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Posted on: June 25, 2009 – Home of The Savage Nation

Remember the man who was banned in Great Britain because the government felt his giving a speech would inflame the Muslims?

A terrible injustice has been done. Michael Savage, with America’s 3rd largest radio talk show, has been banned from Britain by the Home Secretary Jacqui Smith.  She has linked America’s Conservative radio talk show host, who has 10 million listeners, with Russian skinheads in prison for murdering 10 immigrants and a Hamas murderer who executed two Jewish parents and bashed in the head of their four-year-old daughter.

What kind of country has Britain become?  Isn’t free speech a value that all Western nations must preserve at all costs?  Yet it is precisely because of Michael Savage’s Freedom of Speech that he has been targeted by the socialist government in England.

Remember, Michael Savage was awarded the Freedom of Speech Award by the radio industry in 2007.

Michael Savage is now being “banned”  by the New York Times because he dared to speak out against  what he calls our   “Neo-Marxist Media” for Neo-Marxist President and especially the New York Times.

I have been reading Mr. Savage’s transcripts and he is right on the mark with his insights into what is happening in our nation.   If you are not familiar with Michael Savage this is his home page—give a listen to his radio broadcast or read the stories on his home site.  BB


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I’m not surprised at the NYT’s ban on Michael Savage.

At the rate things are moving, especially with these don’t-criticize-Islam and don’t-criticize-BHO trends, we’re seeing our freedom of speech and freedom of press disappearing before our very eyes!

Why can’t the people see this too? Why are we sitting on our hands allowing this to happen? The Atlanta Tea Party was cancelled because a sleazy company who supported Obama was able to swing enough clout to pull their permit. So just give in and cancel the event instead of saying,” Hay people our permit to assemble has been jerked from under us so I guess we just have to meet in public areas. Like the streets!

The Democrats pulled a heinous double cross last week with the stopping of votes on the Spending Bill and then calling for a vote immediately after the Republican members left the building. Where is the outrage? Even the Republicans are saying a mere, “Oh well.” Why are they not out yelling their heads off at this double dealing sleaze?

Michael, several weeks ago you asked for legitamate non profits to contact you. Among us are Jewish Messianic Zionists. We have bee given a project by the God of Israel and we are asking for your help just to expose this project we have been at it for two years. You can read about it on our URL. We are aquainteneces/friends of Avi Lipkon. Shalom, shalom, Gary and Caren Linden.

Gary and Caren, I hope you left this message on Michael Savages home site since he won’t get it here. I just put his home site on my blog to inform my readers where they can go to contact him. Please click on the title and it will take you right to his page and from there you can contact him.

I certainly hope the god of Israel is watching over His people now because the danger is so great. I am not Jewish, but I do believe the Jews are His Chosen people. Weren’t they told that all would turn against them? Even some of their own people? This seems to be happening now I am so sorry to see. BB

Michael, my family and I came from sonora mexico in 1969 after i was born. My father took all the right steps to emigrate to the best place in the world! the United States of America. Yes, my brothers and sisters did suffer racism growing up. They had to deal with racist comments at school, not from the white kids, but from the blacks and mexican americans also known as “chicanos.” We’ve all grown up now, and learned to forget about the past, not dwell on it. Your words are harsh and blunt but true. The truth shall set us free. So we support you one hundred percent on your fight to preserve freedom of speech!
I would like to say to the blacks and latinos, shame on you for not showing up to the tea parties and for not protesting against president obamas socialist views and his demand for total government rule over us.
please talk about this on your show!
thanks! I’m with you on the fight for freedom!

My grandparents also immigrated to the “best place in the world” from Russia in 1910. I am the second generation in this country but was raised and taught by my grandparents to love America and to understand just how different and how free we Americans are. I tried to pass this message on to my children and believe that I did as both of them, my daughter and son, served their country in the military before going on with their life as civilians. they felt it their duty to give something back. They still give much of themselves to volunteer work and often among new immigrants whom they feel some connection to because of my stories that my grandparents told me and the values they taught me.

Thank you for stopping by my site. I hope you come back and be sure to visit Michael Savage’s site often too. And when you there leave a comment on his site for him. BB

Sorry I thought I was sending this E-mail to Michael savage. But if we could send most of the unhappy democrats and the crazy Left and Hollywood to another part of the world. we would’nt have to send them to far! just to mexico and it would’nt take long for them to figure out they and the people dont have much Freedom of Speech against the government and the president. They would want to come back to the best place in the world and enjoy all the Freedom here, in The United States Of America .

Indeed. Why is it so many Mexicans are coming to the United States legally or otherwise? The same question can be asked of any other immigrants from any other country! And this is especially true of immigrants from Muslim countries who come here for freedom and then proceed to try to force sharia law on us. BB



Hello I am looking for Michael Savage Show,what radio station is him now?I can’t find it.Burlingame California,40 minutes south of San Francisco.Could you please help me to find his radio sation?
Thank you

I am not a listener of Michael Savage because he like Limbaugh are a little too rough and ready for my taste. I believe they throw out too much in the way of “word bombs” simply to get attention. I much prefer straight news stations. However I did get some information for you by doing a google search on Michael Savage


I hope this helps. BB

Dr. Savage i’m a long time listener of your program and i absolutely love your show,its kind of hard for me to call in as i’m a diesel delivery driver,on site deliveries, also i’m of PORTUGUESE descend and very proud, and been here in this wonderful country since the age of 9 and came here the right way, and i am proud to say that i worked and studied very hard to become what i am today. I’m proud to say that i’ve acomplished so much, even though i quit school at 16 to help out my mom and dad, i went back to school at the age of 40 and at least got my ged and took a course and got my class A CDL license,and don’t get me wrong i still love my country where i was born, but theres no country in the world like AMERICA. At least it used to be when i came here, thats the America that i used to love, and still do, but i just don’t think that giving a free pass to the latinos is right when me and so many other cultures had to go thru all the red tape. Dr. I know that you are involved in a legal matter but i believe that God will prevail keep fighting because you are not alone, we love you,and America needs you more than ever. PS.I know the power of a microphone, because i’m also a singer, please respond back,or if you would to comment on what i said on your radio show. I think you’re the greatest. THANKS.

MICHAEL SAVAGE you are the glue that keeps this great country together,borders,language and culture, for those who want to change the language of this great nation theres only one thing i can say to you. AMERICA, LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. I’m sick and tired of dialing 1 for espanhol. You are the ones that have to learn english not us.

Michael savage, you’re probably wondering why i’m leaving you so many e mails i’m just computer happy as i only got my laptop hooked to the internet just last week ,and i feel like i can elaborate better this way. By the way i live in R.I. the smallest state with the biggest mental disorder. But i’m working to change that, because as you know liberalism is a mental disorder. GOD BLESS YOU .

Welcome to the Internet. My husband and I are addicted to it. We just can’t let a day go by without getting on line. I am a political blogger and he just plays cards with his buddies.

