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I am a fan of Daniel Hannan and can’t wait to read his new book.  Thought you might like to learn a bit about him too so passing this newsletter from Heritage on to my readers.  BB

VIDEO: Daniel Hannan Explains Why the English-Speaking World Is the Most Committed to Individual Liberty

In his new book, Inventing Freedom, Daniel Hannan explains how liberty originated from the Anglosphere and why the English-speaking people of the world have created and fostered liberty throughout the world.

Speaking at a recent Heritage event, Hannan, member of the European Parliament representing South East England, said he believes the Anglosphere is, in fact, liberty’s strongest friend.

In 1968, Hannan and almost all of the Anglo-Peruvian community—amid mob attacks, seizures, and confiscations—fled the grasp of the leftist regime of Peruvian General Juan Velasco Alvarado.

“I am someone who has moved from the Hispanosphere to the Anglosphere,” Hannan said. “I can’t help noticing that the movement has been overwhelmingly one-way. It’s worth standing back and asking why that is.”

Hannan asked, “What made the Anglosphere miracle possible? That’s the question that I set out to answer in Inventing Freedom.”

Perhaps the most striking characteristic Hannan noted was “the miracle of common law.”

“The law came up from the people, not down from the regime,” he said. “It was an ally of freedom, not an instrument of state control. … That beautiful, anomalous system that John Adams recognized as the foundation of all Anglosphere freedoms [is] almost without precedent in the world.”

Hannan noted that visitors to North America and Great Britain found these countries to be remarkable. Voltaire, Montesquieu, Tocqueville, and others observed the emphasis on individual freedom, religious freedom, the plurality of religions, and free-market enterprise.

Heritage hosted Hannan on November 22. His discussion and the question-and-answer session run about 55 minutes.

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Jewish World Review Oct. 4, 2013/ 30 Tishrei, 5774
Who Shut Down the Government?

By Thomas Sowell | Even when it comes to something as basic, and apparently as simple and straightforward, as the question of who shut down the federal government, there are diametrically opposite answers, depending on whether you talk to Democrats or to Republicans.

There is really nothing complicated about the facts. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted all the money required to keep all government activities going — except for ObamaCare.

This is not a matter of opinion. You can check the Congressional Record.

As for the House of Representatives’ right to grant or withhold money, that is not a matter of opinion either. You can check the Constitution of the United States. All spending bills must originate in the House of Representatives, which means that Congressmen there have a right to decide whether or not they want to spend money on a particular government activity.

Whether ObamaCare is good, bad or indifferent is a matter of opinion. But it is a matter of fact that members of the House of Representatives have a right to make spending decisions based on their opinion.

ObamaCare is indeed “the law of the land,” as its supporters keep saying, and the Supreme Court has upheld its Constitutionality.

But the whole point of having a division of powers within the federal government is that each branch can decide independently what it wants to do or not do, regardless of what the other branches do, when exercising the powers specifically granted to that branch by the Constitution.

The hundreds of thousands of government workers who have been laid off are not idle because the House of Representatives did not vote enough money to pay their salaries or the other expenses of their agencies — unless they are in an agency that would administer ObamaCare.

Since we cannot read minds, we cannot say who — if anybody — “wants to shut down the government.” But we do know who had the option to keep the government running and chose not to. The money voted by the House of Representatives covered everything that the government does, except for ObamaCare.

The Senate chose not to vote to authorize that money to be spent, because it did not include money for ObamaCare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says that he wants a “clean” bill from the House of Representatives, and some in the media keep repeating the word “clean” like a mantra. But what is unclean about not giving Harry Reid everything he wants?

If Senator Reid and President Obama refuse to accept the money required to run the government, because it leaves out the money they want to run ObamaCare, that is their right. But that is also their responsibility.

You cannot blame other people for not giving you everything you want. And it is a fraud to blame them when you refuse to use the money they did vote, even when it is ample to pay for everything else in the government.


When Barack Obama keeps claiming that it is some new outrage for those who control the money to try to change government policy by granting or withholding money, that is simply a bald-faced lie. You can check the history of other examples of “legislation by appropriation” as it used to be called.

Whether legislation by appropriation is a good idea or a bad idea is a matter of opinion. But whether it is both legal and not unprecedented is a matter of fact.

