opinion there is no point in fighting wars. This partisan thinking can only lead to ideas of mass extermination. Either way. Pointless.

We should accept that Islam exists. And it will always exist. There will also always be extremist Muslims, but what we should do is try to help change Islam, rather than fight it.

I know some Muslim people, and I think I can understand them a bit more due to the totalitarian past of my country. In Poland people often had two seperate lives: they pretended in public that they agreed with communism, and disagreed with it in private. For of course fearing the consequences. Most “Muslim” people I know, don’t believe in God at all. But they would never tell it to someone who is not their close friend.

Islam became a totalitarian form of government. Not only in the institutional sense, but also in the sense of system, of everything that surrounds you. Many people, in private, woud like things to change. But they still need to live their lives, keep their children safe, so they are not going to risk too much. Just as with communism, there are as well many people who sincerely believe in its totalitarian forms.

What we should do, as modern societies, is to encourage reforms in Islam. Islam used to be a much open religion. When Europe was in the dark during the middle ages, rejecting science, art, and everything that wasn’t subitted to God. Islamic world was then flourishing centre of liberal thinking.
There is even Muslim homoerotic poetry that was written in the middle ages. And now Iran and other countries kill gay people.

But today Muslim world is dominated by those branches who deny the right to interpret their word of God (Koran). While reason and mind are clearly God’s gifts – for those who believe in a God. Since interpretations that would fit our times are not allowed, any other and more liberal form if Islam cannot gain any momentum.
This is similar to the situation of American extremist-protestants who take Bible literally (but also not in all its parts).

The only reasonable thing to do, is to try to educate (i.e. fund) Islamic societies. To support the development of liberal Musilm philosophies. By publications, educating, means of public communication, etc.

That, and well, atheism. World without God is a much better word. One less reason to hate one another.

Pawel, You seem to understand Islam and what the current Muslim states are trying to do so I don’t understand your thinking. We Americans did not declare war on Islam, Islam declared war on us. Do you remember September 2001 when Muslims killed 3000 Americans? We have not forgotten.

And your advice to just keep your mouth shut and go along to get along is why your country and others have endured the domination of Communist and will probably again be controlled by Russia. It to my thinking is the cowards way of thinking and acting. I personally would rather die free than be a slave and afraid and huddling in my home. That is no way for a human being to live. In fact even animals fight against being caged and dominated and controlled.

I am sorry you are an atheist and have not found God. I pity you for being the coward your attitude proves you to be. You of all people therefore have no right to judge how others react to anything. Cowards should shut their mouths and hide!

Please do not visit my sight again as we really have nothing in common to unite us. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

Ooops… I was already building further points in this interesting discussion in my head, until I read your last sentence.

I like talking with people who are totally different, as it allows me to rethink my own point of view.

But as I am unwanted here, than I can only send you my good wishes, and say farewell.

The threat of radical Islam, is that only a small percentage of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are radical. Those radicals are out to destroy the U.S. and they are working from within.

And like the illegals in our country, they are going to use our laws and our government against us.

YouTube has many videoes that are informative. OBAMA BOWS IN SLOW MOTION 2 camera angles, For Obama to bow to the King of Mecca is showing submission. Why do you think those around them are chuckling.

THE THIRD JIHAD – Part 1, there are actually 4 parts.






AMERICAN JIHAD – Terrorist’s Cells training Camps in USA
This really upsets me, Shows terrorists training camps on American soil, training to kill us. I’m sure you remember the reporter who was kidnapped and beheaded on tv. The man behind it is Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, he runs the camps, such as the Jamaat ul-Fuqra Camp which the video was shot from. There are 35 such camps in the U.S. I am sure I don’t need to tell you what they are training for. One shot was of a tattered American flag hung on a wall in the firing range.

The terrorists were taping, “Soldiers of Islam.” They are also recruiting to fill even more camps.

What really upsets me is the government knows they are here. I thought any country harboring terrorists was a BIG NO NO? Or is it allowing?

From where I sit, our government is going to do as much to secure America’s security concerning the terrorists as he has with the illegal immigrants invasion of our country.

By the way, remember how Obama kept saying he was Christian, well he finally came clean and admitted he was Muslim. It is the fact that he lied about it that just makes me angry. Tired of lies and fedup with a government that puts it own welfare above that of its citizens.

Sorry, but there is no live and let live as far as the radicals are concerned. It is simply, if you don’t think like us you die! If you don’t renounce your religion and be Muslim, you die. It is that simple.

To do nothing, is the surest way to lose our freedom and become a repressive country. There is no other way and it is sad that we can’t even rely on our own government to do what is right.