This is my blog site but if you click on the “ – Home of The Savage Nation” at the top of the post it will take you to his blog site. BB

Wow! Can not top that! Without Michael Savage it would be impossible to make it through every day. He speaks the way I think. His parents were immigrants like my grandparents who ha d to speak, read and write everythingin English! Michael talks about Teddy and I have two cats Tiger Lily and Precious! I use supplements herbs do my own thing independent do not drive

My grandparents came from Russia in 1910 and everything was in English. But back then they had English language and American culture classes in the public schools at night for the immigrants. My grandfather was enrolled in school within a week after getting off the boat. We could do something like that today because we certainly have the school buildings sitting empty nights and weekends. I bet we could even get volunteers to teacher new immigrants English.

We need to block our borders so tight a snail couldn’t get in and then deal with the illegal aliens already here by teaching them to be Americans. It would be impossible to round up 12 million or more people and ship them out of the country. And it is not the illegal aliens that are a threat to us it is the legal Muslims being brought in. I believe I read the figure 20 thousand Palestinians Obama is bring over this year. BB

Thanks for having the courage to speak your mind supporting Michael Savage, which I believe, is our Diamond in the rough!

My Grandparents too are immigrants, came through Ellis Island from Hungary. Grandpa fought in WW1 on both fronts and was wounded 3 times.

I couldn’t have been raised by a better family and were taught, respect, morals, values, God, and love of country.

I could go on for a hour, but will shorten this up.

What ever circumstance we face in life, we have a choice on how we will react to it, and or decide what to do. Like M Savage, I will never sell out, and do the right thing.

I will never be chipped, no H1N1, and will protect the young and old(and dogs and cats!) over my dead body, so help me God!

Bless you,


Tony H. thank you for stopping by and for your comment. I have noticed over my lifetime that we within the first and second generation Americans are the most loyal to American beliefs. It is without a doubt because we have been told how great America is from an early age by grandparents who knew another world. While those whose families have been here longer seem to have forgotten and take our constitution and our freedoms for granted as if everyone the world over enjoys them. They also are the ones who seem to believe these same freedoms will forever be ours just because we are Americans.

Ben Franklin said it when he told the lady he and the others had given this land liberty “if you can keep it.” I am so afraid we are on the verge of losing it. I keep posting on just how our liberties are being undermined but my voice just isn’t loud enough.

Watch Copenhagen! Watch what Obama does and don’t be fooled into believing he hasn’t the power to sign and enforce the signing of the treaty because he certainly does have this power. Congress allowed him and other Presidents to award the power to the presidency over the years thru Executive Directives. BB

I want to thank you for all the things , and thoughts. I feel the same way.. I got messed up in iraq,please for forgive me . I’m with you man,Every day you speek on radio you make me feel better my friend, I feel the same way man.. I know Your a guy that knows what the hell your talking about, better than my father. My father burns my ass with his crap!!! I’m never going to be like my dad , empty suit ,thats what my father is always looking for a hand out!!! I love your books man…

How is anyone supposed to take you seriously? When people hear the Savage Nation, get interested and want to check you out, they try to find your official site, but all they get is this bull shit slew of advertisements, scams, and other malarkey. How is anyone supposed to take you seriously?! How am I, an average listener supposed to understand where you come from, understand why you say the things you say, or even research the things you talk about if you do not have a valid website? The average listener does not have the resources to find out about the stuff you talk about, or do the same research you do. It would be nice to have a place to go to after listening to your show to refresh my memory on the things you said in case I forgot. But no, you are nothing but an advertisement figurehead programmed to set people off so they try to research you and run into advertisements. I certainly thought you stood for something, but after several visits to your website, I see you are nothing more than a fucking hack.

P.S.: I know this is not a direct line to Savage, but would you please forward this to him. Micheal needs to read this.

Why hasn’t talk radio started an Arizona fund we can donate to. You would make fools out of the boycotters. If all conservatives along along with other people that support the Arizona law send just $2.00 dollars it could reach $100 million.

Michael send your donation to FOX and Friends the Morning show and I bet they will mention it on their show and you will get the ball rolling. Great idea!

Be sure to give them your name address email address and phone number because they will want to verify. You can also tell them not to give out this information and they won’t. BB

I responde to BB and said that I have sent Fox an e-mail about starting a fund to help Arizona and the boycott. It was ignored. I even sent Gov. Brewer one. If all talk Radio and the Fox network started the drive, America would come the rescue of Arizona. It needs big names to get it rolling. I’m on a fixed income but I would send $100.00 dollars to start the ball rolling. I also do not buy liberal newspapers nor do I watch, NBC, CBS,ABC, MSNBC, AND ANY OTHER RELATED tv stations. I was also a movie fan but since Hollywood went extreme I stopped going. I’m helping a little to save America by doing this. States should end tenure in public schools. We have to break the Union stranglehold on our children. They don’t teach, they indictrinate.

Mike I am with you on everything you have written. The last movie I went to was “Born on the 4th. of July” with Tom Kruse. I walked out after the fifth F bomb in 30 seconds and haven’t been back. When I want to see a movie I go to Turner Classics or watch my own which are mostly from the 50’s and 60’s before Hollywood became obscene.

On TV I watch nothing but FOXNEWS after determining that the others weren’t worth my time. I gave them some time during the Obama-McCain campaign but when they made fun of the Tea Party Rally by calling them “teabaggers” ( which I didn’t know what the word referred to until that vulgar Leftist advertisement making fun of the Tea Party Ralliers) I had seen enough of the Main Stream Media which I had relied on for most of my life to bring me accurate news.

Oh please don’t get me started on education today or my blood pressure will go out of sight! But we do agree and I was happy to see Texas take the stand they did. Can you imagine changing the Constitution to read “all people are created equal” instead of what the Founding Fathers wrote that “all men are created equal”?!! Oh well. Keep talking to people and blogging if you have a blog and voting in November. If you drive you might even do a car pool on election day to get people to the polls. Sincerely Brenda

I just thought of something: Look up the Tea Party Patriots site and find the Tea Party Group nearest to you and get involved with them and their activities. the Tea Party Patriots are going to win the next election just as they are winning the primaries all over the country. BB

how do I buy radio transcripts for , the savage nation

Great Britain should hang their heads in shame. Remember when the battles were going on in Northern Ireland the Prime Minister at the time said we have freedom and we don’t need a Bill Of Rights and the next day they put Irish citizens behind barb wire in a soccer field.
As for the Republicans, they run scared all the time. This fall they lose even if they win. If they win both houses they can’t pass anything because it will be vetoed. In order to be effective they need 67 votes in the Senate and 290 votes in the House and then you have to make allowances for Collins, Snow and Brown. It means you need 70 votes in the Senate. Then you probably need almost 300 in the House to offset the Rino vote (Republicans In Name Only). Republicans have no voice or guts to really take on the gangsters called democrat or is it democrap. Democrats are nasty and we (and I do) should call them every nasty name we can and attack them every day. In November every dead person in the country will be voting and the Judges will do as they did in Minnisota, (Franken), give the democrats the edge. Obama or is it Oboomba is America’s SWAN SONG.

Dick, Go to Micheal Savages home page or this will give you alol the information you need. You can even subscribe to have his page emailed to you daily. BB

Michael, “America’s Swan song”? I wish I didn’t have to agree with you but even with so many of us trying to get the word out this creature and his minions has Satan on their side and will probably win. There are not enough people in the United States who have called on God yet to send us the help we mere mortals need to win against evil.