Perhaps the biggest of the big lies is that the government will not be able to pay what it owes on the national debt, creating a danger of default. Tax money keeps coming into the Treasury during the shutdown, and it vastly exceeds the interest that has to be paid on the national debt.

Even if the debt ceiling is not lifted, that only means that government is not allowed to run up new debt. But that does not mean that it is unable to pay the interest on existing debt.

None of this is rocket science. But unless the Republicans get their side of the story out — and articulation has never been their strong suit — the lies will win. More important, the whole country will lose.

This from a friend via email.  I simply had to pass it on to you.  BB

         RE:  3 American Hikers Now In The  NEWS

















Several Republicans in both the House and the Senate are pushing hard to defund Obamacare as the last push to stop this monster in its tracks.  They are planning to use it as a wedge issue in the continuing resolution to fund the government which is coming up.  The Democrats are going to scream and cry that the Republicans are “shutting down the government”>  No, they are not and will not.  The essential government operations will continue, the only programs and department to be shut down will be those that are non essential.  The entire government shuts down every weekend and the world does not go crashing to the ground.  And if we need more proof that the Democrats yell a good game of Chicken Little then you need only remember what the “sequestration” was going to do to us.  did any of it take place?  NO!  Oh, our President shut down visits to the White House in a temper tantrum fit but nothing else really took place.  The news media reported that some people were going to get days lay offs but then a few days later we learned that these days and weeks were greatly exaggerated.  So, what will happen is the Republicans refuse to give into the Democrats and raise the Debt limit again?  No one damned thing!  Except maybe the government won’t spend as much of your tax dollars as the President and the Democrats would like.  So go for it Republicans if you lily livered Congressmen have the guts.  

The following article is a fairly decent explanation of what defunding of Obamacare is all about and how it is probably the last chance to kill the monster.  Read on.  BB

Why Is Washington Talking About a Government Shutdown?


Is it that time again already??

It’s not even August, and Members of Congress are starting to buzz about the upcoming budget and debt ceiling fight—which likely won’t happen until later this fall. But the posturing has begun, and the media are happy to oblige.

The thing is, a government shutdown isn’t necessary—and lawmakers aren’t proposing a government shutdown.

What some are proposing is that Congress fund normal government activities, but refuse to fund Obamacare. The upcoming budget legislation, called a continuing resolution, is a decision point for Obamacare funding.

“Under no circumstances will I vote for a continuing resolution that funds even one single penny of Obamacare,” says Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). He and fellow Senators Mike Lee (R-UT) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) are urging their colleagues to do the same.

>>> VIDEO: Cruz, Lee, and Rubio Make the Case for Defunding Obamacare

Heritage health care expert Chris Jacobs says that defunding is the best option to protect vulnerable Americans hit by Obamacare’s threats:

The list of Obamacare’s failures grows by the day. It is not that portions of the law are unworkable—the entire law is unworkable. Absent the law’s complete repeal, only full defunding would ensure that the American people are not subjected to any of these destructive policies.

>>> Why Defund Obamacare?

What the shutdown fearmongers are talking about is Congress reaching a budget impasse—which could happen for a variety of reasons, including disagreement over Obamacare funding. If Congress doesn’t pass legislation to continue funding the government, then when the previous funding expires, it “shuts down.”

“Shutdown” actually sounds more dire than it is. The government services that shut down are the non-essential ones. As Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said at Heritage’s Bloggers Briefing yesterday, this is what happens…every weekend. Have you ever tried to call the Department of Agriculture on a Saturday?

A “shutdown” would temporarily impair some government activities, but deficit spending, growing debt, and the burden of Obamacare will harm the economy and Americans’ opportunities and incomepermanently.

The next logical step? Don’t feed the beast. Don’t invest more dollars into implementing, enforcing, or creating the architecture of Obamacare.


Defunding Obamacare: The Next Best Option

I have ranted for years about the huge amounts of our tax dollars that go to people who are not in any way shape or form farmers.  They are land owners and in some few cases a crop is raised on this land but in most cases they are being paid NOT to farm, Not to grow a crop.