Think there is no threat to our country, think again, there is a real danger and you need to wake up! Go to the, Christian Action Network, and watch some videos. And no, not because you think I am Christian, I am Catholic.

This is to Ben. Obviously I have not read the Quar’an and have nothing to base my opinions on except my own feelings and what I see around me, so I ask you. Why is there no tolerance of other religions, why are women held in such low standing, why is there so much hate?

Now I know that only a small percentage of Muslims are radicals but I really don’t understand why it is so important that everyone in the world thinks as the the radicals do?

To me God is love, he cares not by what name we call him, nor how we pray to him. Only that we keep him in our hearts and try our best to be a good human being.

He is the creator of all things and one day we will all be judged by him. It just saddens me that man continues to use religion as an excuse or a reason to kill others.

It is wrong to prostitute God and religion as a means to make killing and hate acceptable or to pervert the teachings of God as a means to give credence to the evil they harbor in their hearts for their fellow man.

I guess it all comes down to “a leap of faith.”

Cathy, Radical Islam is taught in the Muslim schools to all students. Check my categories at the bottom of my home page and under Muslims you will find an article done by the Washington Post where text books used in the Muslim schools here in the US teach radical Islam. So all Muslims may not be willing to go out and kill themselves by strapping explosives to their body but they certainly do not condemn those who do. BB

If a person were to write a book listing all of the evil acts commited in the name of Christianity, how big and heavy do you think that book would be? Christ said that “he who is without sin should cast the first stone”, and “Judge not that you be not judged”. If you can’t try to see each person as a child of God befor you think of them being like a pack of dogs, then you should pray for a loving heart to go with your rightous anger! Pray for me too, I’m in need of it as much as you.

terry, have you read the Koran? I have several times; looking for something I could consider decent. This is a holy book they tell me and their god Allah tells them to kill infidels over and over again. It tells them in no uncertain terms how to treat women as sub-human beings and barbarity. It allows men to “marry” child girls and that is pedophilia Terry. The Christian Bible tells us to love all and that is it’s only message: LOVE. Never in the Bible are Christians told to kil to hate to destroy. BUT they are in the Muslim Koran.

And I very much agree with you that it would take many hundreds of volumes to cover all the barbarity committed by so-called Christians. A goodly many of these acts of hate were even done in the name of our God. But these acts were committed by men and were justified by men. NEVER could they find justification in the Bible. Therein is the difference between ALL other religions in the world and Islam.
As I advised in my previous message to you: wake up, grow up, read a newspaper and now I will add read the Bible and the Koran. BB

Hello Brenda , I pray and Hope that ALL is well with you, I have to cut antd paste the followings for im not that smart to write articulate the truth in writting….

Letter to the Reader

To Muslims
May the Truth Set You Free

Islam is a caustic blend of regurgitated paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone prophet, conceived his religion solely to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist. And if you think these conclusions are shocking, wait until you see the evidence.

The critics of this work will claim that Prophet of Doom is offensive, racist, hatemongering, intolerant, and unnecessarily violent. I agree – but I didn’t write those parts. They came directly from Islam’s scriptures. If you don’t like what Muhammad and Allah said, don’t blame me. I’m just the messenger.

Others will say that I cherry-picked the worst of Islam to render an unfair verdict. They will charge that I took the Islamic scriptures out of context to smear Muhammad and Allah. But none of that is true. Over the course of these pages, I quote from almost every surah in the Qur’an – many are presented in their entirety. But more than that, I put each verse in the context of Muhammad’s life, quoting vociferously from the Sunnah as recorded by Bukhari, Muslim, Ishaq, and Tabari – Islam’s earliest and more trusted sources. I even arrange all of this material chronologically, from creation to terror.

Predicting what he called the “Day of Doom” was Muhammad’s most often repeated prophecy. While it did not occur as he foretold in 1110 A.D., it nonetheless came true. Muslims and infidels alike have been doomed by Islam.

To discover why, we shall dive into the oldest surviving written evidence. These official works include: the Sira, Ta’rikh, Hadith, and Qur’an. Ishaq’s Sira, or biography, called Sirat Rasul Allah, provides the lone account of Muhammad’s life and the formation of Islam written within 200 years of the prophet’s death. While the character, message, and deeds portrayed within its pages are the antithesis of Yahshua’s and his disciples, the Sira’s chronological presentation is similar in style to the Christian Gospels. The Ta’rikh is the oldest, most trusted and comprehensive history of Islam’s formation and Muhammad’s example, called Sunnah. It was written by Tabari. His History of al-Tabari is formatted like the Bible. It begins with Islamic creation and ends with the acts of Muhammad’s companions. Tabari is a compilation of Hadith quotes and Qur’an passages. As such, it provides the best skeleton upon which to flesh out the character of Muhammad and the nature of fundamental Islam. A Hadith is an oral report from Muhammad or his companions. Muslims believe that Hadith were inspired by Allah, making them scripture. The most revered Collection was compiled in a topical arrangement by Bukhari. Allah’s Book, the Qur’an, lacks context and chronology, so to understand it, readers are dependent upon the Sira, Ta’rikh, and Hadith.