I don’t know what you are going to do friend but I just had a short break from all this because I was so depressed but now I am back and I will continue to blog and continue to try to keep up with what is happening and letting my readers know about it and above all i will continue to pray. When Americans pray they more easily make the right choices and decisions because they open themselves up to listening to their consciences. This is where we went wrong when we decent people tried to be “tolerant” and allowed things to happen that should not have been tolerated. Xrated movies and books available on any open news stand, obscene music because we couldn’t understand the lyrics (but our kids could!), allowing what people did in their bedroom among consenting adults to come out into the public arena instead of staying in the privacy of their homes where it belonged and could influence or bother no one. Allowing our educators to dumb down the education our children received! was probably the worse harm we did while we were busy living the good life that our parents handed us after WWII. Now how do we go back? How do we contain all that we have “tolerated”? BB

Benda you have the American people pegged right. When Jerry Springer came on I refused to watch it and at the time I told my late wife it’s just another seed of moral decadence and people should turn it off. After awhile my late wife said Mikey your right the Springer seed of carbage will blossom because people don’t realize it’s bad for the country. I don’t think I’m tolerant anymore because as I watch Gays on the attack I realized their not tolerant. Back to my point that the even if the Republicans win they lose. Tomorrow I intend to send letters out and also add my article from my website on the subject. People don’t realize that the republicans will be stopped from the beginning. I’m writing or e-mailing as many conservative groups or individuals pointing out this dilemma starting in November. Most of the American people have no idea about over riding a veto. We have to get as many people and organizations talking about this. It may change some peoples minds and hopefully they won’t vote for a sleazy democrat. Just the other night they waited until the republicans went home and pulled a vote. So everyone pass the veto problem to as many people as you can and tell them to spread this information about the veto. The republicans won’t do it, so we have to. Obama is a first clas liar and he does it with a straight face. I also think he’s lazy and he’s miking the Preidency for all it’s worth.

Further to my comments. My 4 brothers were in WWII and I was in the Army (Korea-My War) after WWII. The have all passed on and they were not happy with what was going on. I was one of the lucky ones I had what’s missing today, tough parents (children should be seen & not heard) 4 older responsible brothers and 4 mothers 3 older sisters and my mother. (Irish teachers from K-8). One male all the rest female. None of these people I’m talking about tolerated any BS from us. They taught us right from wrong proper manners and courtesy, and respect for women and authority. The cop on the beat was the boss after my family. When my wife was alive I was the boss when she left the house. Times have surely changed and not for the better.

“When my wife was alive I was the boss when she left the house. ”
Michael, I so enjoy a man admitting that women rule the roost! 🙂

My coming of age was between Korea and Vietnam and at the beginning of the Civil Rights movement. Turmoil right from the get go. It was also the beginning of the Women’s rights movement when token women were hired but then put in their place and they dam well better stay there. I had to sit through staff meetings and listen to men with Ph.D’s yack nonsense on and on about education reform that was nothing but social engineering and dumbing down the population. Of course they had never been in the classroom so knew nothing about teaching but they did the writing of text books for both the public schools and the universities. (In fact they are still writing for the universities! Professors who have never taught writing text on teaching while their student aid does the actual classroom work. changing a few paragraphs ever other year so the students are required to purchase new texts. do I sound like i was a mad as Hell professional woman?

Well, I was also involved in the Civil Rights movement. Then I had to watch it all disintegrate after Blacks got equality. The Jessie Jackson’s and Al Sharptons sprang up and demanded more than equality. I knew Mr. King and he would have been as saddened as i am at what has happened to Blacks. With these perverts claiming the victimization of Blacks and demanding more compensation for their “victims” we created the welfare state and proceeded to we put them right back into the state of slavery. A slavery of dependency where they are free to do as they please except to rise out of the cage of poverty and ignorance.

On the other side Black radical jerks and White university fools forced quotas which are still in effect. Forced mediocrity! The case of the New Jersey’s fireman’s Supreme Court ruling was a blessing for all Blacks where they will have to work for what they get. Police departments and government court houses all over the country have been at the mercy of the unqualified for decades now but that will change in the near future I believe. That is, if America manages to get thru this Assault of Evil that we are now facing.

Now please understand me: I am not a racist. In 1959 I was an 18 year old White girl going into Black neighborhoods in West Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky helping Blacks become registered to vote. This took everything from teaching them to write their name to teaching history so they could pass the tests that some counties required. Probably this is why I am so dismayed at what has happened to the movement and the things we tried to do and how it all went wrong.

Behind it all tho was the communist. Stalin said that America would fall to communism and not a shot would be fired. On my site I have the videos of a former KGB agent who fled to the US. In 1983 he gave a series of talks that explained EXACTLY what happened and why. You will find Uri Bezmenov under Subverting America on my side bar.

I have talked entirely too much. 🙂 BB

When it comes to this country you never talk to much. What you have said is very important. I learned about discrimination in 1951 after coming out of the Army and have great conversations with the Blacks I worked with. I was in the segregated Army (Age 16) and didn’t know it. Your right, communism will take over and as you said without firing a shot. Liberation of women was essential for a healthier country but since that liberating time the feminist/gays have the upper hand because they have the backing of the government and the courts. Women may now feel good about getting the upper hand but having feminized men, are they ready for military service is a horse with a different color. Analogy–In 1927 the New York Yankees bench was stronger than any other team in either league. In WWII our Army was like the new york Yankees. We fielded a strong dedicated Army and our bench (the rest of the citizenry) was just as strong. Today we have (as reported) 2/3 of men are not available for service for a variety of reasons, drugs, unhealthy etc. White males are slowly be eliminated from all area’s of our society and now you have (like Iraq) milions of disgruntled white males ready to be indoctrinated into violence. I know it will make it hard for you to believe. Look around and you will notice white males diappearing from jobs and replaced by technicolor people or women. The lava is boiling and it’s waiting for something to trigger the explosion, thence, violence and it could come after the next election and when heavy taxes go into effect after the 1st of the year. Trouble is brewing and I think it’s by design by Obama and crowd. Like you I’m down and the future looks bleak. Today more bad news the housing market had a 27% drop. I am no longer a supporter of blacks because they are attacking whites (Males) for any reason and we’re called rascist. if there going to keep calling me a rascist then I stop listening. I like your website very professional. I hope mine is done as well when I turn it over to the professionals.
All you have said is on the money. Today I sent my article “Even if they win they lose” (republicans) to YAF, hoping they see that the republicans must win 67 seats in the Senate and 290 seats in the house to override any Obama veto. Good Luck America we’re going to need it.