The House took the bloated and pork laden Senate Farm Bill and did one thing to it:  They separated out the food stamp money from that going to the so-called farmers.  that was the extend of the House improvements and concern for your tax dollars.  This action is of course a good move because it makes each program stand on its own and makes it more difficult for the farm representatives to get the votes of the city representatives——they have to go out in the corridor and make their deals that if you vote for mine I will vote for yours.  Thieves have to trust other thieves to do what they promise!   Other than that the same big wealthy campaign fund givers still get their pay off in both bills.  Read the following article.  BB

Farm Bill: You’ll Never Believe Where the House Wants to Spend Your Tax Dollars

July 11, 2013 at 10:46


The House split up farm-related programs and food stamps, but they didn’t make a single reform to farm programs — and House leadership is hoping America doesn’t notice.

The text of the farm-only bill was released late last night, and current plans are to vote on the bill as soon as midday today. Leadership may be rushing through the process so members don’t have time to properly review the bill, but Heritage experts have the facts.

Everything that was bloated and egregious in the bill remains in the bill and it still hands out taxpayer money to surprising recipients. We’ve highlighted just some of the ridiculous places Congress wants to send your tax dollars below.


I was so happy to read that Hobby Lobby has won the case for God loving people to stand against Obamacare’s mandate to force us to pay for abortions and abortion drugs..

Hobby Lobby Wins Major Victory Against Obamacare Mandate

Late this afternoon, a federal court granted a major victory to the Green family and Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., issuing the company a temporary restraining order to the coercive Obamacare mandate that requires employers to provide coverage of abortion-inducing drugs.

The ruling comes just one day after a lengthy opinion of the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit sent the case back to the district court to reconsider Hobby Lobby’s request for a temporary block to the mandate.

Hobby Lobby and the Green family faced the terrible choice of violating their faith or paying massive fines starting this Monday morning,” remarked Becket Fund for Religious Liberty General Counsel Kyle Duncan. “We are delighted that both the 10th Circuit and the district court have spared them from this unjust burden on their religious freedom.”

Hobby Lobby is a closely held family business, which the Green family seeks to operate in accordance with Christian principles. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Hobby Lobby has grown from one 300-square-foot garage to over 500 stores in 41 states and employs more than 13,000 employees. The Green family is not only committed to serving their customers and employees but also to investing in communities through partnerships with numerous Christian ministries.

The Green family’s company, which closes all its locations on Sundays, seeks to operate in accordance with Christian principles, including offering an employee health care plan that aligns with those values. However, the Obamacare mandate would force Hobby Lobby to provide and pay for coverage of abortion-inducing drugs, despite the Green’s religious objections.

As the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals noted in its opinion yesterday, the Green family faced crippling fines unless it complied with the mandate. Absent the temporary halt to the mandate granted this afternoon, Hobby Lobby could have face fines of up to $1.3 million a day starting as early as next Monday. Even if the company had stopped offering health insurance altogether, harming their employees by taking away valuable benefits, Obamacare would still have hit Hobby Lobby with a fine of about $26 million per year after 2014.

The mandate’s offensively narrow religious exemption doesn’t apply to a large number of religious organizations, let alone family businesses such as Hobby Lobby. In fact, the Administration’s most recent rewrite of their “accommodation” explicitly excludes families who go into business to provide for themselves and their employees.

More than 200 plaintiffs are currently involved in more than 60 lawsuits against this HHS mandate. Of the 28 cases that have had rulings touching on the merits, 21 have received temporary halts to the mandate’s enforcement while their cases proceed. Most involve family businesses burdened by the coercive rule.

Employees and individuals should be able to choose health care that best fits the needs of their families and respects their freedom. Employers should be able to build and grow job-creating businesses in accordance with their values without threat of government penalties.

The first step on the road to regaining that freedom is rescinding the Obamacare anti-conscience mandate. Protecting Americans’ liberties more generally will require full repeal of Obamacare.

If you missed Pat Caddell at the CPAC conference today then you must read this.  The Republicans and the Romney campaign were an embarrassment to all Republicans in the way they tried to run the election that was indeed theirs to lose.  I spent months cringing at the total incompetence shown by all players and was not at all surprised when against all sanity Obama took the election.  Maybe what the Republicans need are more Democrats like Caddell telling them how to run and wind!  BB



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Pat Caddell, the Fox News Contributor and Democrat pollster who engineered Jimmy Carter’s 1976 Presidential victory, blew the lid off CPAC on Wednesday with a blistering attack on “racketeering” Republican consultants who play wealthy donors like “marks.”