All that can be known about Muhammad’s deeds, means, motives, god, and scripture is enshrined in these books. In their pages you will see them as they saw themselves. My only point of departure from Ishaq and Tabari will be the comprehensive review of the early Meccan surahs, a period in which they had very little to say. Our paths will join again as we approach Islam’s midlife crisis: the Quraysh Bargain, Satanic Verses, Night’s Journey, and Pledge of Aqaba – a declaration of war against all mankind. At this point, the Sunnah speaks more clearly than the Qur’an.

So that there will be no confusion, I have set the passages from Islam’s scripture in bold-faced type . When quoting from the Qur’an and Hadith, I have elected to use a blended translation. No language transfers perfectly – one word to another. Five of my twelve translations of the Qur’an were combined to create the most accurate conveyance of the message possible. However, the writing quality is so poor, the proofreaders of this manuscript suggested that I help Allah and Muhammad out by cleaning up their grammar, punctuation, and verbosity. So for clarity and readability, I have trimmed their unruly word patterns and meaningless repetitions, being careful not to alter the meaning or message of any passage. Insertions within parenthesis (like this) were added by the Arabic translators to fill in missing words or to clarify the text. Insertions within brackets [like this] represent my observations.

I have elected to present Islam’s original source material in juxtaposition to my evaluation of its veracity. This format is similar to that used by the first English translators of Mein Kampf as they attempted to warn America about the dangers lurking in Hitler’s manifesto. They, as I, found it necessary to hold the author accountable. A great deal was at stake then, as it is today. The last time the world was ignorant of such a hateful and violent doctrine, 55 million people died. If we don’t shed our ignorance of Islam, many more will perish.

My quest to understand Islam began on the morning of September 11th 2001. I wanted to know why Muslim militants were killing us. So I went off to Ground Zero for Islamic terror – Israel. The West Bank is home to more suicide bombers per capita than anywhere else on earth. I arranged to meet with the terrorists themselves. I asked members of al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, and Hamas why they were killing us. They said, “Islam. We are following Muhammad’s orders.” That adventure is recounted in Tea With Terrorists . It covers a wide range of material and serves as a companion volume, connecting fundamental Islam to terrorism. Prophet of Doom focuses strictly on what the Islamic scriptures have to say.

So, could it be? Could a prophet and a religion be responsible for today’s terrorist attacks? I invested 10,000 hours in pursuit of that answer. I wish everyone had. But knowing that not all are able, I have distilled what I discovered into these pages.

Now for a word of caution: this journey of discovery is ordered chronologically. It is not prioritized by relevance. Explaining the root cause of Islamic terror is the biggest priority; yet it is not exposed until the last half of the book. I want you to know Muhammad, Allah, and Islam before you judge their legacy. So to keep you turning pages, I have endeavored to make Islam’s early years as entertaining as possible. While Prophet of Doom is meticulously researched, documented, and accurate, it’s written as if you and I were old friends having a lively chat about the most important and lethal issue of our day.

One last thought before you head down this perilous path. I pray that when you have reached the journey’s end, you will share my heart for the plight of Muslims. I want nothing more than to free them from Islam, and in so doing, free us from the terror their doctrine inspires.

Craig Winn
November 2003

Thank you wdednh, I have used this information as a post on my blog today. I agree with this report and have myself reported on a great deal of it in various blog post that can be found under my Categories: Muslims, Islam (in the right hand column). BB

I’ve been reading everybodys opinions about Islam and what seems really odd to me is that nobody is speaking up in defense of their Muslim freinds (whom they love) who are being talked about this way. I’m not muslim, but I have two freinds who are and I feel like taking a shower when I listen to you all talk like they are not real human beings. Fear is the nearest thing to hate, and if you ever had a freind who was spoken of like this you’d feel how wrong all of this is. What card am I playing, Brenda. Show me the right way to think towards the people I love. In Canada there is a weekly comedy called “Little Mosque on the Prarie” that is set in my Province of Saskatchewan. It was at one time the most popular comedy in the country. Do you think you can “wake up” my unfrightened country now that we’ve all been taught not to fear Muslims? In the end Love always wins over fear and hate, but it’s a long struggle. Huckelberry Finn thought he was going to hell for being Jim’s freind and yet he chose to be his freind despite it. Why don’t you shake a strangers hand today. You won’t go to hell. Maybe you’ll go to heaven!