I partially agree with you on the women taking places that have previously been held by White males. But I see the power structure as still being: White Males, Black Women, White Women and Black Males. The Black male is still at the bottom of the heap. The Black Women gained so much power not because they were q

I partially agree with you on the women taking places that have previously been held by White males. But I see the power structure as still being: White Males, Black Women, White Women and Black Males. The Black male is still at the bottom of the heap. The Black Women gained so much power in the effort to hire Blacks and Black Women were less threatening to the White Male Bosses than either Black Males or White women. Think about it. Why are so many Black women in government offices? They certainly are NOT qualified as can be seen by the mess governments are in. Their White Male bosses hired them. So yes, White Males are disappearing from jobs, or traditionally White Male held jobs. BUT, White Males are the leaders in industry and innovation. Look around you at the CEO’s of companies large and small. Next comes White females. Black Males and Females seem unable to succeed at the top for some reason that I have not yet been able to determine. Perhaps it is a genetic thing that causes a less aggressive, hard working attitude. I know there is a difference in the work ethic of those people of northern climates as opposed to those of warmer climates and Blacks originally came out of a very warm climate. This is one for the anthropologist to take apart and define.

Now we are seeing another leap in the equal rights area:
Black Males being hired in higher offices and again in the government. This in an effort to appease the Black racists and White Guilt. An interesting development: Black Males are hiring more White Women!

As to women in the armed services I think actual history has proven you wrong in that women are not fit for combat. Due to physical strength their rolls in combat must be limited to some degree. However they have proven to be every bit as able as men in the rolls they are serving in. Ask any young service man today and you are likely to be told that women have gained the respect of the other troops even tho it was a long hard won battle.
My personal opinion is that women in the military should be best served in support rolls thus freeing the men to do the actual fighting when necessary.

The Gay-Lesbian movement I don’t think you can blame on women being given the vote or working outside the home. I believe this movement took shape with the general civil liberties movement, and is made up of militant gays and lesbians. I have many friends and acquaintances who are gay or lesbians and not one of them is militant and most do not even agree with much that is done by these few loud and nasty ones. Many have a Civil Agreement and see no need for a “marriage” certificate. Some in fact, are even angry that others want to change the time honored marriage as being between and man and a woman.

Thank you Micheal for your kind words of praise. I don’t consider myself much of a writer because frankly I spent most of my career as a speaker. So consequently I write as I speak! 🙂 I did however begin blogging with commentaries and only switched to the current referral with comment format after I began my campaign to show people what and who Obama is. This began after he won the Dem. primaries and became a candidate. We are now finding out just how dirty and corrupt those wins were in both the primaries against Hillary and the Presidential campaign. Obama DID NOT WIN the primary or the election. And the most baffling question is just who is this person who came out of nowhere? BB

Hi Brenda; First of all you write very well and better than most. I need to qualify my position on women. I believe that any person who can do the job should get it. Affirmative action is discrimination against white males. My own two daughters are independent, intelligent women. Like all that have been discrimnated against, you have to give them a helping hand. The trouble is the helping hanfd is that of a giant (the government) that won’t stop helping at the expense of others. Remember we males back off off, our very nature is to be gentlemanly, step aside and be helpful (it was this way in my day, so very long ago). But we white males have been runover by the women, blacks and every other minority. It’s not about equality it’s about jobs, loans and remember the white women had a jump of 500% in 10 years. Women businesses jumped from 1m to 1/2 of all businesses are now run buy women. Example most of the managers in Wal-mart are women and the Bank of america is run by women except at the very top, only women are being trained at the lower level. WE WHITE MALES WERE DONE IN BY WHITE MALES.I say government step aside because we males are going to be trearted the same and there is an or else. Everywhere I go it’s blacks, women and Latino’s. Enough is enough. As for Gays in every country where the few take over the many go silent and the few brutilize whom ever they want. You may have many friends that are gay but that does not mean they will defend the rest of us. When I was a supevisor in a large company I was the guy that chased people out of the building when we had a bomb scare (Cold War) At two different times I caught Lesbian pairs doing their thing and I didn’t turn them in because at that time getting a job would have been tough. I knew I was right because when I told my late wife she said, Mikey you did right, nobody was getting hurt. Besides I dated one of them and when I go to Boston every once in awhile I see her. She use to walk like a model and I gave her the name fluid drive and the name stuck. Gays are pushing an agenda I’m not happy with. What to do, don’t know. Women in the military are not the problem. I spent time in a fox hole and all I thought of was how in hell do I get back to Seoul where all the action is. I’m distracted very easily by women. I had a mother 3 sisters (older) and 2 daughters so I’m comfortable around them. Finally the big shot white guys in industry are cowards and only do what will help them.If someones says to them get rid of all bald men (me) they’ll shove them out a window. I am a 100% Capitalist but I also recognize the following. Industry is reponsible for slavery, child labor, abuse of women in the workplace they used their authority to force women to do what they would not want do. They cheated the immigrants, Irish Italian Polish, German etc, They wanted cheap labor and the latino’s were next and look at the mess we are in. For the record I don’t want to work for sweet nice people because the real doers were the
B——S I worked for and they always treated you well as long as you understood, product must go out and we need higher profits so we can all get a good raise. Sorry to be long winded. Obama is destroying this country because of his hate for the white males and the racist country he see’s through his prism, it’s the way I see it. I believe its by design and I still think we’ll probably have a Reicshtarg incident so he can declare Martial Law before the election. It’s something to think about. Prediction-Obama will Pardon 1/2 the blacks in prison before he leaves office. With 360,00 Latino members in gangs and 1/2 million blacks ready to do his bidding. Is this possible????????????? Thanks for the great article. Mikey D p.S Did you know that there were 3000 female snipers in the Soviet Army and one female sniper killed 300 Germans. They also had two Air Wings, all female with many aces. Women should register for the draft just as men do. Germany’s Achilles heel was they used women to have children (baby factories) we put women to work in the factories and as a result we fielded an Army of almost 14 million. We were smart the Germans were stupid.

Michael, I am so enjoying this discussion! I can not refute anything you have said as i believe much of it and was quite aware of the rest in most cases (didn’t know about the German baby-factories tho can understand that being a small country they had to replace the population they were using up).

I was an active and naive civil righter in my youth and really believed in Affirmative Action. In fact I know i lost jobs to Black women and was not at all upset because I knew I could get a job just about anywhere. BUT, enough is enough! My children should not have to defer to any minority. We are all getting the same education now, or at least the same shot at an education. What is happening in the Black community is mostly the fault of the Black community. Going from 24% out of wedlock babies to 78+% today is a decline in morals and just plain stupidity. HOWEVER, it all started to go down hill for the Black lower class when Johnson’s Great Society invented the big welfare checks but the only way poor Black families could get the help they needed was if there was no man in the house. Black husbands and fathers left home by the millions so that their families could get help so after awhile Black men weren’t considered necessary at all. Their only claim to fame became making babies. We Whites brought this on and we Whites have to fix it by encouraging the Black men back into the families. This we can do by offering to extend help to all families in need. We also have to start allowing women on welfare to keep Medicaid and food stamps or housing allowances until they have progressed far enough in their jobs to take care of themselves. We had a personal experience with this: our daughter 25 got a divorce with nothing but 6 years in the Air Force and high school. We brought her and our 15 month old granddaughter home. We could afford to keep Elaine and Krystle but we could not afford Elaine’s health care insurance because she had a preexisting condition. She also wanted to work because we and our children are real heavy on the work ethic and self-reliance. The girl needed health insurance so we tried to sign her up for Medicaid. BUT, in order to get Medicaid she had to quit work, go on food stamps and get a housing allowance! The entire Welfare system needs a heavy dose of common sense. Then again so does all of Washington.