“I blame the donors who allow themselves to be played for marks. I blame the people in the grassroots for allowing themselves to be played for suckers….It’s time to stop being marks. It’s time to stop being suckers. It’s time for you people to get real,” he told the audience that included two top Republican consultants.

Caddell stole the show as a panelist in the breakout session titled “Should We Shoot All the Consultants Now?” He spoke with a fire and passion that electrified the room. When the session began the large room was half filled, but as word spread of the fireworks going on inside, the audience streamed in. By the end, it was standing room only.

Breitbart News spoke with Caddell prior to his talk, and he promised he would deliver a “brutal critique” of the Republican establishment and its political consulting class. He did not disappoint, pulling no punches with an unyielding evisceration of a small group of Republican consultants, the Romney campaign, the Republican National Committee, and Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS Super PAC.

“When you have the Chief of Staff of the Republican National Committee and the political director of the Romney campaign, and their two companies get $150 million at the end of the campaign for the ‘fantastic’ get-out-the-vote program…some of this borders on RICO [the 1970 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] violations,” Caddell told the crowd. “It’s all self dealing going on. I think it works on the RICO thing. They’re in the business of lining their pockets.”

“The Republican Party,” Caddell continued, “is in the grips of what I call the CLEC–the consultant, lobbyist, and establishment complex.” Caddell described CLEC as a self serving interconnected network of individuals and organizations interested in preserving their own power far more than they’re interested in winning elections.

“Just follow the money,” Caddell told a rapt audience. “It’s all there in the newspaper. The way it works is this–ever since we centralized politics in Washington, the House campaign committee and the Senate campaign committee,  they decide who they think should run. You hire these people on the accredited list [they say to candidates] otherwise we won’t give you money. You hire my friend or else.”

Financial corruption is a key component of the current process, according to Caddell. “There’s money passing under the table on both parties. Don’t kid yourself…If you can’t see racketeering in front of you, God save you.”

As a Democrat, Caddell said he could tell the truth about the failings of the Republicans 2012 campaign efforts since “I have no interest in the Republican Party.” He compared Republicans unfavorably to Democrats.”In my party we play to win. We play for life and death. You people play for a different kind of agenda…Your party has no problem playing the Washington Generals to the Harlem Globetrotters.”

Caddell left no doubt he is not an admirer of Mitt Romney’s campaign management skills. He called Romney “the worst executive I’ve seen” when it comes to leading a political campaign.  Romney’s failure to attack Obama’s Benghazi debacle during the foreign policy debate was “cravenness” that came about because his consultants told him “we don’t want to look warlike.”

Caddell also said Romney failed to back his campaign with his own money when it was most needed. “My question for Romney is, you spent $45 million [of your own money] in your 2008 campaign where you didn’t have a chance. Why didn’t you give your campaign a loan in the spring instead of letting Obama define you?”

Romney, Caddell said, was not on top of his game when he failed to anticipate attacks based on his business career. “You didn’t know Bain was coming? Ted Kennedy used it against you.” Romney lost to Ted Kennedy in the 1994 Senate election in Massachusetts.

Caddell was equally caustic in his evaluation of the Republican consultants who managed Romney’s campaign. “Of course this election could have been won.  It should have been won,” he said. “The Romney campaign was the worst campaign in my lifetime except for ninety minutes [in the first debate] thanks to Barack Obama.”

“There was a failure of strategy, a failure of tactics, a massive failure of messaging. Most of all there was a total failure of imagination.” Caddell singled out Stuart Stevens, a key figure in Romney’s campaign, in a particularly withering critique. “Stevens had as much business running a campaign as I do sprouting wings and flying out of this room,” he said to an audience that applauded.

Caddell said that Romney inexplicably allowed Obama to define him without fighting back. If Obama had a 50% favorable rating on election day, he had an 80% chance of winning. If he had a 45% favorable rating on election day, he had a 90% chance of losing. On election day, Obama’s favorable rating was 51% because, Caddell said, “Republicans failed to hold him down.”