First :Terry do please use your spell checker.

Now as to Muslims. I did have a Muslim friend Terry. She was my roommate in college who was studying to become a doctor and planned to go home and practice in the slums (which was much of her country!). The summer before her senior year her father ordered her home. She was home three days when her brother killed her because she was becoming “too Americanized”. I found this out from her mother who wrote me in secret after all my letters were not answered. The mother told me what happened to her oldest daughter and begged me not to write again because she was afraid for her younger daughters lives.

It was Islam that permitted the brother, or any MALE member of her family, to kill her. She had done nothing and I can assure you she was not Americanized. She wore her native dress and covered her hair at all times and practiced her religion in every other way.

It is my belief that Islam is a belief of Hate. I have carefully studied this religion and Muslims for the better part of my life. Yes I do indeed hate them and I KNOW they are at war with my country. I do not fear them but knowing their agenda to take over the world and kill any who refuse to become Muslims I do hate them and will fight them in every way I know. I sincerely believe that any thinking human being who is a practicing Muslim and actually had read and studied his holy book and its teachings is a sub-human barbarian. Sincerely, Brenda Bowers

This is to Terry Beaton, WAKE up! You Say: “Why don’t you shake a strangers hand today.”, the problem with that is when you shake that hand of Muslim, chances are you loose your hand. And “BB” I totally agree with you, being born and raise in Iran, Ive seen how friendly Islam is. We are at war. And we are being attack from inside. And Here what “Allah” Says about your statement of Shaking hand “Terry Beaton”:

Qur’an 66:9 “O Prophet! Strive hard against the unbelieving Infidels and the Hypocrites; be severe against them. Their abode is Hell, an evil resort.”


Hi Brenda,
Just thought I’d wish a Merry Cristmas to everyone in RealAmerica. May you get all that you wish for, (except for the destruction of people stuff.) Joshua, Chapters 10 through 11. How did the Koran get in the Bible?

Just wanted to wish you and yours a great Chrismas and a great New Year. May God’s Hand be upon you countinue blessing you and what ever you Do. 🙂

Thank you both for your good wishes. And I return the greeting. BB

Terry, Joshua is the OLD TESTAMENT of the Jewish people who were the first to believe in one God and this God was perforce a God of war because the circumstance of the times where religions warred against each other made it necessary that the Jewish God also be willing to make war on others. We are now in the age of love and tolerance of all religious beliefs. We are celebrating at this time the birth of He who brought us the NEW TESTAMENT and the message of LOVE. There is only one religion at this time in the entire world that believes in Hate and intolerance and whose God is one of War. Islam is at war with the world. Our Christian God is one of Love but He also allows us, in fact extorts us to protect ourselves and His people. We then are perforce at war with Islam. Not our God but we the people. BB

Merry Christmas Brenda,
I agree with alot of what you said about the context of the times when the Old Testement was God’s living word. A troubling aspect of this argument though, is that the Torah, which consists of the first five books of the Old Tstement, (including Joshua), is still a living book for Jews eveywhere in the world. They certainly do not see the Holy Torah as somehow antiquated or as belonging to a bygone era. How are we to reconcile this Christian position with our acceptance of Judaism in this new light? I’m just making a point for the sake of argument. I have no truck with any World Religions, but the more you aggressivly apply logic to Religious matters, the more everyone starts to look vulnerable to critisism.

Terry I have no problem with the Torah or with the Jewish religion. I am a Christian and believe in the New Testament portion of the Bible which is the word brought to us by Christ with a new message, a message of Love thy Neighbor. In fact I have no problems with any world religion or their beliefs and practices as long as their beliefs do not prohibit me from my beliefs or practices. Islam is the only world religion that actively teaches that all other religions are wrong and adherents of other religions are to be killed. That I find just about all aspects of Islam abhorrent I would not teach against those who believe the teaching and practices of Islam as long as they keep it to themselves and obey the civil laws of our nation. That is, if they wish to do Honor Killings of women then go back to their own country where the civil laws allow this behavior.

You say that you have no truck with any world religion. Strange but neither am I a practicing member of any religion. I respect them all and am myself I believe very religious but my beliefs are based on lessons I was taught by the Creator’s messenger directly when i begged for His guidance. BB

Hi Brenda,
I recently came across this great documentary about a Muslim woman trying to fight the chauvanism she has encountered in her Mosque and in the Muslim community. It’s a great look behind the curtain of the Muslim culture in Canada, (warts and all!) I hope you don’t mind my sharing it. It’s not a pro-Muslim film, it’s the story of her struggle against oppression.