So you are bald? My first husband and my children’s father came from a long line of bald men. He died at 33 and still had hair but it was thinning. Our son was 20 months old when Dick died but 6 years later he came home in a panic that he was going to go bald like his Grandpa and uncles. The poor kid at 8 was ready to take his own life rather than be a Q ball! I calmed him down when I told him that he would never become bald unless he got some rare disease that took his hair because baldness comes thru the mother’s genes to her sons. There were no baldies in my family. I actually had to take him to the library and look it up in the encyclopedia before he believed me. 🙂 Now my dear little grandson who has a full head of curling black hair hasn’t yet discovered the truth because he isn’t around his great uncles.

Oh, as for the Germans being stupid it was really Hitler who was stupid. My husband is into WWII and it is a good thing Truman dropped the bomb because both Germany and Japan were on the brink of getting it and they would surely have used it.

I was really PO’ed when Obama went to Japan and apologized for the bomb. Japan has NEVER admitted to starting the war and NEVER apologized for it. The estimates were that there would be at least 200,000 deaths if we invaded Japan. My dad was on a troop ship heading for the invasion when Truman acted. My Daddy came home and I make no apologies for that fact. Dear Lord but I think I am beginning to actually hate Obama. BB

I have been trying to back off from the computer. Have spent five years now blogging every day and this past two years have been especially depressing. I keep my hand in because of my loyal readers and I do need to keep up with what is happening for my own peace of mind. I do however agree with Glenn Beck that the only salvation for our nation is to go back to the Bible and the lessons the Bible has taught us to live as men on Earth. It will take people who refuse to be lied to and who refuse to lie themselves or be lied to to correct the wrongs in our society which is only reflected by the wrongs in government. it all starts with the people. AND, it all ends with us too. BB

Benda I gotta tell you I enjoy our conversation because your telling it like it is and it’s as you said about Glenn Beck. If they told the truth and worked for the American people things would get better. In modern times my guy as President was Harry Truman espescially when he called a reporter a SOB for critizing his daughter Margrets piano playing. I feel like Harry Truman did. No more BS from Blacks or anyone else. They say the N word is bad then tell Blacks to stop saying the N word among themselves or shut up. Everytime we have a legitimate comment to make they come at us with, your a racist. Blacks and government, white guilt and limosine liberals (I’m from Taxachusetts originally) are responsible for there plight and now that Obama is scaring industry the cowards are hiring blacks enmasse and somehow he’s feeding them plenty of bucks. All of a sudden blacks are all over the place spending money.????? Ubama hates this country and is making sure we can never recover. May I suggest that you pound away at your readers that we need 290 House members to overide a veto and 67 Senators to also overide a veto. In each case we need a 5-10% cushion above the number. Also very important that we elect as many Republican Govenors because of re-districting. Very important item generally ignored. A relative of mine was discrimated against and on a paper that had his name on it it , It said white, he wasn’t hired. I told him he should have grabbed that paper with name and comment on it and took off. A great court suit. Everything you have said is true and Glenn is right, God is Good. God is Great. We will change our FATE. If we regain our FAITH. We need to follow the constitution. It was reported that George Washington is supposed to have said at the signing of the Constitution “We are here signing into law a most imperfect document with the ability to amend it and make it perfect’. Judge’s have no business making laws. We need to go after Republicans that ignore the X amendment to the constitution. BALD IS BEAUTIFUL! We 5 brothers had very thick curly, wavy hair. Now I comb my hair with a towell. I took individual pictures of each of us and combined them into one picture and everyone comments, is that hair on your heads. You know the old saying, God made bald men because their intelligent and the rest he gave them all hair. My gransons (6 boys +1 grandaughter) all have great hair and rib me about my baldness. I said wait an see wiseguy. I’m with 2 of them in Williamsburg and one is 13 and he has a 13 1/2 shoe and when he is in swim competition he rubs my bald head for good luck. He won 6 races in a row and lost the seventh ,(he says) because he didn’t rub my head. Well it’s been great reading and keep it up. There’s always someone to listen, I did. Have a great week, I’m heading back to Florida next Saturday at midnight. Gotta see what I can do to help Mark Rubio get elected. Back to the sea shore.

Brenda; Forgot something, you mentioned insurance for your daughter and family. My daughter is a divorced mother of 2 (13 and 12) and she received a notice that her Healthcare premiums went up 40%. My Long Term Disability went up 15%, First increase since 1997. Do yo think it’s because of Oboombacare???????

Michael, We on the same page here because my favorite President is Harry Truman. I believe that in the future he will be seen as one of the greats. When history is written as it was rather than how the re-writers want it then the world will realize that Harry Truman saved the world from tyranny by dropping that bomb.

My current( 2nd) husband combs his hair with a towel too. He was going bald. We were square dancers and getting ready for a Halloween costumed dance. Lew was going as a bad ass cowboy with black hat, gun on hip and all. I was taking a shower and he was shaving when he asked me if I would still love him when he was bald. I pulled the shower door open a bit to answer him and at that point he had half of his head shaved. Don’t know what my answer would have been but I guess since I still love him 33 years later it must have been yes. He was of course the hit of our party but then everyone watched and wondered when he was going to let his hair grow back. At 73 he is still shaving his head.

Yes, Washington did say that. Ben Franklin was asked by a lady after the convention what they had done for the people. His answer, “We gave you a republic if you can keep it.” We are very close to losing it and i AM NOT SURE EVEN GETTING ALL THE CONGRESSMEN WE NEED WILL BE ABLE TO UNDO THE DAMAGES DONE. Didn’t mean for that to be cap locks but hit the key by mistake, or maybe it should be written in capitals. Obama’s tentacles have reached into all areas of our government like a cancer.

Lew is from Athol, Mass. His sister and brother still live there. Athol has all but died and only has one small industry left but it is an old town and has a history. Georgia told Lew about a book she wanted but it was out of print. Lew got it for her. cost a mint but was worth it to him and Georgia,. It is 700 pages long and she and her friend are exploring all the places mentioned in the book. She is a bit of a history buff anyhow and this is over the top for her.