“A majority of the people wanted to repeal Obamacare, [an issue that] the Republican Party abandoned,” Caddell noted. He added that “on the issue of bigger or smaller government, one-third of the people who want smaller government voted for Obama.”

Caddell criticized the RNC’s planned announcement on Monday of the RNC’sGrowth and Opportunity Project report, which he dismissed as “this whitewash…being produced at the RNC. You can not have the people who failed responsible for finding the solution.”

Caddell predicted that the Republican Party, unless it became the anti-establishment, anti-Washington party, would become extinct, like the 19th century Whig Party. “These people [in the consulting-lobbying-establishment complex] are doing business for themselves. They are a part of the Washington establishment. These people don’t want to have change.”

The 2010 takeover of Congress by the Republicans, Caddell said, “was not engineered by the Washington Republican establishment. They [the establishment] then took that victory and threw it away.”

Caddell called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) “the Ambrose Burnside of American politics.” Burnside was the commander of the Union’s Army of the Potomac during the Civil War. He was dismissed by Lincoln for his inability to press his advantage against the enemy, his plodding and unimaginative strategies, and his inability to focus resources on the tactics needed for victory.

Caddell cautioned Republicans not to read too much in the 2012 results where they maintained control of the House of Representatives. “You won the House [in 2012] because of the reapportionment that came after the 2010 [Tea Party] victories,” he said. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), elected in 2010, and Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI), elected in 2012, had to fight this establishment at every step in the process and “claw their way” to electoral success, Caddell said.

When an audience member asked Caddell why he, a Democrat, was offering Republicans advice that would help them beat his own party, his response was met with huge applause. “I’m not a fan of Barack Obama,” Caddell said. “My first allegiance is to my country. I have paid a huge price, and when I watch you people screwing up I’m offended.”

Nancy Smith, a grassroots activist who co-founded an independent Virginia  group that focused on door-to-door canvassing and get-out-the-vote in the 2012 election, was effusive in her praise of Caddell’s critique. “This talk by Caddell is what this entire conference should be about.”

The panel was moderated by Matt Schlapp, a principal at Cove Strategies, a Republican political consulting firm. In addition to Caddell, the panel included Jeff Roe, the founder of Axiom Strategies, also a Republican political consulting firm, Morton Blackwell, a Republican National Committeeman from Virginia and founder of the Leadership Institute, and Brian Baker, founder of a Super PAC.



Got this from a friend.  Thought my readers would be interested.  I personally do not care for anything made in china if I can get it from some other country.  this is especially the case with food or toys.  BB


Description: mime-attachment.jpg

The whole world is concerned about China-made “black hearted goods”.

Can you differentiate which one is made in Taiwan or  China ?


If the first 3 digits of the barcode are 690 691 or 692, the product is MADE IN  CHINA.

471 is Made in Taiwan .

This is our right to know, but the government and related departments never educate the

public, therefore we have to RESCUE ourselves.


Nowadays, Chinese businessmen know that consumers do not prefer products “MADE IN CHINA”, so they don’t show from which country it is made. 


However, you may now refer to the barcode – remember if the first 3 digits are:


690-692 … then it is MADE IN  CHINA

00 – 09   USA  &  CANADA

30 – 37   FRANCE

40 – 44  GERMANY

471 …  Taiwan

49 …. JAPAN

50   UK


BUY USA & CANADIAN MADE by watching for “0” at the beginning of the number.

We need every boost we can get!  Pass this on to everybody on your E-Mail Contact List!!

If the government won’t help us, we MUST help ourselves.

Here is a list of articles that appeared in The Hill that you may have missed on the news.  I get The hill emailed to me because it is a great source of accurate news, but for those of you who do not I will continue to put the weekly summary of the biggest news  reports on my blog.  BB

I am not in the mood to comment this week because the Liar in Chief has so incensed me this week and I am afraid I can not remain civil if I begin to comment.  So Dear Readers you are on your own without my two cents worth ( yeh, I know it’s only worth 1/2 of one cent but give an old girl some slack okay!??) BB