Thank you Terry. I welcome all contributions to my blog site and my readers. I am all for educating ourselves before making a decision or judgment. I am going to the site now. BB

When Zionists devised the 1882 invasion of Palestine, they incited WWI.

When Council of Christian Churches put out an 1886 edict, distorting the story of Moses and Aaron, this was a sign, a secret treaty was in effect between the US and Great Britain. Secret treaties then issued, all over.

Two world wars later, and no Christian admits Jews are from CUSH, where Ethiopia is, today, or how Moses threw down the tablets with 10 commandments written on them because the mob of Abraham was invading Canaan, or how the 1882 Zionist invasion of Palestine incited TWO WORLD WARS.

You think some Christian would notice two world wars. Get ready for three, since Christians are D-D-D!

The US has let illegal establishment of religion affect US policy and media, to violate our own constitutions. But no Christian gives a rat’s tail, about constitutions.

Hello Every one, as i read the comment made by “bobgnote” can’t but wonder why he/she believes that every thing that’s gone wrong in this wold, is the Jewish peoples fault? Sept 11 was not done by the ” Zionists” USS Cole was no blown up by Zionists, nor all the killings still going on by Hezballah and all other Muslims.It was Muslim that Did all the above and still killing in the name of Mohammed. Islam is not at war with Christians, but Islam is at war with All that are not Muslim.

“Qur’an 5:35 “Believers, fear Allah and seek the way to approach Him, striving hard [fighting Jihad] with all your might in His Cause [deception, death, and damnation] that you may be successful. As for the disbelievers [previously defined as Christians], if they had everything on earth, two times over, to give as ransom for the penalty of the Day of Doom, it would never be accepted from them. Theirs will be a painful torment. They will desire to get out of the fire, but they shall not be released from it. They shall have an everlasting punishment.”

I agree with you Wdennh. This seems further proof that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Everybody loves to draw their own lines between the facts they know to back up the ideas they already believe. How else do so many innocents end up executed or locked up for life in the U.S. I’m speaking mostly of Black People of course. But we could be talking also of all the Witches in New England who also recieved “Trials” based on “the facts”. How about all those who were found guilty after examining the facts in the trials of the Inquisition. Facts are the dots, and the story we see is simply imposed upon these dots. Just like the ancients seeing all those gods in the stars of the night sky. How could they not impose their gods on all those unconnected dots. Because this fellow sees World Wars being caused by Jews from the undeniable truth of his facts, merely shows how unreliable “facts” can be when put in the service of or beliefs.

Hello every one, and wow! It took My Wife, my Children and few of my Friends to stop my head from spinning after reading your reply terry. You see i am not a very smart man, I am still trying to decipher your encoded Reply. I got as far as :” I agree with you Wdennh” than the word became blurry. Now, let me see : I agree with you when you say “This seems further proof that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing””You are absolutely correct by stating that, than you say ” Everybody loves to draw their own lines between the facts they know to back up the ideas they already believe.” Yes FACTS, lets talk about FACTS!
FACT#1 this post is Titled “War with Islam”
FACT #2 this post is not about “many innocents end up executed or locked up for life in the U.S. I’m speaking mostly of Black People of course”, nor this post is about ” all the Witches in New England who also recieved “Trials” based on “the facts””, or this post is not about ” the trials of the Inquisition”, also this post is defiantly not about “ancients seeing all those gods in the stars of the night sky”(i saw the show on History channel)
FACT # 3 this post is not about the Jews
Now lets see what “FACT” means: The word fact can refer to verified information about past or present circumstances or events which are presented as objective reality. In science, it means a provable concept.”, Facts are not dots. you start by stating : ” I agree with you Wdennh” and you end your comments with “World Wars being caused by Jews from the undeniable truth”
I know one thing if nothing else: FACT : 20 muslim hijack 4 plains and killed over 3000 Americans. every day around the world MUSLIMS are killing people in the name of Allah. read the news see for your self. these are not fiction they are the truth that Islam and its followers are at war with none Muslim. now that is a fact, and most defiantly it is not A fact that , as you put it “unreliable “facts” can be when put in the service of or beliefs.” As the Bible puts it ” with out Knowledge my people perish”

I sometimes have trouble understanding comments made on my blog and many others which I read. BUT, it is interesting to see how one thought leads to another which leads to another and often gets far off the original post. I enjoy them all! BB

wdednh, I absolutely loved your second sentence! All I have to stop me from spinning or going thru the ceiling is my poor dear Lew and he has learned after all these years that self defense comes first and just simply gets to hell out of the way. 🙂 BB

Thank you Brenda, And i truly identify with Lew, i’ve been Married over 20 years. :)) .