Yes and yes to the insurance costs. BB

Well Lew and I have two things in common; being BALD and I was born in Worcester, Taxachusetts and raised in Cambridge Massachusetts. You know where the RED Herring School called Harvard is and tell Lew I still Paaak my Kar in Haavad Yaaadd. Never lost my accent after 25 years in Florida. It’s hard for people to realize that in all the years I was growing up the people wanted Harvard to leave because at that time (30’s) it took up 1/6th of the land Area. We loved the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (it’s the area I lived in) and the hurricaine heading for New England is like the 1938 hurricane which I remember well. Obsama is now a poster boy for the Peter Principal, he has reached the pinnicle of his highest point of stupiity. After Listening to John Cussack I’m now happy I decided to get nasty to the left. His comments now tell me I was right to go this way. In all the years I worked rarely did anything get personal. We had some really bad range wars but we never got nasty. The left is about as low as anyone can get. Alex Baldwin said he wished someone would kill Rep Henry Hyde and his family. I never had a serious discussion with a Democrat, Communist, Socialist, Facist, they always got nasty. I did however (when I was a conservative democrat) have serious and eye opening discussions with conservative republicans at that time. When I was in Florence Italy many moons ago I was supposed to meet 2 of my children at a disco (I didn’t want to go) at 10PM. I stopped at the Hotel Bar and never left because I got in a hell of a verbal battle with a communist bartender. I didn’t leave under 4AM. I started out alone and before it was over I had the Liberal Democrat and a bunch of socialist on my side. He was a nasty B—— but he didn’t win. We are in this kind of battle today. The only thing we have going for us today is our strong belief in GOD with much prayer. This is all going to spill into the streets at some point. Glenn Beck bringing us together in Washington was a good thing because the left works for the government education and unions so they can let people go to the streets when they need them. Then you have the lazy ones that do the bidding of the left. This has become a battle to save our representative government or become part of the Socialist EMPIRE. Remember; SOCIALIST KILL IN THE NAME OF SOCIAL JUSTICE. Keep your gun at the ready and your powder dry. Have a good day and week. Tell Lew I repeat BALD IS BEAUTIFUL AND MY GRANDCHILDREN HAVE TO STOP TRYING TO DRAW THE GLOBE OF THE WORLD ON MY BALD HEAD. Whoa is me. Thirty three years, wonderful, I was married 41 1/2 years and my late wife has been gone 13 years, still miss her. I have moved on ,but one part refuses to go. Enjoy your time together because it’s precious. I recently lost a Great Nephew and I’m about to lost a nephew and it’s tough. The degree of love; God to us, us to God-Mother to child, child to mother and finally Man and Women. God forgot to tell us it was a three ring circus, Engagement ring, Wedding ring and Christening. Life goes on.

Lew went into the Air Force at 17 and has never been back except for brief visits now and then. So he has lost his accent except when he wants to joke around.

He ended his AF career at MacDill AFB Tampa and that is where we met and married in 1975. After my first husband died in 1969 I moved back to my home town. I had left to go to college at 16 and hadn’t been back so at 28 my aunts and uncles still treated me as they did the 16 year old. Took it for 3 years then packed the two kids, dog and cat in the station wagon and headed down to see Mickey. Somehow got trapped in that god forsaken hotter than hell state until 1996. I never could stand the heat even as a kid in West Virginia the only way I could tolerate summer was swimming in Buffalo Creek. My body was so water wrinkled I didn’t fill out until Christmas!

Might want to read my comment to Jacksifil (his comment logo is right above yours on the commenters list) I go on a bit about the Communist and how we got here and why.

The Honor Rally was glorious! Just no adequate words for it. The Left are now sponsoring their own Washington Mall rally I heard from Glenn Beck today. All the thugs, scum and sewage will be there.

Head about the second oil rig explosion in the Gulf today and knew for certain that the first was indeed a terrorist attack—The Terrorist in the White House! Strange we have had no oil disasters in the Gulf before and now this year have two in a matter of months. I got so angry. In fact raging! Didn’t know how to release the hate and anger and frustration…….

So I prayed; passionately and sincerely prayed to my God to save my country. I don’t remember the last time I prayed to God. I talk to Him daily and sometimes several times a day to discuss my worries and problems and happinesses with Him. But I haven’t prayed for years. To pray is to beg for something and I always felt God wanted His children to be independent. He did after all give us all the tools we need to survive and maybe even flourish during this physical lifetime. So I can’t remember my last prayer, but I prayed today.

Michael it has been so nice to have met you. Take care now. BB

Well Lew and I have a third thing in common, I enlisted in the Army at 16. My mother was not going to let me go but my oldest brother (Navy Pilot) made her sign and I didn’t have any trouble with the head of the Draft Board signing off, he was our family undertaker. College at 16 (sounds like a brilliant young lady). We also have something in common you picked up your kids and left. I left Massachsetts, sick wife needed warm climate, left my business for my daughter to run. Had a house built in Vero Beach. As for the heat in Florida it’s not as bad as the Virginia Tidewater area I’m in (Williamsburg). Communisim or maybe I should say Socialism (Commie/Nazi) is a true evil. In Korea the B——- from North Korea shot 11 members of the 1st Cavalry Division in the back of the head after tying there wrists behind their backs with wire. This kind of behavior is normal for the left. I said on my website exactly what you said about the oil rig explosion’s. It’s to convenient. The leftist are everywhere and they will do whatever it takes to destroy and remake America in the Soviet/Cuban model. Consider any action by the left the same as you would a home invasion, defend yourself by any means. I spend a lot of time in prayer for my country. As you have stated, somewhere along the line it’s the American peoples fault, they refuse to condemn any rotten action by the democrats. The American people speak with a fork tongue. Cut the budget say them but I still want all the goodies. We can only save America through PRAYER and 290 seats in the House and 67 seats in the senate and 36 governerships and with Republican Legislatures to pass Amendments to the Constitution. We then could pass laws that need 2/3 approval by both House and a Republican conservative President. Big numbers in both Houses will neuter the President and his Communist/ Muslim Agenda. We do not have a courageous Republican Party. As I see it, the Democrats are a 600 pound Gorilla and the Republicans are the size of Tweety chirping. They hardly respond to the President or the Democrap Party.
IT HAS ALSO BEEN NICE FOR ME TO HAVE MET YOU. Have a great weekend. Mikey D

Did anyone listen to Michael last night talking about the degenerate Paris Hilton. It was great.
Mohammed is the descendant of a crazed man; I quote the Book of Genesis 16:11 and 12″

11: “And the angel of the lord said unto her behold thou art the child and shalt bear a son and shall call his name Ishmael; because the lord hath heard the affliction.”

12: “And he will be a wild man; his name will be against every man and every man’s hand against him; he shall dwell in presence of all his brethren.”

It says it all>

Yes, I know that Williamsburg and even Greensboro, North Carolina can be terribly hot and humid but the heat goes away after a time whereas in Florida it just gets less hot. 🙂

I read Michael Savages page but I don’t listen to his show. Just no time with all I want to do and am always behind what I had planned for my day. It is a case of spirit willing but bod won’t go there, or getting on the D___ Internet and not being able to read anything without my two cents worth being added besides doing this blog.

I have been to Williamsburg several times and love it. The first time was with my first husband in 1964. We lived in Richmond. In fact the children were born there and dick died there. so I moved back home to my family. by that time Mom was also a widow as Daddy had died two months and 4 days before Dick. I am an only child and Mom wanted us to go back to where all her family was and where I had grown up. Bad decision on my part. Could have saved myself a lot of grief over the years if I had taken a month or even a year off of my job and stayed put in my home in Richmond well away from my Mom and her family.