The Hill's E-news
The Hill: Despite edge in delegates, Romney struggles to put Santorum away
By Cameron Joseph
Rick Santorum is likely to keep giving Mitt Romney fits even if Romney wins Tuesday primaries in Wisconsin and Maryland and more Republican leaders rally to the front-runner, according to top Republicans.
The Hill: Dems wage pressure campaign on Supreme Court over health ruling
By Alexander Bolton
Democrats have waged a not-so-subtle pressure campaign on the Supreme Court in recent days by warning a ruling against the healthcare reform law would smash precedent and threaten popular social programs.
The Hill: GSA chief resigns, employees fired for costly conference
By Vicki Needham
The head of the General Services Administration (GSA) resigned Monday and two deputies were fired after an internal report revealed excessive spending at a conference.
The Hill: Obama: My career is ‘testimony to American exceptionalism’
By Amie Parnes
President Obama defended his record on “American exceptionalism” on Monday, saying that his entire career has been a testimony to that core belief.
The Hill: Obama ‘confident’ Supreme Court will uphold his healthcare reform law
By Jonathan Easley and Amie Parnes
President Obama on Monday said he is confident the Supreme Court will uphold his healthcare reform law and warned a ruling against it would be an “unprecedented” act of judicial activism.
The Hill: Santorum: Convention floor fight would be ‘energizing’ for GOP
By Daniel Strauss
Rick Santorum on Monday argued that a fight on the Republican National Convention (RNC) floor would be “energizing” for the party.
The Hill: Obama, Ryan to go another round in battle over federal budget
By Jonathan Easley and Amie Parnes
President Obama and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) are poised to go another round in the battle of the budget.
The Wall Street Journal: GOP, Romney to raise funds jointly
By Neil King, Jr. and Brody Mullins
In a move that shows Republicans are coalescing around the party’s front-runner, Mitt Romney plans to begin raising money jointly with the Republican National Committee this week as both the candidate and the GOP brace for an expensive general-election fight against President Barack Obama.
The New York Times: A favored son returns to uphill battle in Nebraska
By Jennifer Steinhauer
After 12 years away, Bob Kerrey has found himself recast as a carpetbagger in his native state.
The Washington Post: Romney’s subtle shift to general election mode
By Philip Rucker
Mitt Romney’s rhetoric on a swing through Wisconsin focuses more on a matchup with President Obama than his Republican opponents in Tuesday’s primary.
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Sen. Harkin launches probe of NLRB ethics accusations
By Kevin Bogardus
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) has launched an investigation into alleged ethical violations by a Republican member of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Sen. Paul looks to limit FTC’s authority to enforce antitrust laws
By Pete Kasperowicz
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has introduced legislation that would limit the authority of the federal government to identify and block business activity it deems to be anti-competitive.
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Schumer calls for ban on ‘cramming’ cellphone charges
By Brendan Sasso
Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday to adopt new regulations to ban unwanted third-party charges on consumers’ cellphone bills, a practice known as “cramming.”
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
 Opinion: Pathway to prosperity: Prosperity for whom?
By Donna Butts, executive director, Generations United
Congressman Paul Ryan recently released his latest budget proposal, which he called the “Pathway to Prosperity.” But if you look at the budget—even though it lacks specifics—you have to wonder, whose pathway to prosperity?
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Romney pressed on Mormonism, race at Wisconsin campaign event
By Justin Sink
Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney was asked Monday on the campaign trail whether he agreed with a former teaching of the Mormon Church that said interracial marriage was a sin. 
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Obama campaign ad: Mitt Romney stands with ‘Big Oil’
By Andrew Restuccia
The Obama campaign is running a new television advertisement in key swing states that paints Mitt Romney as a shill for “Big Oil.”
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Rep. Rangel to face primary challenge in NYC district now with Hispanic majority
By Josh Lederman
Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) picked up a primary challenge Monday from New York state Sen. Adriano Espaillat (D), frustrating Rangel’s reelection prospects in a district that has become overwhelmingly Hispanic.
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
GAO: Fiscal picture improving, but debt track still ‘unsustainable’
By Peter Schroeder
A new government report found that this summer’s debt-limit deal and the prospect of an improving economy has the fiscal picture looking better, but fundamental problems remain as the government is still on an “unsustainable” track.
The Hill's E-news
The Hill's Blog Roundup
Poll: Supreme Court arguments on health law reinforced partisan divide
By Sam Baker
Last week’s Supreme Court arguments over President Obama’s healthcare law had little effect on public opinion of the law or the court, according to a new poll.

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