Dear Wedednh,
When people discuss matters of Religion or Politics or other matters that inevitably lead to arguments by passionate people on all sides, the idea that Facts will somehow show us the truth and we’ll all come to see the light through these Facts is an exersize in simple-mindedness. It just says that you have your own Facts and they are all the Facts you think you need. Facts are dots, they are dots that are true and cannot be erased. But the same facts don’t lead everybody to the same conclusions. Ninety-seven percent of scientists are Atheists. Thats a Fact! Scientists are people who rely on Facts to shape their opinions more than you or I. And they actually have more Facts than we do to make those decisions. So with all those Facts, why don’t they even believe God exists? Are their Facts wrong, or is the way they interpret these Facts wrong. I for one disagree with those ninety-seven percent of scientists. I bet you do too. I guess we agree about some things wedednh.

” simple-mindedness”, In my last comment I stated that iam “a simple man”there fore as the old saying goes ” Stick and stones break my bones….” Now going back to Facts:Islamic terrorism is a disputed term for acts of terrorism committed by Muslims for the purpose of achieving varying political and/or religious ends.
Islamic terrorist organizations exist across the world, and have carried out attacks in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, and the United States since at least the 1970’s. One of the best-known organizations is Al-Qaeda, which was founded by Osama Bin Laden for the stated goals of ending American military presence in the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula,[1][2] overthrowing Arab regimes he considers corrupt and insufficiently religious,[1][2] and ending American support for Israel.[3]
Some academics argue that Islamic terrorism is explained by the blowback theory, which holds that the presence and influence of empires in Muslim nations has resulted in violence that is resistive and retributive.[4] Others argue that Islamic terrorism is based on a religious understanding of jihad as a struggle against non-Muslims, and tied to Islamism. Sociology has also offered various theories of social identity and social categorization to explain why persons turn to acts of terrorism.
Islamic terrorist organizations are known for using several particular tactics, including suicide attacks, hijackings, kidnapping, execution, and recruiting new members through the internet.The September 11 attacks (often referred to as September 11th or 9/11) were a series of coordinated suicide attacks by al-Qaeda upon the United States on September 11, 2001. On that morning, 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners.[2][3] The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing everyone on board and many others working in the buildings. Both buildings collapsed within two hours, destroying nearby buildings and damaging others. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. The fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Pennsylvania after some of its passengers and flight crew attempted to retake control of the plane, which the hijackers had redirected toward Washington, D.C. There were no survivors from any of the flights.
Nearly 3,000 victims and the 19 hijackers died in the attacks.[4] According to the New York State Health Department, 836 responders, including firefighters and police personnel, have died as of June 2009.[4] Among the 2,752 victims who died in the attacks on the World Trade Center were 343 firefighters and 60 police officers from New York City and the Port Authority.[5] 184 people were killed in the attacks on the Pentagon.[6] The overwhelming majority of casualties were civilians, including nationals of over 70 countries.[7] In addition, there was at least one secondary death—one person was ruled by a medical examiner to have died from lung disease due to exposure to dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center.[8]

Now after reading the above you go ahead and connect all the DOTS you want, but also I want you to tell the family members of the victims that “the idea that Facts will somehow show us the truth and we’ll all come to see the light through these Facts is an exersize in simple-mindedness”
I am and believe this post is not talking about the scientists or their believes, I am talking about over a billion Muslims that follow islam and at any given time will blow you up given the chance. Oh yeah i forgot about the Moderate moslems that stay quiet when a none Muslim gets blown. or If I remember correctly right after 9/11 they were dancing and burning Amrican flags in the streets of Philistine.

Sir, first of all I do not consider you to be simple-minded. I was just being rehtorical. I apologize if I offended. In fact, after recent viewings of certain Documentaries on the nfb regarding “Sharia” I find myself much less sympathetic with average (arab)muslims than I may have once been. Atually, I am disturbed at the level of “simple-mindedness” I saw behind the doors of these Mosques. I don’t believe however, that Sharia will ever get a foothold in North America, for the same reason that it is simply so medieval. No developed nation will ever let Sharia hold sway in any sanctioned way. Nevertheless, I am much more in agreement with you about the backward and dangerous (if it ever were allowed) nature of this code of laws. As a matter of fact, I was just disgusted to hear some of these Conservative Muslims spew their chauvanistic nonesense. These are facts we both agree on. As well as the facts of 911 you referenced above. But if they are seen as dots, they don’t draw for me a picture of a hateful Religion. For me they draw a picture of a backward Arab culture still sadly stuck in the middle ages using their Religion to hold on to their way of life. There are hunderds of millions of muslims world wide (witness Indonesia) who don’t practice Sharia, (which is an Arab code at it’s heart and not really in the Koran at all), and who are nothing like these Muslims in question. Once again I apologize if I crossed the line of civil discourse.