All that is over the dam now and I have some very good memories. In fact, my life has been a really good one. Some tragedy, but mostly joy. Not rich, in fact just above poverty level, but I lived my way and did things with my money and time I felt more important than a portfolio. We sold our home and traveled in our RV for 11 years all over North America. Still didn’t even scrap the surface of things to see. didn’t see a lot of the what I call “tourist traps” other than the state and national parks. But we did see a lot of the back roads and people and places. Loved it! Many memories. Lew hates to travel. He has no sense of direction so new roads bother him. My son pointed out that that was a measure of how much Dad loves me when he gave up and spent 11 years of his life driving on nothing but “new roads” he had never been on before and could very easily get lost on. fortunately I have a very good sense of direction and knew almost immediately if we had made a wrong turn. That is without looking at the map or knowing where we were going because Lew didn’t want me being a passenger seat driver as he said! He marked out the route and tried to follow it himself. The few mistakes we made in the 11 years was when I took a nap. One trip across New York is a great example. Our route was straight across New York to our route north. the intersection was one where Lew had to turn north or south with no other choice. I felt safe in taking a nap. Wrong. When I woke up we were 100 of the intersection.

Lew and I haven’t much in the bank but we do have more than we need on a monthly basis even on an NCO pension and SS, so all is well. We have our concerns and charities. Lew is concerned with the homeless in Greensboro and contributes all he can to their needs. I am concerned for the Battered Women and Children. Especially the children. So that is where my spare change goes.

We don’t go out much as both are really home bodies. And, Lew refuses to leave Greensboro for any reason at all. As far as I am concerned it is difficult to make plans because with my allergies and other problems I never know from day to day how I will feel. I am going for Lap-band surgery soon and hope that getting rid of some weight will help. In fact I am sure it will. Always had a weight problem and was always on a diet either going up or coming down. Then my skeleton gave out and with all the in ability to move much the pounds poured on. Doctors are finally agreeing that there is such a thing as food addiction. I am chronically hungry. When I had my first operation when I was 61 I lost my appetite. It was wonderful! For the first time in my life I was not hungry. The doctors and nurses kept saying I had to get my appetite back before they would release me from the hospital and I kept asking then WHY?, I want to stay this way. I had never in my life experienced the feeling of not being hungry. Looked into other surgeries for weight loss but decided they weren’t for me. In Lap-band they quite simply close the door so you can not eat more than 1/4 th. cup food at a time. Closing the door!

LOL 🙂 I just read what I had written and started to delete it but then started laughing because I had fallen into the old people trap of speaking of my illnesses! Dear Lord but I never thought I would see this day! So am leaving it so you can laugh too. My favorite comics is of course “Pickles”. We older people are truly funny, and we have top keep laughing at ourselves to keep from being depressed. When I first heard that old age was not for sissies I didn’t understand what was meant. No problems understanding now.

Hey I really do have to get off of the Internet. You see what I mean about this Internet addiction I have? 🙂 BB

Brenda I just finished packing my car and will be on the way back to Florida. I hope to leave at midnight and be into S.C. by 6AM tomorrow. It’s a 13 hour drive for me and I drive through. I’m about to turn 81 and it’s the first time I’m leaving this early in the dark. As we get older the body doesn’t want to respond the way we do. I have been lucky over the years I have never been in a hospital for a sickness in my life and my nephew that passed away last thursday was the same. You never know. My BP 13 120/70, pulse rate 68. Like you I have plenty of doctors to see this month but it has to do with preventive stuff. While I was at his funeral and around my relatives they told me all about their alliments. So listening to yours is fine. You have to be a good listener as well as a talker like me. My nephew married a very nice Jewish girl and he embraced the Jewish faith. We went to their wedding at the Temple Bet El (I think and it’s my age it won’t let me remember) They were married 43 years and it was a very sad day. They were a great couple and had 3 children and one of the daughter-in-laws is about have a baby. My nephew tried to delay the outcome but the cancer was to bad. My wife, like you was the navigator and she and my kids would get p.o’d at me for losing my way. Finally I told my late wife why should I pay attention your doing a great job. I was the same way with hearing. I’m a guy you want to talk to me then call my name. My late wife and children would speak to me without saying Mike or Dad. Since my wife’s passing I have traveled extensevly without getting lost anf I can hear well and my kids are going deaf. I’m happy that you are both happy with with your lives. Me to! As for money in the bank I have lost a great deal in the stock market and as I said to my broker I was born 10 days after the crash of 29 so poverty is no stranger to some of us. We lived in cold water flats and most of the time we had a Glenwood coal,wood stove with 10 of us living in the flat. Thank goodness for chamber pots. I had two brothers go to the CCC in the 30’s so my mother could have money to take care of us. Someone on the radio said Clinton acknowledged he was the first BLACK PRESIDENT so he said OBAMA MUST BE THE FIRST MUSLIM PRESIDENT. Have a good week and talk atcha later. Mikey D

I think I heard your show first in 01 at work release program.Iwas walking down the hall and I heard loud rock and roll then.I heard your voice I thought you sounded like I could learn from you. I listen to you like a religon and all my freinds know of you because you are what i always talk about and what you teach me. my grandparents are all dead now fathers side robert and louise shultz mothers side ralph and ella mae boggess I think they were from germany on my fathers side my mother im not to sure but my mother had blonde hair blue eyes.I think they were immagrints my mother died 2or3 years ago i dont remember its to hard .love you and your show ill be with you untill the end.I pray some day I have the honor to meet you someday .god bless you and your family

Hi Brenda; How have you and Lew been. Hope your lives are still enriched with happiness. A comment about Oboomba the Magnificent. Do you think he’s having a mansion built in the interior of China along side the Yangtze River. Do you think we’ll make it to the 2012 election. Please note they keep saying that 89% of the people think we are heading in the wrong direction. Why then did the Republicans lose the seat in N.Y to a democrat. He, Obaoomba is still at 47% approval. Someone is cooking the books or the republicans are dillusional. We don’t need all these Republicans running we need a back room deal to pick the nominee and stop spending the mon ey and save it for the election. As an oldie I’m telling you the old people think the republicans are going to cut SS and Medicare. Bill Clinton raised our taxes on SS twice and Obama is trying to cut a 1/2 billion in Medicare. Republicans can’t even get a message out that makes sense. That Republican woman in N.Y should have said to the democrat when they were discussing SS and Medicare, should have looked at the democrat and said, YOUR A LYING BASTARD. That would have given her the election. have a great week. Michael P DeBenedetto. By the way how do I send e-mail to you. I’m

Michael, first question: My Lew died February 14th. I miss him terribly but am determined to be a happy widow because my Lew is in a much better place. Lew was an active robust man until 2003 when he got his pace maker. From that time on I watched his dying slowly. He died in his sleep peacefully at the age of 73.

Now for Obama: I have given up in disgust and horror at this man. Two more years of this with a Congress divided. the newbies in the House are pushing the Old Dog Republicans pretty hard but nothing they do can get past the Senate and Reid. I hope and pray they refuse to raise the debt ceiling! Old people are so damned stupid sometimes. If a person is 55 or older they have no dog in this fight because they Ryan Bill only affects those 54 AND under. these people don’t now and haven’t ever expected to get the Social Security they hare paying into anyhow. Ryan’s bill at least gives them a chance to save for their retirement. As for Medicare—-IT IS BROKE AND BROKEN. I don’t know how clear the Republicans can make it. Read the damned bill yourself.

there was no reason for the Republican lady to lose in New York except she was trying to remain a lady against a lying bitch. That has been the Republicans one weak point against more aggressive and less ethical Democrats for decades now. Look for this coming elections season to be as dirty as it has ever been. I am afraid the dirt will turn Republicans away from the polls and if this is the case then our nation is doomed.

