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National Labor Relations Board all but passes Employee Free Choice Act.

Posted on: May 15, 2010

President Obama has done all he could to stack the deck on the National Labor Relations Board.  You might recall that the Senate rejected the appointment of Craig Becker to the NLRB so President Obama simply appointed him in an end run around the senate on Friday, March 27, 2010 when Congress was on recess.  Becker will serve until the chamber adjourns at the end of 2011.  If you want to know who Craig Becker is see Meet Craig Becker, labor’s secret weapon, Wall Street Journal, May 14, 2009.

You might also recall the Employees Free Choice Act which isn’t a “free” choice at all since it takes from all workers the right to a secret ballot.  This is a fundamental right to all Americans when voting on anything of importance.  The vote was made secret so that no one would know how a person voted unless he/she divulged that information freely.  But the labor unions wanted the Employees Free Choice Act passed because it said that a worker could vote for the union by simply signing a card, or “card check”.  In effect workers would be intimidated into joining the unions.  The original requirement for a secret ballot ironically was fought by employees originally and labor organizers demanded the secret ballot so that employers could not intimidate workers.  Now that union membership is at an all time low the labor bosses want to do away with the secret ballot.

There was so much opposition to the Employees Free Choice Bill that Obama simply stacked the board with labor union supporters.  This being the case the NLRB changed not the secret ballot but the law on  how many votes would be needed to pass and require union membership for employees any company.  It has always been a majority of ALL the workers who would be affected.   Now the rules read that  it takes only a majority vote of All THOSE PRESENT AND VOTING.  So in effect  the union thugs got the members they wanted so they could start raking in more union dues.  People who do not wish to join the union and pay out their hard earned money so that union thugs could skim theirs off the top and spend millions on campaigns for politicians the individual worker may not wish to vote for are just out of luck.  the Mafia union bosses now own their butts.  All thanks to the National Labor Relations Board which was originally set up to help workers in their cases against unfair practices in the work place.

With this little switch in how votes are counted Obama also open the way for air line and rail employees to unionize.    Think about this very carefully people and see if you want the air employees to have the right to unionize and the ability to call a strike and close down all air lines.  That not only affects travelers, a strike of air line workers would stop the delivery of mail,  but the delivery of everything from food to money.  Yes! money.  Couriers routinely transfer actual paper money and coins from city to city so as to keep the banking system working.  Think what would happen if a bank ran out of  their supply of paper money and coins and had to turn their customers away.  There would be riots in the streets and a run on all banks and the Stock Market would crash.    We have seen this happen in our country when there really was no money, but to have it artificially produced thru workers on strike is too much to think of.

There simply should be some jobs where union membership, or at least the right to strike is unlawful!  If this were the law then people would know this before they took such a job.   Other professions where striking should be unlawful are all government workers,  hospital workers,  transportation workers (land and air), teachers and any that would place the lives of others in danger or cause undue hardship to others totally unrelated to the  cause by the striking workers actions.

We have seen what government workers unions can do in California, New Jersey, New York and several other states.  The high wages and pensions demanded in the past have now put the states in dire threat of bankruptcy.   The governor of New jersey has merely frozen teachers raises for one year and all hell broke out so imagine cutting the pensions.  The country of Greece, and in deed all the countries of Europe are tittering on the brink of bankruptcy due to union demands.  In Greece union workers are rioting tin the streets not seeming to understand that their government has no money.  Thyis is the kind of thing unions can do when they have gone too far as unions under Mafia control all over the world have.  Now Obama is making sure it happens in the United States.

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