Terry, I read your comment and this time no one was needed to hold my head from spinning:) there is no apology needed for i was nor offended, merely was pointing out that one could have discussion with out cleverly coded words. to start with lets clear few things, first not all the Muslims are Arab, nor all the Arabs are Muslim.Now about Sharia Law, I truly hope that you do some research on Islam as a whole and really get to know it for I don’t believe you Understand Islam no pun intended. For example:
Sharia LawAccording to Muslims, Sharia law is founded on the words of Allah as revealed in the Qur’an, and traditions gathered from the life of the Prophet Muhammad. so it is not an Arab code.
You say ” No developed nation will ever let Sharia hold sway in any sanctioned way”, i disagree read the followings :In the United Kingdom there exist five sharia courts in England, in London, Manchester, Bradford, Birmingham and Nuneaton, operating under the 1996 Arbitration Act. While legal Muslim tribunal courts had been starting in August 2007, the first official sharia court was opened in September 2008.[58] By June 2009 the Daily Mail reported that there were 85 sharia tribunals operating in Britain. This figure was based on a report by academic and Islamic specialist Denis MacEoin [59] published by Civitas, the Institute for Civil Society. Rulings include:[60][61]
“that no Muslim woman may marry a non-Muslim man unless he converts to Islam and that any children of a woman who does should be taken from her until she marries a Muslim”.
approval of “polygamous marriage”
“a male child belongs to the father after the age of seven, regardless of circumstances”.
The Civitas report criticised sharia law, claiming sharia courts operating in Britain may be handing down rulings that are inappropriate because they are linked to elements in Islamic law that are seriously out of step with trends in Western legislation that derive from the values of the Enlightenment and are inherent in modern codes of human rights. Civitas says sharia rulings contain great potential for controversy and may involve acts contrary to UK legal norms and human rights legislation. In October 2008 the House of Lords ruled that sharia was incompatible with human rights when a Lebanese woman sought asylum in the UK because, if she had been sent back to Lebanon, she would have been ordered to hand over her son to a violently abusive husband.[62]
Islam is at war with none muslims and will do all in its power( if given a chance ) to kill and destroy our way of life. And yes there is great chance that it will get a foot hold right here in America as it did in England.

I was looking into the culture of Indonesia today to see how Islam is effecting their country. The first thing I discovered was the yearly Miss Transvestite Pageant. It turns out these men have to pray in the womens area of the Mosque,(and of course must wear the head scarf).Yikes!, we don’t even have such a thing in the so called Liberal West, nor would most Christian Churches allow Transvestites to (openly) attend daily services. TRANSVESTITES WELCOME IN MOSQUES! I don’t know what you’ll say about this, but my feeling is (they must be really bad Muslims!)LOL
Google – “muslim transvestites”

Terry, please help me understand? why is it that you can not stay on the topic of this post? and why are you trying so hard to put a spin on the subject at hand( War with Islam); this is my last reply to you if you are not staying on the subject of this post, for it would be unfair to Brenda and her readers if main topic is changed and the rhetoric,is just that rhetoric.
In my church there are 5 TRANSVESTITES, which attend every sunday and are welcomed with an open arm. Are they as you phrase it” bad Christians” ? I don’t know and frankly I don’t care.
What i care about is what Islam is doing. You seem and sound intelligent and educated, so please do your self a favor and truly study Islam and its demonic effects on and in the world.

In Islam, the term mukhannathun is used to describe gender-variant people, usually male-to-female transsexuals. Neither this term nor the equivalent for “eunuch” occurs in the Qur’an, but the term does appear in the Hadith, the sayings of Muhammad, which have a secondary status to the central text. Moreover, within Islam, there is a tradition on the elaboration and refinement of extended religious doctrines through scholarship. This doctrine contains a surprisingly trans-positive passage by the scholar and hadith collector An-Nawawi:
A mukhannath is the one (“male”) who carries in his movements, in his appearance and in his language the characteristics of a woman. There are two types; the first is the one in whom these characteristics are innate, he did not put them on by himself, and therein is no guilt, no blame and no shame, as long as he does not perform any (illicit) act or exploit it for money (prostitution etc.). The second type acts like a woman out of immoral purposes and he is the sinner and blameworthy.
Iran carries out more sex change operations than any other nation in the world except for Thailand. It is sanctioned as a supposed “cure” for homosexuality, which is punishable by death under Iranian law. The government even provides up to half the cost for those needing financial assistance and a sex change is recognised on the birth certificate.
The status of mukhannathun in Islam has been partially based on their inability to have penetrative sex with women, whether by inclination or due to anatomic interventions. They were allowed into harems but ejected if they displayed sexual interest in women ]In some historical periods (when sanctions against gender variance were on the rise) castration was required, but some mukhannathun reacted positively rather than negatively.