Just came home from hospital; had Lapp Band surgery so am not feeling up to much more than sitting on the couch watching TV or reading. BB

I’m sorry to hear about Lew and I hope all is well with you. My late wife has been gone 14 years and I still miss her. You will never forget their love.
Enjoy your life ;it will make lew happy.

I sent this to Human events: It was on Immigration, I answered with more than I expected.

How else would Obama get control of the country? Your number of 13 million is bogus. Anytime the government gives you a number multiply it by 3 or 4. The Spanish speaking people are voting for Obama so he can create the same rotten governments they left. Illegal is illegal and we should drive them out of the country before they have a chance of putting the Marxist democrats in charge of the government again and taking over the southwest. In case you have forgotten the Spanish stole the land from the Natives and we stole the land from the Spanish. Now they are trying to steal it back. Little known fact and according to National Geographic British America brought 900,000+ Black slaves this hemisphere thanks to the Black Chiefs and their brown bro’s the Arabs. The Spanish brought 10 million slaves into this Hemisphere. The American blacks haven’t learned their lesson, there still on the Plantation, the democrat one and Jim Crow is back and this time it’s against white males.

Something you should tell the timid republican men (most of the republican women have the b____) and some of the timid women is; whenever they are on stage with a democrat that says republicans are going to get rid of Social Security and Medicare the republican should look at the democrat and say YOU ARE A LYING BASTARD and repeat it. Then pull out Ryan’s plan throw it on the floor and say to the democrat’s show us where it says Republicans are getting rid of Soc. Sec or Medicaid. Tell the idiot that you’re willing to wait till hell freezes over (Adlai Stevenson to the Soviets in the UN). Do not use the N or B word although both Blacks and Women use them all the time. Clinton raised taxes on my Soc. Sec twice and Obama is cutting a ½ billion from Medicare and the dumb republicans are letting all the good chances slip past them by.

The Republicans need a whack aside the head to wake them up and someone should shove a ramrod up their a____ to stiffen their backbones.

Do you think Obama is having a mansion built along side the Yangtze River in a secluded spot??????????

We don’t need republicans wasting money on primaries against other republicans. We need the old fashion backroom (just this one time) deal to pick one person and run with him/her. Remember Oboomba the Magnificent is the biggest bulls______ since Elmer Gantry. Republicans should stop attacking other republicans and attack the real enemy, the democrats.



I’m not suprized britan and the rest of the librals are giving micheal a hard time with every body so sinsitive like. Bounch of little girls well people you know what, the truth hurts deal and I’m so glad we have sombody willing to stand up and call it like it is. Your a true american hero micheal you really rock keep it up

i love your”show” &the real truths you about some solutions for rhomney{spelling wrong}to out do the marshmelow pawn gingrich,who’s going to devide the vote so this country willcontinue to go down the drain=damn rothschilds & their evil puppets, obamba ought to be tried for treason now,unlles biden is a replacement puppet also-how many more lies & bullshit canthis country take-he’s destroyed the economy,&working un the military,i really feel its almost too late but if we all give up-were definitly dead in the water,even on land please keep up the good work,m.s. i,d like to find your health book as i,ve been studying nutrition for so long tring to get past murder incorporated, FDA-EPA_big Pharma,ect.i know the buried truth is out there,’ and GOD BLESS you for sharing your reality,as i feel so much that you exspose keep on keepin on –from iv’e at least 2 or 3 original music i,d like to get to you, you may or may not love the music but the lyrics you will dig for sure-i already tried to get you stuff through clear channel in town, however it was stolen, misplaced or who knows-the’d never admit it though!

Excellent post over again. Thumbs up=)

I wonder why your show was banned . I`ve listened to your show on radio. And the single theemed constant barages are proving boring to some of us. So you hate Obama, so what ??// Who actually cares ???? I hope that Romney wins, then you, Sean Hannity, and the druggie Rush could go some where and shut the hell up. You wonder about free speech in Brittain as it relates to them banning you, here`s my speech, how you like it ??

I find it amazing, how many people have their head buried in the sand. For the people out there who had world history in high school, or maybe they don’t teach anymore, just take a time out and think of what happened in Germany in the 1930’s.

Now, close your eyes and look at what’s happening now in this country, and if you don’t see things being repeated here, I feel sorry for you. This isn’t a Republican or Democrat thing it’s whats happening to our fine country. We can’t afford as a country have this to continue.

If it does, just remember you had a chance to change it, but elected not to. What’s the saying, God helps those who help themselves. Right now there are alot of people out there who don’t know how to help themselves, all they know is give me, give me.

When the takers out number the givers this will no longer be the land of the free…We are getting very close to that tipping point now! BB

savage for

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I am not at all surprised that you are having trouble getting on Michael Savages site because he speaks too much of the truth for our current government. BB

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Hello, I am a married grandma (Bubbie) that listens nearly everyday. So now you have 11 Savagettes. No seriously, just because we don’t call in, doesn’t mean that women aren’t listening. I love it when you talk about BBQ and black socks with shorts. We have a start-up, family owned BBQ sauce business called Grillin’ Bill’s Gourmet BBQ and I would love to send you some!

Friday night I was listening too your radio show, and couldn’t help but to be surprised by the bashing you were giving other conservative talk show hosts? With all of the bad things coming out of the Obama administration, why would you trash like minded conservatives just because of their delivery method? With all due respect Mr. Savage, I have never heard them do likewise about you. It almost seems that you are defeating your own purpose!

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I totally agree with a most comments about Barack HUSSEIN Obama. I have come to despise him and I am not usually a person who hates! Michael is so right in so many areas and we don’t have enough people out there agreeing with us. I wish Michael wouldn’t degrade any of the conservative talk show hosts including Oreilly. We don’t have many so don’t destroy the few that we have. Destroy the democrats and the most corrupt president that ever ran. We the people need to get off our butts and do something about him. We need the Tea Party and many like them – we need to march on Washington again and again. Obama is getting away with everything that isn’t good for this country and all I hear are complains from other people but nothing much done. We whites are being crushed by Obama, the blacks and latinos and next we will have to deal with the Muslims.
Can anyone answer this question?
Would we have ever elected an American Japanese to the office of the most important job, the Presidency? Yet we slapped America and our dead soldiers a slap in their face with a Muslim as President. How dare you idiots out there. Think about what you have done. During WWII did we ever honor the Japanese. Were we on our knees to them? Did we bring thousands into the country. About the same amount of Americans were killed at Pearl Harbor as was on 9-11. Anyone who voted for this “punk” are ignorant.

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He should also be banned from radio. He is a straight hypocrite. He is really good at brain washing and deceiving many people. He talks like he knows everything in life. He should then be running for president. With that being said everything should be happily dandy right??? He has personal issues in his life. He needs to respect people’s doing’s thought’ s etc…

Love listing to wannabe commies have a mental vaporloc. Very entertaining. Thanks Micheal.

Thank you all for reading my blog. I haven’t been blogginmg lately. Am soooooo happy Trump won the election and am looking forward to his presidency. Believe that our nation has been saved.

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