Are you telling me I must be “for” the “War on Islam” to post on this blog? You seem to have missed the point of everything I’m saying. I’m not for the War on Islam and it is precisely because of the arguments that I’m making, that Islam is not the problem. The problem is many (very many)Arab Muslims,and those who follow them, who use their Religion to oppress others, much the same as many of our Christian ancesters did using the Bible. The same rigid mindset can be ascribed to both these groups. You’ve never actually addressed any of my arguments, except to tell me how ignorant I am and if I knew as much as you I’d have to agree with you. That’s fine, we disagree. As long as my voice is allowed to be heard on the subject, I’m satisfied and grateful. This is the last post I’ll make. I can’t continue to argue my position anyway without further repeating myself. So you get the last word, if you want it. God Bless!

No wonder my head was spinning, with all the SPIN and TWIST that you put in on my words. First of all this is not My BLog or my post to tell you or anyone not to post here or post here. 2nd this is what i wrote
“Terry, please help me understand? why is it that you can not stay on the topic of this post? and why are you trying so hard to put a spin on the subject at hand( War with Islam); this is my last reply to you if you are not staying on the subject of this post, for it would be unfair to Brenda and her readers if main topic is changed and the rhetoric,is just that rhetoric.”
further more at no time I declared myself smarter or more knowing than you or any one else. The subject and topic of this post is (War with Islam),, and please show me where did I dictated to you that you MUST BE for, or even against the topic? and where did I call you Ignorant?
It is very easy to twist every thing around, and that has been one of the most successful tactics of all times, but I for one do not stand for spins and twists. I’ve said what i’ve said and it is in writing right above for all to read. In plain English.

I have learned things I didn’t know from reading both of your comments to each o9ther. Tho I must agree I sometimes found Terry a bit hard to understand. As for his belief that Islam is not at War with all infidels but only a few Muslims use their religion as an excuse I must sincerely disagree. If you need more information Terry you might go to my “Categories” in the right column and read the posts on Muslims, Islam and Jihad.

Thank you both for stopping by. BB

Seeing what has happened in Egypt, lets hope that it continues into a real democracy. God forbid that they should revert to an Islamic state of some kind. Being a bellwether country in the middle east, what were seeing now could be a new and much overdue maturing of the Arab worldview. Lets thank the internet and Gods grace, and pray that this revolution is not highjacked by the darker forces in this part of the world. Time marches slowly, but it does march on.

Indeed and Amen Terry. BB

I’m sorry to hear the news of your Husbands passing. If you can judge from a photogragh, he looked like a man of warmth and humour. My prayers are with you and your family. Terry

Thank you Terry. He was a wonderful person. BB

Hiya Brenda, hope yiou are doing well, have you heared about the Capt. IN oklahoma, Oklahoma Police Captain Faces Disciplinary Action for Refusing to Attend Islamic Event and send his people in! to me this was a test run for Sharia Law…..


Hadn’t heard about it but Sharia is coming if we aren’t vigilant. BB

Most people are aware that some states still carry the death penalty for the crime of Sodamy, regardless of the gender of those involved. It’s on the books but obviously(and rightfully)never inforced. I think thats proof that a Government is only as good as the people who run it. Or as for a Religion, the people who practice it. Who needs Sharia when some of our own laws are so barbaric! Perhaps the quickest way to destroy Sharia in the U.S. would be to let them actually attempt to stone “Person One” on American soil. There’s an outcry in the Western World when they try to do it in the Middle East. Laws that currently exist on our books are never inforced because we’ve outgrown them. That tells me that Sharia will only ever crouch in the dark shadows of the Muslim World. Just as the laws against Sodomy remain relics in the shadows of our own more barbaric past.

True. But there is more to Sharia than stoning and once it gets a foot hold it means death to anyone who opposes it. The fight must be now or it will never be. BB

Hello Brenda, her is the latest on Sharia Law in America:

Judge orders use of Islamic Law in lawsuit arbitration:

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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